IMG Chapter 70 One of the Face Slaps

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Luo Lingxing only faintly glanced at him, then ignored him, a calm smile hung on his face from start to finish.

“The first question: the text on the bamboo strips during the Qin Dynasty were A. Small Seal Script, B. regular script, C. inscription in bronze, D. clerical script. The fight to answer begins!”

When Wu Haoxue’s words fell, he saw the other two people stare blankly. On the other hand, Su Lingping looked determined as he shot Luo Lingxing a proud smile as if he had already obtained this point.

Luo Lingxing didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to Su Lingping. Instead, he swiftly reached out his hand as soon as Wu Haoxue’s question fell to press the buzzer.

“The question was snatched by Luo Lingxing. What is your answer?”

“Small Seal Script,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Congratulations on answering correctly. You got one point. The second question: For the enactment of the <Law of the Fields>, which of the following sentences gave accurate historical data?”

“A. (Shang Yang1) created a new standardized system of land allocation and balanced taxes.”

“B. <Records of the Grand Historian>: These strict laws will rule through all lands and were enacted by the first emperor, Qin Shi Huang.”

“C. <The Book of Songs>: July is full of sunflowers and rice. August peeling dates. October harvesting rice.”

“D. Covering mouths is like covering a flowing river. The cover will eventually fall, leaving behind many casualties. This is the same with humans.”

Looking at the choices on the big screen, the audience were all stupefied. These pieces of history were too far removed from them since they were already in the interstellar era. Even during the Common Era, these facts would still be considered long past history, not to mention for them. Probably only a handful of people knew the answer to this now.

“I really wonder where the program group found these strange history questions. Even if they asked these questions to those history teachers, they might not be able to get them all right.”

“That’s right. These history questions date back too far. I can’t even understand the question.”

“I can only look at the stage with a stupefied expression. Let’s see who can answer it. That person must be very knowledgeable.”

“…” The audience whispered amongst themselves but that didn’t affect Luo Lingxing in pressing the buzzer.

“The answer is B. <Records of the Grand Historian>: These strict laws will rule through all lands and are enacted by the first emperor, Qin Shi Huang,” Luo Lingxing said calmly and unhurriedly.

“You got it right again. It appears Xiao Luo really knows his history.” Wu Haoxue was surprised, then continued to ask the next question.

One had to know that when he got this question, he also had a face full of surprises. Although he was also fond of history, he couldn’t answer many of these questions. As a result, he didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to be able to answer them correctly without even having to think about it. If he weren’t a host, he would have thought that Luo Lingxing colluded with the program group previously to get the answers.

For the next few questions, Luo Lingxing snatched the questions by ruthlessly pressing the buzzer, then correctly answering them. It got to the point that when the next questions were asked, everyone didn’t have to guess who would come to snatch the question, and enthusiastically waited for Luo Lingxing to announce the answer instead. They all recorded these history questions so that they could quiz their friends later.

Answering ten questions in a row, Luo Lingxing didn’t give the others a chance to answer. It wasn’t because he wanted to seek the spotlight, but because he just didn’t want to give Su Lingping an opportunity. He saw the expressions of the other two contestants and knew that they had no clue about the questions. In that case, it meant he had to answer.

If the questions were about this era, then he might have to consider things, but the questions were about history. He was basically a cheat. These questions were originally meant to push Su Lingping into the spotlight, but in the end, it benefited someone else. The person who benefited the most from these questions became Luo Lingxing.

Su Lingping was so angry he imagined cutting Luo Lingxing into pieces. The eyes that glared at him (LLX) were filled with a hint of resentment and jealousy.

However, Luo Lingxing didn’t compete to answer first every single time since this wasn’t his one man show. He still had to think about the others. In the end, Luo Lingxing earned 15 points, of the other two people, one earned two points and the other earned three points. And all Su Lingping earned was a big pile of nothing.

On one hand, the audience sighed with regret about how knowledgeable Luo Lingxing was, and on the other, they praised his ability to be a good person. He didn’t take all the points for himself and let the other two gain a bit of face as well.

In fact, in everyone’s heart, they knew that if Luo Lingxing wanted to, he could have obtained all 20 points. But what they didn’t know was that he didn’t know a single answer to the questions of those five points. There was no point in trying to snatch those questions because those questions were related to recent history and he was absolutely clueless on that. However, he was able to hide this fact very well.

On the other hand, Su Lingping, the one who should have shined the most, became the one who was left in the shadows. His expression turned dark.

He couldn’t understand. Even if he couldn’t beat Luo Lingxing, why wasn’t he able to beat the other two? Every time he readied to press the buzzer, his buzzer had a couple seconds delay before lighting up. However, the question was already stolen during that time.

Therefore, Su Lingping’s heart was currently in a fit of depression.

However, there was someone else who was equally as depressed as him. That person was the beautiful female host, Ming Li. Her once beautiful smile now faltered.

