IMG Chapter 68 One’s Hands Full

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Yang Chuanzhi had showed off enough, then pulled Luo Lingxing and said, “Xiao Luo is the one who made this painting.”

The man scrutinized Luo Lingxing, looking him up and down. “You must be joking, right? Xiao Luo looks to be only 17-18 years old?” The man said in disbelief.

“Hmph, don’t underestimate Xiao Luo. He might be young, but his painting skills are extraordinary. Even Master Zhao praised him,” Yang Chuanzhi said proudly, as if he was the one who was praised.

“Really? That’s amazing,” the man exclaimed.

“Xiao Luo, this is Wu Haoxue, the host of Capital Entertainment. Even though his name sounds very self-important, he’s actually very eloquent. This is Luo Lingxing, an actor from my set. Not only does he paint well, he’s also a very talented actor. Once the film starts screening, you guys will definitely be surprised,” Yang Chuanzhi introduced the two people.

When the other small celebrities saw Wu Haoxue coming over, they couldn’t help but want to worm their way into the conversation and get close to him. However, he kept talking with Yang Chuanzhi and didn’t leave a chance to interject. When they saw Yang Chuanzhi introduce Luo Lingxing to Wu Haoxue, numerous people were envious, and of course there were also plenty of people who were green with jealousy; Su Lingping was one of those people.

“Hello, Brother Wu. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” Luo Lingxing said as he reached out a hand.

“Hello, youngsters these days are really extraordinary. How amazing. Wouldn’t that mean that us elders will be replaced soon?” Wu Haoxue put on a sorrowful expression, pretending to be sullen as he said.

“You’ve been replaced a long time ago! How can you be so unaware?” Yang Chuanzhi said harshly.

Luo Lingxing saw that these two kept squabbling with each other and realized that they must have a close relationship in their private lives.

“Hello, Brother Wu. I’m Su Lingping. I really love the program you host. I’ve always wanted a chance to participate in your program.” Su Lingping used this chance to come over. He purposefully pushed Luo Lingxing to the side, then put on a face full of smiles and tried to flatter him.

“Brother Wu, the director is looking for you,” a staff member ran over to call him.

“I got it. I’ll head over there now. You guys get ready. Don’t be nervous. Just act as you would if you were at home,” Wu Haoxue said to Luo Lingxing, completely ignoring Su Lingping.

“Thank you, Brother Wu,” Luo Lingxing politely thanked, completely ignoring Su Lingping as well.

Su Lingping’s expression soured, but since the other person was Wu Haoxue, he couldn’t show it. He could only transfer all his frustration towards Luo Lingxing.

“Then I won’t bother you anymore. You should get your makeup done. We’ll be starting soon,” Yang Chuanzhi hastily said and was impatient to return to his resting room to continue admiring the painting.

“We’re not in a rush. The makeup artists are extremely busy so it might be a bit longer before it’s Xiao Luo’s turn,” Chen Hongliang said with a smile.

When Yang Chuanzhi heard this, he frowned and asked, “What’s going on? How can the makeup artists be that busy? We’re about to start filming. You won’t make it if you don’t get your makeup done now.”

“Perhaps there aren’t enough makeup artists today? The makeup artists haven’t finished preparing the others yet. It’s fine. We’ll wait a bit longer. It should be our turn soon,” Chen Hongliang said with a very “understanding” tone.

When Yang Chuanzhi heard this, his frown deepened. He looked at the makeup artists who were currently putting on makeup on others, looked at Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang, then glanced at Su Lingping’s expression. If he still couldn’t figure out what was going on, then all his years as a director in the entertainment industry were wasted.

Yang Chuanzhi has always separated his private and public life, and drawn a clear line between gratitude and grudges. This was something he couldn’t turn a blind eye to. He never imagined that someone would dare play tricks that would affect the program his team was participating in directly under his eye. Just when Yang Chuanzhi was about to lose his temper, Meng Lianggu appeared. “Director Yang, here you are. I was just looking for you.”

“Hello, Brother Meng,” Luo Lingxing greeted.

“Xiao Luo, good evening. It’s been a couple days since I last saw you and you’ve become a lot more spirited,” Meng Lianggu said with a smile.

All the crew members had a vague knowledge that Luo Lingxing was easily fatigued when filming. However, even though that was the case, he still persisted on to finish filming and even produced good quality scenes. This amazed many people and their favorably to this hard-working and diligent youth increased. “Thank you for your care, Brother Meng.”

“Xiao Luo, you still haven’t gotten your makeup done, right? I won’t disturb you. We’ll talk on the program later,” Meng Lianggu said with a smile.

“Alright,” Luo Lingxing replied with a nod.

“What makeup? A dignified program such as this apparently didn’t prepare enough makeup artists. Moreover, the makeup artists they do have are very inefficient. It’s almost been an hour yet they haven’t finished a single person’s makeup yet. Hiring makeup artists such as these is simply just a waste of resources.” Yang Chuanzhi said with anger. He didn’t control his voice so everyone inside the room heard him.

