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After this incident, Han Yameng’s fans became completely disappointed in him. Even if there were still some who were still persisting, they couldn’t say anything at this moment. Even if the entire internet was currently cursing Han Yameng, there wasn’t a single person who could stand up to speak for him.

It was very pitiful for a person to fall to this level.

This was the first time Luo Lingxing witnessed fans changing so quickly. This was also the first time he sighed in appreciation for the fans. In his opinion, fans were a group of very cute people. Even if there were fans who didn’t know the truth and maliciously attacked you or slandered you, your fans would persist and stand beside you, believe in you, and fight against those with malicious intent with you.

With this group of lovely people supporting you, what reason could one have to disappoint them? Only by working hard to film good works could you repay the trust and support of those fans.

As an idol, one must have a good head on their shoulders, spread positive energy, and lead fans on the right path. One must make them proud and persist to become even better because of these fans. It was a mutually beneficial relationship.

If the idol only enjoyed the fan’s love and support but didn’t take the lead, regardless of how many fans supported and trusted them, sooner or later, he would become a complete disappointment. The idol would betray everyone, leaving the fan all by themself.

Han Yameng was the perfect example of this!

“Xiao Luo, I still can’t believe that God Ye is going to sign with our studio,” Chen Hongliang said. Ever since he got the news, he’d been in a trance.

It had only been a month since the studio was established. So far, there were only two employees: Luo Lingxing and himself. Even under these conditions, God Ye still wanted to join them. This was a good opportunity that they could never have dreamed of.

He once thought that they would sign a few potential newcomers in the future and support them to help make a name for themselves. This would also drive the development of the studio, so that more people would be willing to sign with them in the future. Afterward, their studio could develop even more and become a full agency.

This was the journey that every studio and entertainment company had to go through to develop. However, who would have thought that the person they would sign would be the interstellar superstar Ye Luohan. With him joining, the previously mentioned process could be completely skipped. It was like a massive cheat code.

No wonder Chen Hongliang still hadn’t come back to reality.

“It’s real. Are you that shocked?” Luo Lingxing still couldn’t understand Chen Hongliang’s thoughts. In his opinion, they had just signed a cooperation. Of course, the partner they are cooperating with was very pleasing to the eye.

“Of course. Wouldn’t anyone be surprised?” Chen Hongliang said with wide eyes.

“I’m not surprised,” Luo Lingxing innocently said.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “You’re not a normal person. I really want to know what will make you show your shocked and surprised expression.”

He was clearly under twenty years old, yet he was so mature and stable as if he had lived for dozens of years. Only after many years of introspectiveness could someone change their mentality to not be arrogant and impatient.

In fact, Chen Hongliang didn’t know that while Luo Lingxing’s body was indeed one of a teenager’s, the soul contained in the body had lived for thousands of years. It would be strange if he wasn’t calm.

“Speaking of business, I negotiated with Brother Xiao today. We could have signed the contract today, but because the other party’s identity is too special, we plan to hold a press conference and sign it in public. This can also be regarded as respecting the great god, and we can also promote our studio at the same time. What do you think?” Chen Hongliang spoke his thoughts and asked.

If they quietly signed with Ye Luohan, with Ye Luohan’s identity, the reports would come like herding cattle. Those reporters were even more persistent in surrounding them. Since that was the case, it was better to be generous and hold a press conference so that the reporters could directly ask questions. This would save them from a headache later on.

“Sure. Brother Chen, you can handle it how you see fit.”

“As the boss of the studio, you have to attend this press conference. I’ll ask the director to give you some time off,” Chen Hongliang said.

“No problem.” Luo Lingxing nodded. As for the operation of the studio and whatnot, he stated that he had no understanding of it. After all, he still didn’t completely understand everything in this world. Fortunately, Chen Hongliang helped him with all sorts of things, otherwise, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.

After three days, Chen Hongliang had finished all the preparations. The invitation letters were sent to various media outlets. As for the reason for this conference, it was because the studio was signing a new artist. They didn’t write who exactly it was, since they wanted it to be a small surprise.

Of course, Chen Hongliang put great matter into this situation since Ye Luohan was one of the main characters. It didn’t matter when they made it public, there wouldn’t be a lack of topic of conversations.

If they wrote at the start that the new artist was Ye Luohan, it would definitely cause a sensation. If that happened and the conference hadn’t happened yet, the various media outlets would probably write nonstop reports. Moreover, countless media outlets who were not invited would definitely try and find a way to participate. It would be too difficult to control when that happens.

As expected, when the invitations were sent out, the media wasn’t very interested. Most of them thought this was the first person Luo Lingxing signed for his company, and that was why they were holding this conference. They didn’t know who the person that was signed.

Luo Lingxing was indeed developing very quickly, but newcomers like him were not uncommon in the entertainment industry. They also didn’t attract too much attention, especially considering the news of Han Yameng doing drugs was recently released. Many gossip media outlets were focusing on this matter, so they were even less interested in the artist that Jun Ling had signed.

