IMG Chapter 67 Surging Waves

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However, he didn’t dare ask these questions in front of his boss.

Perhaps the boss just got into the habit of it since they came to pick Luo Lingxing from school everyday.

As for Han Junzhan who was resting his eyes, his heart was turbulent. He didn’t know why either. He obviously knew that someone else would pick up Luo Lingxing today, yet he still had the driver drive to the school entrance. When he saw that person get into someone else’s car, he had the urge to open his own car door, but thankfully, his reason returned to him in time.

In fact, today wasn’t the first time he felt this impulsive. It made Han Junzhan feel very annoyed, and his eyebrows knitted in a tight frown.

Luo Lingxing, who had no idea about this, was currently sitting in Chen Hongliang’s car and earnestly listening to what he needed to pay attention to when he appeared on the show later.

This was the first time Luo Lingxing would appear on this kind of show in this world, and thus he listened very carefully to Chen Hongliang’s reminders.

“The other person appearing on the show this time is Su Lingping. You don’t have to directly answer all his questions. That person will definitely set up little traps for you, so make sure you are careful.” Chen Hongliang was most worried about this today. He knew that Su Lingping was a petty man who held grudges, especially when the other person was Luo Lingxing.

“Don’t worry, I know.” Luo Lingxing nodded in reply. He didn’t attach importance to a tiny human.

‘Capital Entertainment’ was Emperor Star’s more popular interview variety show and it was well-loved by youngsters. The host will use humor to interact and interview the celebrities, making it easy for them to obtain celebrity gossip and private information, and thus, giving the fans immense satisfaction. The fans that wanted to learn more about their idols would often encourage their idols to participate in this program.

Although the show was very popular, the celebrities that participate in this show could be said to be very careful and cautious, afraid that the host would wiggle too many secrets out of them. It wouldn’t be good if that happened.

Chen Hongliang took Luo Lingxing backstage to prepare.

There were quite a few staff members for the program, and a majority of them bustling about in a busy manner since there were numerous celebrities that came to participate in the program, after all. Moreover, there were also numerous big-names celebrities here as well, and they didn’t dare neglect them.

Film kings like Meng Lianggu naturally had their own resting room and dressing room, and for debut artists who haven’t made a name for themselves like Luo Lingxing and Su Lingping, they shared a room. Therefore, when Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang arrived backstage, they saw Su Lingping and his agent, ignoring them as if they didn’t see them.

However, even if you ignore someone, it doesn’t mean they will do the same.

“I didn’t expect you to actually participate in this program,” Su Lingping sneered.

Luo Lingxing walked to an empty seat and sat down while waiting for the makeup artist to come do his makeup, completely ignoring Su Lingping.

What Su Lingping hated the most was being ignored by others, especially when he was ignored by the person he hated the most. His anger suddenly flared.

“You’re just a supporting character who had as much show time as a background character, so why did you come to this interview variety show?” Su Lingping was unwilling to give up and tried to find a sense of existence.

“Young master Ping, it isn’t worth it to get angry with this kind of person. Perhaps he used some kind of tricks to enter the program? I’ve seen plenty of people like that in the entertainment industry,” Sun Lingyan said dismissively.

“I never expected that you would actually do anything in order to stay in the entertainment industry. However, how can a person like you who doesn’t even have a system stay in the entertainment industry? I’d like to see that,” Su Lingping sneered. When he saw Luo Lingxing’s calm expression as he sat down in the chair, he became even more enraged.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He and Luo Lingxing clearly didn’t want to acknowledge those two people, yet they kept trying to interact with them. They really were annoying flies.

“Brother Chen, this is clearly a dressing room, so why is there a dog barking here?” Luo Lingxing raised his small head and asked with a face of “innocence.”

“The doorman probably accidently let the dog in. Don’t mind it and endure it for a bit,” Chen Hongliang acted along and said.

“Who are you calling a dog?” When Su Lingping heard this, he blew his lid.

“It’s true that dogs are intelligent and can understand humans,” Luo Lingxing calmly said.

“Exactly! To be able to admit it means that they are very self-aware,” Chen Hongliang cheerfully said. He was very happy to see the faces of those two change to an ugly expression.

“Who the heck are you talking about?” Su Lingping couldn’t sit any longer. He got up and wanted to hit Luo Lingxing, not even caring about their location.

Fortunately, there was only one person who lost their mind. Although Sun Lingyan was furious, he still remembered what kind of place they were at and hurriedly stopped Su Lingping. He said a couple of words in his ear and was finally able to appease him.

Su Lingping viciously glared at Luo Lingxing, his gaze filled with poison.

“Just you wait, I’ll definitely make you regret it,” Su Lingping turned his head to warn Luo Lingxing before letting the makeup artist continue her work.

Luo Lingxing wasn’t one to let himself suffer. Although they say that if a dog bites you, you can’t bite the dog back, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t teach them a lesson.

If it was any other small celebrities who played a supporting character, they would run far away from this circle in order to save themselves from getting involved. Most people knew of Su Lingping’s identity, so they didn’t dare provoke him.

