IMG Chapter 71 Breaking Through

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“Who’s that guy? He even knows historical facts from so long ago. Not bad. He’s quite handsome as well,” an elder asked their granddaughter.

“Grandpa, he’s Luo Lingxing. It seems he’s a celebrity that recently debuted. The movie he filmed will be screened in a few days,” the woman replied.

“This guy isn’t bad. You could tell with one look that he’s good at studying. Do you like him?” An elder from a different family asked.

“Of course, he’s very handsome. So, so handsome,” a woman grasped her face as she said with a love-struck expression.

“Then you should learn from him and also study well,” the elder said helplessly.

“I know, I’ll definitely do my best to study. Luoluo is so amazing, I definitely won’t fall behind,” the girl said, making a solemn vow.

Hearing the girl say this, the elder was pleased. If being obsessed with a celebrity all produced effects like this, then there would be nothing bad about being obsessed with celebrities. 

Conversations like these were happening in numerous families. Everyone had just habitually turned on the TV to watch <Capital Entertainment>, but they were slowly drawn in. Regardless if they were drawn in by his looks or his rich knowledge, it can be said that Luo Lingxing attracted a huge wave of fans. 

Luo Lingxing, who was currently watching the program, suddenly felt the surrounding Power of Faith became much denser, and steady flowing towards him and around him without stopping. If others could see the scene at this moment, they would see the Power of Faith seemingly wanting to wrap Luo Lingxing up.

Luo Lingxing hastily circulated the spiritual energy inside his body, having it resonate with the surrounding Power of Faith. He absorbed them inside his body and began cultivating. 

Once Luo Lingxing entered his cultivating state, he wouldn’t be able to sense the outside world. Once he has completely absorbed the surrounding Power of Faith, he’d be able to break out of the cultivating state. 

Cultivating this time had greatly increased the spiritual energy inside his body. He could faintly feel that he was at the border of ascending to the next level. He believed that before long, he would be able to ascend.

“I haven’t cultivated so comfortably in a long time.” Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but let out a dazzling smile. 

Since coming to his world, he hasn’t been able to cultivate to his heart’s content. It seems that if he appeared on TV more often, he’d be able to produce even more Power of Faith. That meant he had to ask Brother Chen to find him more opportunities to appear on TV in the future. 

Luo Lingxing earnestly pondered this matter.

“Rumble…” His empty stomach started protesting. Luo Lingxing finally noticed that it was already past lunchtime. He had skipped two meals. No wonder he was hungry.

Looking at the familiar room, he remembered that he didn’t have time to return to his room last night because of the sudden increase of the Power of Faith, and started cultivating the living room. So how did he end up back in his room?

The incessantly complaining belly didn’t give Luo Lingxing any time to think. He could only leave the room to find something to fill his belly.

“Xiao Luo, you’re finally awake. You must be hungry. I’ve been keeping the porridge warm for you in the kitchen. I’ll go pour you a bowl.” Aunt Lin felt relieved when she saw Luo Lingxing finally come down.

It was usually very rare for Luo Lingxing to laze around in bed. Therefore, since he hadn’t come down even after lunchtime this time, she was a bit worried. However, seeing that he appeared alright and even more energetic than yesterday, she concluded that youngsters gained more energy by sleeping more.

Aunt Lin actually really cared about Luo Lingxing. Someone as young as him should be carefreely enjoying university life, but he had to branch out and work early. Every time he had work, he would rise early and sleep late, and he would leave the house for long stretches of time. If she wasn’t worried that she’d be a bother, she’d want to stick by Xiao Luo’s side to take care of his food and drinks.

Time passed very quickly and ‘The Enchantress’ began to air. Yang Chuanzhi and the television station staff members were worried about the rating they’d get after it was aired. Since this was the most important data to test the popularity of a show, after all. That was why everyone was nervously waiting for the rating statistics for the first day of the show being aired.

With Meng Lianggu and Yao Qingqing joining together in this show, the ratings for it would definitely not be low. After the first day of the show being aired, the ratings were also released. The first two episodes received a rating of 1.5.

In this era full of tv dramas, reaching 1.5 was already a great feat. And it was even in the top three in the weekly tv series list. 

Moreover, the ratings for the second and third days increased, then finally settled at around 1.6. Director Yang Chuanzhi was already very satisfied with this rating.

However, after the tenth episode was released, the ratings suddenly soared to 2.5, making everyone drop their glasses.

“Director, Director! Come here!” a backstage staff member’s voice quivered as they called their boss.

“What’s going on? The ratings didn’t drop, did it?” the Director nervously asked. This was the thing he was worried about from the beginning.

Since this was an ancient tv drama, after all, not the hot-blooded war films that were currently popular. It wasn’t a touching romance film or a psychological thriller. That was why they didn’t have much hope for this drama. At the start, a rating of 1. 5 had already exceeded their expectations. After releasing so many episodes, it would have been normal for the ratings to decrease.

“No, the ratings have skyrocketed. It increased to 2.5,” the staff member cried out with joy.

“What?” When the Director heard this, he immediately pushed that person aside, wanting to press his face against the light screen to look at the 2.5 number on the screen. Seeing that they were the number one on the charts, the Director was unable to conceal his happiness.

