IMG Chapter 66 Persist On

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“Boss, let’s have young master Luo stop. If he continues like this, his body won’t be able to handle it,” Zhang Xuan said anxiously.

However Han Junzhan’s eyes and attention was completely focused on Luo Lingxing’s body like he didn’t hear anything, and he continued to follow Luo Lingxing as  he reached the end.

When he finally crossed the finish line, Luo Lingxing finally couldn’t hold on anymore. His body wobbled, ready to collapse on the ground.

He closed his eyes and still didn’t feel the impact of the ground after a while. Luo Lingxing opened his eyes with much difficulty and saw Han Junzhan’s enlarged handsome face before him.

Zhao Chongzhuo and the others hurriedly surrounded them and witnessed Luo Lingxing’s sweaty body half held in Han Junzhan’s embrace.

“Boss, I’ll fetch the military doctor.” Once Zhang Xuan said that, he ran off. It was obvious that Luo Lingxing wasn’t in a good condition.

“N-No need. I-I’m fine,” Luo Lingxing said with much difficulty as he tried to straighten the spiritual energy inside his body. He adjusted his breath, then pulled out a dessert in front of everyone and stuffed it inside his mouth to supplement his spiritual energy.

After eating several pieces in a row, Luo Lingxing finally felt like he could breathe easily. The feeling like his chest was about to explode finally disappeared a bit and he recovered some strength.

“Young master Luo, w-what did you just eat?” Zhang Xuan and the others looked in shock as Luo Lingxing recovered his strength. They were confused so they asked.

They all noticed that Luo Lingxing was eating something while he was running. At first, they thought he was eating a stimulant, but now that they have a closer look, it didn’t look like it. Moreover, the thing he was eating was very fragrant. If it weren’t for the current situation, they probably would have asked for a couple pieces to try.

“I made some desserts. Would you guys like to try it?” Luo Lingxing saw their “longing” expressions and subconsciously asked.

“Is it alright? We’ve never seen desserts like these before,” Zhang Xuan immediately said with a smile. It was clear that he really wanted to give them a try.

Luo Lingxing took out some more from his space and distributed them to Zhao Chongzhuo and the others.

Zhang Xuan couldn’t wait to get a taste, and was immediately shocked. The soft and sweet flavor made him want to swallow his own tongue. Although he rarely ate sweets, he would be willing to eat them everyday if they were like this.

Even Zhao Chongzhuo, who didn’t really like sweet things, quickly ate the pieces he received, and he even wanted more.

Some of the resting recruits finally knew what the scent they smelt during their run was. Although they also really wanted to have a taste, once they saw that those officers were here, they didn’t have the courage to go ask for a taste.

Lin Mingying didn’t swallow his portion down like Zhang Xuan and Zhao Chongzhuo did, and only cared about the taste. He was careful and realized that once he ate the dessert, there was a fleeting energy wandering throughout his whole body, making his body feel even more comfortable.

“Young master Luo, did you make these yourself?” Lin Mingying asked.

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing nodded in reply.

When Lin Mingying glanced at Luo Lingxing again, he discovered something else, but he didn’t let the others know. He returned his gaze and continued eating his portion of the sweets.

“Today’s training ends here, we’ll continue tomorrow” Han Junzhan said to Luo Lingxing. Not caring about the others’ reactions, he took Luo Lingxing and directly left the military district. When Luo Lingxing couldn’t see the others anymore, he finally relaxed his body. The ache in his body instantly hit. His legs trembled, unable to support his body any longer, causing Luo Lingxing to defenselessly fall to one side.

Hahh… Although he didn’t fall while he was on the training field, he still couldn’t escape his fate. If the cultivators in his previous world knew about this, they definitely wouldn’t believe it, Luo Lingxing mocked himself as he thought.

However, the pain he was expecting didn’t come. Just like what happened on the training field, his body was caught in the middle of falling.

Luo Lingxing looked at Han Junzhan who was half holding him up, and couldn’t come back to his senses. Han Junzhan was clearly in front of him and never looked back at him so how did he react so quickly? How did he catch him just in time? Wasn’t his sense too keen?

The rarely dazed Luo Lingxing focus was a bit screwed, and he mind didn’t go back on the right path for a while.

Han Junzhan glanced at the hover car that wasn’t too far from them, then returned his gaze to the dazed man inside his embrace. The corners of his mouth turned up a small degree. He used his other hand to hook under the arc of Luo Lingxing’s legs and carried him to the car.

Luo Lingxing came back to his senses when he was carried in the princess hold. Seeing the situation he was in, a blush spread through his pale legs. He wanted to break free from a certain person’s embrace, and thankfully, they already arrived in the car.

“T-thank you,” Luo Lingxing was embarrassed, but his proper education still forced him to politely thank the other person.

“You’re welcome,” Han Junzhan replied after a while. Without saying a word, he got into the driver’s seat and started driving to Xian Villa.

Letting the hover car drive automatically, Han Junzhan looked at his hands like they were spellbound. The feeling of embracing Luo Lingxing lingered in his hands. The warm feelings left him…pondering, wanting to feel it again.

Even if Luo Lingxing ate the spiritual food that would increase his spiritual energy, his body was still weak and it was even difficult to walk. It looked like he really pushed beyond his body’s limit this time, and he wasn’t even able to use the little spiritual energy he had.