Chen Hongliang and Luo Lingxing sat there for a while. All the other small celebrities had already finished their makeup, yet none of the makeup artists came to help Luo Lingxing do his.

“Wait here. I’ll ask what’s happening.” When Chen Hongliang finished speaking, he stood up to ask one of the staff members.

The show was about to start soon and there wasn’t much time to prepare after the makeup was done. If they continued to delay, then it would affect the program.

Not long later, Chen Hongliang came back frowning, his eyes had a mixture of anger and helplessness.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“The staff member said that there are too many celebrities participating in the program today and there aren’t enough makeup artists. We have to wait a while longer,” Chen Hongliang forced himself to calm down and said.

In fact, he was very clear that it was merely an excuse. To delay things till now, that must mean they were bribed and wanted to embarrass them.

Thinking of that, Chen Hongliang glanced at Sun Lingyan and Su Lingping and witnessed their pleased expressions, confirming his conjecture.

Luo Lingxing followed his gaze, and he instantly understood.

“If they don’t finish the makeup quickly, then I’m afraid they won’t make it in time for the show’s recording. That means that the certain means that certain people used to get this opportunity would’ve been wasted. Then everything they paid was for nothing,” Sun Lingyan sneered in a mystifying tone.

“You…” Chen Hongliang originally hadn’t planned on causing a fuss with those two low-quality people here since it would affect Luo Lingxing as well, but he didn’t expect these two people to take it this far and act so brazenly. They were too despicable.

”Xiao Luo, you’re here.” Upon entering the resting room, Yang Chuanzhi saw Luo Lingxing and immediately smiled and gave a warm greeting.

In the beginning, he greatly appreciated this person’s acting skills, but when he showed off his skills in the last scene, even Master Zhao was full of praise, much less him. For this reason, Yang Chuanzhi had an outstanding impression of Luo Lingxing, or else he wouldn’t have invited Luo Lingxing to participate in this interview variety show with them.

Luo Lingxing actually didn’t have many scenes in the film, and normally, he wouldn’t be able to participate in the publicity projects with the rest of the crew. However, Yang Chuanzhi selfishly wanted to help this young man to get more exposure.

Luo Lingxing was very clear about this, that was why he carved Director Yang’s favor into his heart. He immediately stood up with a smile and walked over.

“Good evening, Director Yang,” Luo Lingxing politely greeted.

“After not seeing you for a couple of days, your complexion has improved a lot. You need to exercise more. Your body is your most valuable asset. As long as your body is healthy, then you’ll have more energy to shoot films in the future.” Like an elder worrying about the younger generation, Yang Chuanzhi sincerely lectured.

“Thank you, Director Yang. I will pay attention to my health. This is a painting I made in my leisure time. I hope you won’t dislike it,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile as he handed the slender box in his hand to Yang Chuanzhi.

On set, he had promised to give Yang Chuanzhi a painting in the future. That’s why he took the opportunity of coming to this program to bring it.

When Yang Chuanzhi heard this, the smile on his face deepened as he quickly accepted the box, unable to wait to open it. When he saw the imposing and majestic ink painting, he fondly admired it.

“Oh my, let me take a look at what good things Director Yang received this time,” a light yet not frivolous voice came from behind Luo Lingxing.

He saw a man who appeared to be in his thirties, dressed in fashionable men’s clothes as he walked to Yang Chuanzhi’s side. He leaned closer in with an air of familiarity and hung off his shoulders to look at the painting in Yang Chuanzhi’s hands.

“Oh my, Director Yang. From which great master did you receive this work from? It’s amazing,” the man exclaimed in admiration, his gaze never leaving the painting, and his eyes full of appreciation.

Yang Chuanzhi carefully rolled up the painting and placed it back inside the box, not letting anyone else appreciate it. When the man saw this, he felt a bit anxious and said, “Don’t put it away just yet. I haven’t had my fill in looking.”

Yang Chuanzhi glanced at the man whose expression was full of arrogance, pleased with the expression, Yang Chuanzhi said, “Not letting you. If you want to look, look at your own.”

“How stingy! That painting must be worth a lot of money. I never thought the stingy Director Yang would be willing to spend his hard-earned money on it?” the man curled his lips and couldn’t help but say.

When Director Yang heard this, he became even more pleased. He stuck out his index finger and waved it left to right in front of the man’s face and said, “I didn’t spend a single cent on this painting.”

The man was obviously surprised since such a good painting like this was usually very hard to find.

As if thinking something, the man looked at Director Yang, his expression immediately turning strange and whispered, “You didn’t steal it, did you?”

Director Yang couldn’t hold himself back and patted the man’s shoulder with a lot of force, saying with contempt, “You’re the one who steals!”

The man wasn’t angered and replied with a smile, “I was just joking. Why are you acting so serious? Speaking truthfully, quickly tell me where in the world you got this painting from.”

The man was currently really curious about this painting. In this era, if they were able to collect a couple masterpieces created by great masters, then the reputation of their taste would increase by leaps and bounds.

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