Especially those few makeup artists, their hearts started drumming. They were afraid that the target would land on their backs. All of them were extremely nervous.

In fact, things like this happened quite often in the entertainment industry. If they found someone unpleasant or if they were ordered by someone, they would give certain people a hard time. Things like that have happened before. Normally, those who were plotted against could only silently swallow their frustrations. Even though these staff members weren’t important, once offended, they would receive even colder treatment the next time they came on this program.

However, these concerns were nothing to Yang Chuanzhi. Although his reputation couldn’t be compared to an international director, he still had a solid base inside the country. Normal people wouldn’t dare to offend him.

Although Meng Lianggu had stayed in his own private dressing room earlier, he still heard about it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come out before the program started.

“Since the other makeup artists can’t find the time, then we’ll have Nina help Xiao Luo do his makeup. It also happens that I’ve already finished doing my makeup,” Meng Lianggu gently said.

Nina was a member of Meng Lianggu’s team. She was Meng Lianggu’s exclusive makeup artist. Her skills were naturally on a higher level than those makeup artists in the public dressing rooms.

“I’ll have to trouble you then. However, I’ll have to bring this up to Director Qi. The efficiency is delaying our time.” Yang Chuanzhi obviously hadn’t completely quelled his anger yet. Now that someone has given him a way out of the embarrassing situation, he won’t hold the grudge. After all, if he had really caused a fuss, it wouldn’t be good for anyone. However, he wasn’t someone who could be bullied.

“Then thank you, Brother Meng,” Luo Lingxing thanked with a smile.

“No problem,” Meng Lianggu replied. He had a very good impression of this youth.

Nina brought her makeup team to Luo Lingxing’s side. Looking at this pale-skinned and tender youth, they couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, “His skin is amazing. I can’t bear to put makeup on it. Xiao Luo, quickly tell me, how do you take care of your skin?”

“Sister, your skin is also amazing. It looks like an 18 year-old girl’s skin,” Luo Lingxing sweet-talked, even though he rarely did, causing Nina to let out a cute giggle.

“This small face is really pretty. I don’t even know what I should do. I feel like if I apply makeup, it will ruin his beauty,” Nina said at a loss.

“Sister Nina, how about you lightly apply some foundation and some eye makeup to highlight some details,” a makeup assistant suggested.

“Mn, we’ll do that.” Nina gestured to Luo Lingxing’s face as she instantly formulated a plan.

As expected of the film king Meng Lianggu’s personal makeup artist. She had high efficiency, and she finished Luo Lingxing’s makeup within a couple of minutes, and even styled his hair as well.

Those there thought that Luo Lingxing’s completed makeup was breathtaking. Luo Lingxing was originally very handsome, and the suitable makeup highlighted his good features even more.

How handsome. I think I instantly became a Luo-fan. He’s really too handsome.”

A female staff worker cupped her face like a love-struck fool as she took photos on her phone.

“I was a Luo-fan a long time ago, alright? I was hooked by Xiao Luo while on set. However, seeing him again, I still feel that he’s very stunning,” a female makeup assistant lamented.

“Me too, me too. While on set, Xiao Luo portrayed Little Prince Luo and he was beautiful. Now he’s still brilliant even in casual clothes.”

“On set? Are you talking about when you all were filming ‘The Enchantress’? Now I’m really excited. I wish I could see the little prince on the big screen now.”

“I really envy that you guys were able to follow the set. I’ll only be able to see the little prince’s brilliance on the big screen. He will definitely be handsome.”

Several of the television station staff members fervently discussed with Meng Lianggu’s makeup team about Luo Lingxing image as he portrayed Little Prince Luo as well as his current image. The conversation turned to the resources they had in their hands. Even if they didn’t know each other before, they became friends because of Luo Lingxing, and they chatted very happily.

“Here is the script for the program later. Take a look and tell me if there’s anything that needs to be changed,” a staff member sent the program to each celebrity.

The script included the possible questions that might be asked during the program. Of course it wasn’t complete. The reason the script existed was because they were worried that when they interviewed the celebrities later, they would come across a question they weren’t willing to answer or something taboo. That was why they informed the celebrities beforehand.

Luo Lingxing quickly skimmed the script and thought that there weren’t any problems, so he returned the script to the staff member, then continued to make his final preparations.

“The program will start soon. Everyone, please get ready,” the director’s assistance ran over to remind everyone.

“Welcome to Friday Night’s XXP Smart quantum computer’s program <Capital Entertainment>. I am your host, Wu Haoxue.”

“And I’m your host, Ming Li,” a familiar man and woman spoke the opening lines everyone was familiar with, driving up the mood.

“I’ve heard that everyone is recently paying attention to an historical drama. It is directed by a very famous director, and possesses a luxurious group of lead actors. Everyone, tell me, which drama is it?” Wu Haoxuan turned the microphone to the audience, signaling to everyone to shout the name of the TV series together.

With a few simple words, he changed the conversion to today’s topic.

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