“Haha, not bad. This is great. Continue monitoring it. If the ratings stay like this for tomorrow, move this show to prime time.” the Director made a prompt decision and ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The staff member also continue to work with full force.

After the Director celebrated his happiness, he finally thought of reporting to Yang Chuanzhi. On the other hand, Yang Chuanzhi seemed to have predicted this, his tone calm.

“Isn’t this normal? It should increase even more tomorrow,” Yang Chuanzhi said unperturbed.

“Hmph, you’re that confident?” the Director said unconvinced. If it weren’t for the fact that the two of them were good friends, he wouldn’t want to call a person like this.

“Of course.” Yang Chuanzhi’s tone was so infuriating to death that the Director couldn’t help but hang up the call.

Yang Chuanzhi looked at the black screen, the corner of his mouth involuntarily rising. He was glad that he had picked Luo Lingxing back then. That youth brought him a great surprise.

In the tenth episode of ‘The Enchantress,’ Luo Xiaoqi made his appearance.

‘The Enchantress’ was currently in the process of airing, but it had already blown up online, especially after Luo Xiaoqi appeared. Those original fans that were captivated couldn’t help but go online to scream “wowowow.”

“Ahhh, has everyone watched ‘The Enchantress’ yet? Did you all see Luo Xiaoqi? He’s just too handsome and cute. I’ve licked the screen numerous times already.”

“I saw it! That’s simply the Luo Xiaoqi of my heart. Cute, smart, pure, and with a noble temperament, yet also has a childish personality. He’s simply way too cute.”

“Speaking of which, who’s the actor playing Luo Xiaoqi? He looks like a stranger, but he’s very handsome.”

“I point you to <Capital Entertainment> episode on XX Month XX Date. The previous poster can watch it themselves.”

“I’m gonna go take a look. I’ll be back.”

“Luo Lingxing? Is he a newcomer? He plays Luo Xiaoqi exactly like the prince I see in my heart. I’ve decided! From today on, I’m a Luo-fan.”

“Luo Lingxing, Luo Xiaoqi. They’re both surnamed Luo. It must be fate. From now on, Luo Lingxing is the prince from my heart. The little prince is beautiful and peerless.”

“My little prince must be beautiful! Just seeing him, I’m able to eat three large bowls.”

“Luo Lingxing? What about him! He has poor acting. He hasn’t brought out the essence of my little prince at all. I can’t believe how brainless you fangirls are.”

“For the previous poster to say that, you must not have watched the show. You must not have any insight, for each and every person with actual insight can see how lifelike the little prince’s performance is. The previous poster really needs to get some brains.”

“I have one sentence for you, the previous previous poster. This planet can’t hold you any longer. Quickly go to planet M78.”

“Popular science: Planet M78 has goons for rulers. Their IQ doesn’t even reach that of a one-year-olds.”

“The previous poster, you’re speaking too highly of that person by saying that.”

The online discussion of ‘The Enchantress’ had already exploded. If there were fans, then of course there would also be haters. The two sides were in a heated argument. However, the number of haters were significantly lower, and they were quickly driven out with nowhere to hide.

The broadcast of <Capital Entertainment> gave Luo Lingxing some small fame. And of course, after ‘The Enchantress’ aired, Luo Lingxing’s name became familiar to numerous people.

And what was Luo Lingxing who was being discussed by everyone currently doing? 

At this moment, Luo Lingxing was laughing as he carefreely absorbed the thick Power of Faith as he cultivated. He was currently preparing to attack the Grade One. He didn’t take notice of the reign of terror online one bit.

Luo Lingxing sat in the middle of the room, the surrounding Power of Faith was so thick that it had almost solidified. Moreover, his body was like a vortex, constantly absorbing the surrounding Power of Faith inside his body, helping him attack the barrier that was hindering him.

After the constant attack of the spiritual energy, a crack finally appeared on that barrier. Luo Lingxing pressed home the attack, completely shattering that barrier. The saturated space began to surge in an even wider space, finally taking the shape of a spiritual energy sphere, steadily stopping at the center of the space as the absorption speed of the surrounding spiritual energy also greatly decreased.

The Power of Faith surrounding Luo Lingxing greatly dispersed. He opened his eyes, a slight ripple of light seemingly passing through them. He recovered his state of mind, covering the flowing light, and restoring his normal appearance. However, if one observed closely, one could see that Luo Lingxing’s appearance had become even more delicate, his temperament even more refined, giving others a noble and indescribable feeling.

The corners of his mouth tilted up slightly, letting off a charm that one couldn’t move their eyes away from.

Luo Lingxing opened his terminal. In order to attack the breakthrough in his realm, he had cut off connection with the outside world. He was scared that Brother Chen was already crazy with worry.

Sure enough, as soon as he opened the terminal, the text messages appeared like pieces of paper that were stuffed full inside the mailbox. The notification sound of an incoming call beeped non stop. 

Luo Lingxing didn’t have to look at those messages to know who they were from. He first looked at the text messages of which the majority consisted of asking where he was and telling him to reply and of the like. At first, the tone was very impatient, and the later messages seemed to contain anger until the tone became much gentler, only begging him to reply to the messages.

Therefore, Luo Lingxing obediently called Chen Hongliang back.

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