In fact, the reason the program added these difficult questions was to increase the interest in the program. While they were answering the questions, it gave the audience something impressive to watch. Of course, as not to dig too big of a pit for the celebrities, they added some recent history questions. However, they never expected that the ancient history questions that they spend a lot of effort to find would be easily answered by Luo Lingxing. Although it made it a whole lot less interesting, it gave them something else to look forward to.

After this round of games, the next portion of the interview was carried out smoothly. With everyone’s help, and by his own efforts, Luo Lingxing became one of the largest features of this program. After this program was streamed, Luo Lingxing’s fame was sure to rise exponentially. To Luo Lingxing, there was nothing else that could make him happier.

Increasing his popularity meant increasing his Power of Faith. That also meant he would cultivate a lot faster.

Life was still very beautiful.

“Did you see Su Lingping and Sun Lingyan’s faces? It felt so good to see,” Chen Hongliang walked with Luo Lingxing to the exit as he said.

They were angered for years and finally had a chance to vent today. It felt so good.

“This is just the beginning,” Luo Lingxing said with a faint smile.

Although cultivators were very particular about inner tranquility and had no care for worldly matters, the circle of karma was equally as important to them.

Since he took over Luo Lingxing’s body and all his matters, that meant he would naturally help him get revenge.

“Yep, we’ll get even stronger in the future. We’ll go even further and anger them to death even more,” Chen Hongliang said with spirit.

Looking at the youth walking in front of him, Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow. a year ago, he never would have even dreamed of living like they were now. During that time, he thought that his life would always be like that. In the end, he didn’t expect the youth he inadvertently accepted would transform into someone so exceptional, and make him more powerful in the process.

Although they only participated in the drama as a small supporting role and a variety show, he believed that before long, this youth will obtain even larger achievements, shining and becoming even more popular, and making all the people in the world remember his name. He (LLX) might even bring him (CHL) to become a gold medal agent like he had been working towards.

Thinking of this, Chen Hongliang suddenly felt like his body was full of energy. He wanted the next day to come already so that he could help the youth find more jobs.

“It’s getting late, I’ll send you home so that you can rest early,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing nodded, ready to walk towards the car, when he saw a familiar hover car parked at the side of the road. He couldn’t help looking at it for a bit longer.

The familiar hover car lowered it’s window to reveal a familiar person.

“Get in,” Han Junzhan said to Luo Lingxing.

“Brother Chen, someone came to pick me up. You should head home early and rest.” Once Luo Lingxing finished speaking, he walked to Han Junzhan’s side.

Chen Hongliang looked in his direction, his eyes widening in disbelief. He had wanted to say something, but in the end, the hover car in front of him suddenly rose into the air and disappeared with a “swish,” leaving behind a stupefied Chen Hongliang to stare at the pitch-black sky.

Did he just see wrongly? Why did that person look like Major General Han?

“What’s wrong? Why haven’t you gone home yet?” Yang Chuanzhi came up from behind, patting Chen Hongliang on the shoulder and asked.

“Director Yang, you haven’t left yet either? I’m heading home now. Goodbye, Director Yang,” Chen Hongliang immediately put back on his smile, and said to Yang Chuanzhi.

He probably saw it incorrectly earlier. How could Major General Han appear here? Not to mention it was already late at night, even if it was during the day, the cold-blooded soldier wouldn’t appear in a place like a TV station.

Forget it. Since someone came to pick Luo Lingxing up, he might as well go home himself.

Chen Hongliang walked to his hover car, feeling like he had forgotten a piece of important information, but he couldn’t recall.

It wasn’t until the next time that he visited Xian Villa to pick up Luo Lingxing that he remembered what he had forgotten. However, that was a story for later.

<Capital Entertainment> very quickly scheduled the program they just filmed to be broadcasted in the most recent spot since opening day of ‘The Enchantress’ was happening soon. This was the perfect chance to publicize it.

At the Han residence, Aunt Lin had given everyone the night off and arranged for the large TV to be set in the backyard so that they could watch this broadcast of <Capital Entertainment>.

“This will be the first time we’ll be seeing Xiao Luo on TV. We need to cheer you up,” Aunt Lin said matter-of-factly.

In fact, even if Aunt Lin hadn’t reminded them, everyone would have watched it anyway since Luo Lingxing was very popular in the Han residence. Regardless of the servants, gardener, or chefs, they all liked him. Meanwhile, Han Junzhan had already turned on the TV in the living room a long time ago. It was rare for him to have free time to sit in front of the TV to watch a program.

When Luo Lingxing returned home, he was pulled by Aunt Lin to sit next to Han Junzhan. She then gave them the fruits that had been cut earlier as well as some pastries. Afterwards, she headed to the backyard to watch the program with everyone else.

This was the first time Luo Lingxing saw himself on TV, and he found it very interesting so he stayed to watch the program with Han Junzhan.

In fact, the families watching the program like the Han residence were in the thousands. At first, it was mostly youngsters who watched it. Older people were rarely interested in variety shows like these, but during the question and answer segment, Luo Lingxing’s expression attracted the attention of many older people.

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  1. Shang Yang was an ancient Chinese philosopher, politician and a prominent legalist scholar. ↩︎

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