While Luo Lingxing was vexed about how he would get off the car and return to his room, his body was once again lifted in the air. He discovered that he was once again being carried by Han Junzhan, and his face reddened again.

“I can walk by myself,” Luo Lingxing said as he struggled.

“Don’t move. You already reached your body’s limits today,” Han Junzhan steadied his hand and firmly held a certain person as he said.

“I…” Not waiting for Luo Lingxing to finish, Han Junzhan didn’t say anything else as he quickly carried a certain person back to his room. He placed that person on the bed like nothing had happened at all.

“Thank you,” Luo Lingxing was helpless and could only thank him again. He secretly decided in his heart that he couldn’t overexert his strength this way again.

“Rest.” Han Junzhan left the room after saying.

“Young master, just now…” Aunt Lin saw Han Junzhan coming down from upstairs and quickly asked.

She was originally waiting in the living room for the young master and Xiao Luo to return when she saw a black shadow fwoosh past her. It was so fast that she didn’t get a clear look of who it was. When she was thinking of going upstairs to take a look, she saw the young master come downstairs.

If she did not guess incorrectly, the dark shadow from before should have been the young master carrying Xiao Luo. She was very happy to see that the two young masters’ relationship was so good. However, the young master was too rushed. He carried Xiao Luo home and she could see that Xiao Luo’s situation wasn’t good, thus had a trace of anxiety in her heart.

“Go make something and bring it to Luoluo later. He overexerted himself today during training and needs more rest. If it’s not important, don’t let anyone else upstairs.”

Han Junzhan carefully warned.

“I got it. I’ll go prepare something now.” Aunt Lin hurried to the kitchen and started preparing dinner.

After resting for a night, Luo Lingxing’s body felt a lot better. However, it still couldn’t compare to the past. The majority of the Power of Faith he recently obtained all went into adjusting his body, but it still wasn’t enough.

Luo Lingxing uploaded the three videos he filmed previously onto Bilibili, and he very quickly realized that the Power of Faith surrounding him became denser.

He discovered that everytime he uploaded a video, that was when the Power of Faith surrounding him would be at its densest. Taking advantage of while the Power of Faith was abundant, Luo Lingxing quickly guided the confused Power of Faith into his body. It floated around and conditioned his body, giving him a warm feeling all over.

“Good morning, Aunt Lin,” Luo Lingxing greeted with a smile.

“Xiao Luo, morning. Come sit, I’ll get your breakfast.” Aunt Lin saw that Luo Lingxing’s complexion was good and was relieved.

Luo Lingxing walked to the table, saw Han Junzhan and paused to greet, “Junzhan, good morning.”

“Morning,” Han Junzhan replied and pulled back the seat beside him, indicating for Luo Lingxing to sit.

Luo Lingxing originally planned to sit in the seat furthest away from Han Junzhan, but he could only helplessly sit down in the indicated seat.

“What time is your class?” Han Junzhan asked unwittingly.

“Eight o’clock,” Luo Lingxing replied as he ate breakfast.

Afterwards, Han Junzhan asked him some common questions and Luo Lingxing answered in short sentences while he increased his eating speed.

Luo Lingxing also didn’t know why, but every time he saw Han Junzhan now, he kept remembering the two embraces from yesterday. His face slightly heated and his heart started beating a bit faster, making him want to quickly leave this person’s side.

“I’ve finished eating. Gonna head to class now.” After Luo Lingxing finished eating his last piece of bread, he said a sentence then left.

“I need to leave as well, so I’ll send you to school on the way,” Han Junzhan stood up as well and said.

Luo Lingxing wanted to refuse, but realized the other person didn’t give him a chance to. He could only follow behind the other person out the door.

The following two weeks, Luo Lingxing was picked up and dropped off to school everyday by Han Junzhan, and the excuse Han Junzhan would give every time was that it was on the way and that they needed to go to the military district to train after school anyway. Doing it this way saved time. If they had someone else send him, it would waste their time and well as their own.

Because of this, Luo Lingxing couldn’t refuse. At first, Chen Hongliang was depressed that his work was stolen, but then realized it wasn’t anything, and this way, he could focus on finding resources for Luo Lingxing.

After two weeks of training, the amount of time Luo Lingxing had to supplement his energy during the 10,000 run decreased. It could be considered a huge improvement.

‘The Enchantress’ was finished filming and the date of the screening had been decided for a month later. Currently, the main cast of the film were busy doing publicity. Even Luo Lingxing who was only a male support lead was arranged to appear on some more famous local variety talk shows.

Since he had to attend these talk shows, the training in the army was put on hold. As soon as school ended for Luo Lingxing, he was carried off by Chen Hongliang.

“Boss, they already left,” Zhang Xuan said to Han Junzhan who was sitting in the back as they watched Chen Hongliang’s car gradually disappear from their view.

“Head to the military district,” Han Junzhan said calmly, his eyes slightly closed as if to rest.

Zhang Xuan didn’t delay as he started heading towards the military district. He really couldn’t understand why his boss came to the school gates even though someone else was picking up Luo Lingxing today. Moreover, he even insisted on waiting for Luo Lingxing to leave before they left themselves. After all, the distance from here to the military district wasn’t close, so it was a whole extra trip to come here in the first place.

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