Media Bulletin also received an invitation. The editor-in-chief saw the unfamiliar agent and studio. He didn’t plan on wasting time on this, since there was news of bigger and more eye-catching named stars everyday that had more attractive news than the launch of this newly established studio.

However, the editor-in-chief had seen many of Luo Lingxing’s works. His acting skills were very good for a newcomer. Moreover, there had been many unfavorable things happening to him recently, yet he was able to avert disaster and make the people who opposed him miserable.

Others may think that this newcomer was lucky, but he had been immersed in this industry for years. He could still find a trace of things that others may find it hard to detect. Toward a person like this, even if he doesn’t make friends with them, he couldn’t have a bad relationship with them. This was also the reason why his position as the editor-in-chief had never been compromised for all these years.

“Chen Yingran, the company plans to send you to this press conference,” the editor-in-chief said to the young woman in front of him with a pleasant face.

Chen Yingran looked at the name of the studio on the invitation. It was one that she didn’t recognize at all. She knew that it was a small studio that was established not too long ago. What kind of news could be dug out from a press conference held by such a studio? It was simply a waste of time.

“Editor-in-chief, I still have to do an interview with film queen Zhao. The timing also conflicts with the press conference. I’m afraid there’s no way I can go.” Chen Yingran’s beautiful eyebrows furrowed, looking very conflicted. She knew in her heart that the editor-in-chief wouldn’t make her miss her interview with film queen Zhao to attend some no name studio’s press conference.

Sure enough, after the editor-in-chief heard this, he was a bit distressed, but he was clear that one was more important than the other.

“In that case, you should concentrate and have a good interview with film queen Zhao. I’ll find another person,” the editor-in-chief said.

“I’m really sorry, chief. But I do have someone suitable in mind. She doesn’t have any new leads to keep track of at this moment, so she should be free,” Chen Yingran said with a smile.

“Who?” The editor-in-chief was worried about who to send, because he had found several people before, but unfortunately, they all had various reasons to shrink on the duty.

“Miao Honghong. She should be free right now,” Chen Yingran said. A trace of ridicule flashed through her eyes.

“Alright, call her to my office,” the editor-in-chief excitedly said.

After Chen Yingran left the editor-in-chief’s office, she decided to contact film queen Zhao’s agent to confirm the time for an interview. They just needed to have it on the same day as the conference. She definitely wanted her interview to completely squeeze this unknown press conference into a corner. It was just going to be a small press conference. This kind of work suited Miao Honghong the most.

Miao Honghong was a small reporter at Media Bulletin. It had been two years since she entered the company, but her results had been tepid. The response to all the events she reported on had been relatively mediocre, so her position never rose. This made her feel a bit discouraged, and even made her doubt whether or not she was suited in being an entertainment reporter.

However, Miao Honghong loved celebrities, and loved being an entertainment reporter. Even though she hadn’t been promoted in two years, she still persisted and struggled. However, after a new group of people entered the company, she felt unprecedented pressure.

“Chief, I’ll take on this mission,” Miao Honghong stood in front of the editor-in-chief, thought for a moment, then gave an affirmative answer.

She knew that the editor-in-chief looked for others previously, and they all used various excuses to shrink from responsibilities. However, she didn’t have the qualifications to push away this job like the others. Even if she knew that this conference would not have anything worth reporting, she still had to go. It was all because she didn’t make any major achievements in the last two years.

Presently, she had no other work to do. It was better to go and take a look. Maybe she could score an interview with Luo Lingxing afterwards. There were a lot of good topics involving him recently, his fans were increasing, plus the studio was founded by him. There should be plenty of fans who were interested in this situation.

Seeing that Miao Honghong agreed, the editor-in-chief quickly handed over the invitation for fear that Miao Honghong would regret it.

Miao Honghong took the invitation letter back to her desk. Several colleagues glanced at each other.

“Honghong, is this an invitation for Jun Ling studio’s conference?” a colleague asked. Since he was called over by the editor-in-chief before, he was also familiar with the invitation.

“Mn,” Miao Honghong nodded and said. However, she didn’t stop moving her hand. She didn’t find more information on this studio online. Since she had taken this job, she naturally had to do her best.

“Yo, did chief tell you to go? In fact, chief also asked me before, but it’s a pity that I have an interview with film queen Zhao, so I don’t have time. It really is a pity,” Chen Yingran said, acting as if she was full of regret. However, everyone could see the pride in her voice, as if she was showing off.

Moreover, nobody thought that it was a pity to miss this conference.

Chen Yingran was a reporter who had entered the company around the same time as Miao Honghong, but Chen Yingran had now been promoted to deputy editor-in-chief’s assistant. Compared to Miao Honghong, her development was quite good.

Miao Honghong ignored Chen Yingran’s words. Ever since entering this company, she and Chen Yingran never got along. She never knew why, but it was like they were born to be enemies. They fought about everything. It was a shame that she could never come up with reports that were more important and eye-catching than Chen Yingran’s. They slowly started competing all the time, but she was also at a disadvantage.

In any case, she couldn’t give up. She had to prove a point to that damn woman. Miao Honghong secretly made up her mind. Even if there was no explosive news at this press conference, she would have to make explosive news!

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