IMG Chapter 69 The Ditzy Luoluo

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“‘The Enchantress’” the audience supplied as they shouted the name of the drama.

“That’s correct. That is exactly the large-scale historical drama that is directed by the famous Yang Chuanzhi. I’m sure everyone is interested in the actors in this drama, correct? Are you guys excited to see them? Are you guys curious about the interesting behind-the-scenes news? Today, we invited a few cast members from ‘The Enchantress’ to talk about the interesting stories that happened during their shoot. Let’s give them a warm welcome.” Wu Haoxue fluctuated his tone and pace in order to stimulate everyone’s excitement.

“Where is the applause?” the female host, Ming Li, playfully said to accompany Wu Haoxue.

There was a loud sound of applause from the scene and the voices of the fans shouting out their idols’ names were mixed in.

In this kind of atmosphere, Yang Chuanzhi led his cast onstage. When the off-stage fans saw their idols, their shouts became even louder.

“God Meng, God Meng! Look over here! Over here!”

“God Meng, I love you!”

“Goddess, goddess, Goddess Yao!”

Meng Lianggu and Yao Qingqing were the male and female lead actors in the drama, and they themselves were A-list celebrities who had numerous fans. The people onsite were mainly fans of these two. Besides these two, everyone else were mostly newcomers with few fans, but there were still some there. However, compared to the fans of the A-list celebrities, they were negligible.

Meng Lianggu and Yao Qingqing elegantly waved at their enthusiastic fans then followed Yang Chuanzhi to the center of the stage.

In occasions such as these, the positioning of the actor was also arranged by how many scenes they had in the drama. However, if there was a celebrity with a pretty high status, it may be adjusted as needed.

Logically speaking, whether they were arranged by their celebrity status or by their role in the drama, Luo Lingxing’s position should be at the end. However, because of Yang Chuanzhi and Meng Lianggu’s special care, his position was set by the second male lead’s side, which was closer to the center than Su Lingping’s position.

“So many handsome men and beautiful women came onstage all at once. I suddenly feel very pressured.” Ming Li held her face as she pretended to be conflicted.

“Our beautiful hostess shouldn’t lose hope. Even amongst all these handsome men and beautiful women, you aren’t inferior in any way. Now, let’s have them introduce themselves,” Wu Haoxue continued to say.

“Hello, everyone. I am the director of ‘The Enchantress,’ Yang Chuanzhi.” Yang Chuanzhi’s introduction was very simple and he didn’t say anything extra before immediately passing the turn to Meng Lianggu.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Meng Lianggu. I play Yang Fan in ‘The Enchantress.’”

Good evening, everyone. I am Yao Qingqing. I play Mo Qingqing in ‘The Enchantress.’”

“…” Each introduction led to a bust of cheers from the audience.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Luo Lingxing. I play Luo Xiaoqi in ‘The Enchantress,’” Luo Lingxing’s crisp and smooth voice sounded. As he spoke the words, the audience turned their line of sight to him. When they saw him, they were instantly stupefied.

“So handsome. So he’s the one playing Little Prince Luo. So he’s called Luo Lingxing.”

“I didn’t come here for nothing. Not only was I able to see my dream man, God Meng, I was also able to see the actor for the little prince. He’s so, so handsome. I’m even more excited for this drama now.”

“In the novel, the sect leader and the little prince had a lot of scenes together. Moreover, the sect leader treated the little prince very well. When I was reading the novel, I totally shipped the sect leader and the little prince together.”

“Me too, me too. I’m a Yang-Luo fan. Now that I see the actors playing their roles, I think they’re even more perfect for each other. I’m so excited for this drama to air.”

After Luo Lingxing’s introduction, the audience blew up like they were lit on fire. Many people didn’t pay attention to the upcoming introductions, they were discussing Little Prince Luo and Yang Fan instead and making things awkward for others.

However, Wu Haoxue upheld his identity as a popular host and reacted quickly. With a few words, he brought the atmosphere onto another high.

<Capital Entertainment> was an interview-type program, However it wasn’t just a simple interview talk show and this program had games mixed in so that the program wouldn’t appear to be dull and boring. The recording room had two long couches as well as a two-person couch. The two-person couch was naturally prepared for the two hosts, and the remaining long couches were for the director and actors to sit. Seeing this, they knew that the interview portion was about to start. The audience also quieted down and were all calmly waiting to…listen to gossip.

“I heard a lot of fun things happened during the filming? I wonder if you could share a couple stories with us?” Wu Haoxue took the lead to ask.

“Haha, it’s true that many interesting things did happen. I cut the later parts into interesting behind-the-scenes. Once the drama airs, I’ll share the behind-the-scenes with everyone,” Yang Chuanzhi took the lead to reply, not forgetting to give his drama publicity.

Wu Haoxue looked at his old friend with dissatisfaction. Without giving him (YCZ) any face, he (WHX) said, “You really never miss out an opportunity to advertise yourself. If you put everything in the behind-the-scenes, then who would watch my program?”

“Brother Wu’s program is so popular. If no one liked it, there wouldn’t be so many people here to cheer you on right now,” Meng Lianggu smiled as he interjected. The fans sitting below naturally supported their idol and cheered along with his words.

Since Brother Wu wishes to hear a story, then I’ll tell one. However, this can’t be considered to have happened during the shoot. The hotel we stayed at had a revolving door, and in the short three days that we stayed there, someone bumped into the door a dozen times.” Meng Lianggu remembered the scene and couldn’t help laughing.

Wu Haoxue and Ming Li widened their eyes in surprise and asked, “Really? Did that really happen? Who was it?”

The audience were also curiously awaiting the answer along with the two hosts. They wanted to know who was so ditzy that they would even bump into a revolving door.

The co-workers who worked on the film with Meng Lianggu immediately knew who he was talking about and their eyes involuntarily looked towards the ditzy person. Luo Lingxing sat there rubbing his nose, embarrassed. His face was slightly red, making his originally attractive face even more alluring.

“No way. Xiao Luo doesn’t look ditzy.”

“Xiao Luo does appear to be very smart, and he is very intelligent in many ways. However, he can be a bit ditzy in real life,” Yang Chuanzhi said, his voice full of doting as if he was speaking of a younger generation.

“I’ve rarely seen a revolving door in the past and didn’t really understand how it worked. That’s why I was careless and bumped into the door when it stopped,” Luo Lingxing blushed as he explained. The more others saw him this way, the more they liked him.

As soon as the floodgates were opened, everyone rushed to outdo each other by telling interesting anecdotes of the shoot. Probably since Meng Lianggu pulled Luo Lingxing in during the beginning, the others that talked later all mostly told stories regarding Luo Lingxing.

In fact, in the beginning, the staff crew didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to be so ditzy in real life. He usually looked like a very intellectual person. However, he made a fool of himself with certain common sense, causing others to not know whether to laugh or cry when they see it and unknowingly leaving a deep impression on them.

These situations made them laugh nonstop and it wouldn’t leave a bad impression, therefore, Luo Lingxing didn’t prevent them from continuing to expose him. Moreover, he was clear in his heart. Mengge and the director were giving him a sense of exposure and giving him exposure.

Su Lingping sat towards the end, watching as the topic of conversation centered around Luo Lingxing. Jealousy and resentment filled his heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were currently recording, he might have thrown ridicule and shade.

The beautiful host, Ming Li, was observing the expressions of each of the celebrities so that she could make the timely reactions. When she was looking at Su Lingping, Su Lingping turned towards her and slightly nodded. “So something so interesting happened during the filming. Everyone is so close with each other. How enviable,” Ming Li said as she slyly nudged Wu Haoxue. This was the tacit understanding they had developed from years of working together.

“After talking for so long, we obtained a lot of juicy information. Is the audience satisfied?” Wu Haoxue interacted with the audience below. “However, won’t you guys find it dull and dry if we only talk? How about we play a little game?”

“I heard that Su Lingping knows a lot of history and is very knowledgeable in this topic. That means you’ll have a huge advantage in the game we’re about to play,” Ming Li playfully said, pulling everyone’s attention onto Su Lingping.

Su Lingping pulled a modest and shy expression as he said, “Sister Ming, you’re overpraising me. All of my seniors are amazing as well. There’s still a lot I need to learn.”

“Let’s look at the rules of the game first,” Wu Haoxue said as he pointed at the big screen.

Although they called it a little game, it was basically a knowledge question and answer. The program group prepared a total of 40 questions, divided into two groups. Every group will have four people, and there will be a buzzer placed in front of each person. For each correct answer, they will receive a point. If they answer incorrectly, no points will be added. The remaining two people will get a small prize.

Most of the question topics revolved around history, so Ming Li’s words from earlier weren’t strange.

In fact, Ming Li’s initial words were to help Su Lingping leave a good impression. To celebrities, it was obvious that they should have good acting skills, but if they also had other skills besides acting, it would increase their likability inside the fan’s hearts.

Ming Li wanted to hype up everyone’s expectations. If Su Lingping was able to obtain superior achievement during this game, he would naturally leave a good impression on many people. However, if he failed, his evaluation in the fan’s hearts had a possibility of dropping drastically. The first group to make a fool of themselves were the lead actors that included Meng Lianggu and Yao Qingqing, the male and female lead. In the end, Meng Lianggu won with one more point than Yao Qingqing.

The second group were the supporting cast; including Su Lingping, Luo Lingxing, and two others.

“I wonder who will be victorious in this group? I’m very excited,” Ming Li blinked and said. However, her gaze very clearly swept past Su Lingping, stopping at him before moving to look at the others. The more attentive ones would be able to tell that she was the most optimistic about Su Lingping.

In the corner the video camera didn’t capture, Su Lingping shot Luo Lingxing a provocative look. He looked proud like he had already won the game.

“Hmph. Brother Meng and Sister Yao might have helped you out earlier, but there’s no one to help you now,” Su Lingping whispered so that only the two of them could hear.

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