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The warm-up of the premiere ceremony had already begun. It didn’t matter how Ye Luohan knew that Luo Lingxing’s suit didn’t fit or how he decided to send a suit that fit perfectly. In any case, Ye Luohan was a huge help. If it wasn’t for him, Luo Lingxing would have looked really bad, and he would have probably made tomorrow’s headlines. Others might want to have this kind of headline, but Luo Lingxing definitely didn’t want it.

There were numerous reporters who came to the premiere. The first to appear was Director Qian Xuewen and the male protagonist Ye Luohan. As soon as they appeared, both the audience and reporters surrounded them as they pitter-pattered and started asking questions.

Ten minutes later, Luo Lingxing, the other supporting roles, as well as the female protagonist appeared as well. At a premiere ceremony, the line-up was usually decided on their roles in the movie, and the female protagonist should be standing next to Ye Luohan. However, everyone later realized that the person standing next to Ye Luohan was actually a newcomer they weren’t familiar with. And the more familiar film king and queen were standing behind this newcomer.

Many reporters noticed this and grabbed onto this point and started asking, “Excuse me, Director Qian, is there any meaning to this lineup? Why is there a newcomer standing beside God Ye?”

“Director Qian, I heard you took especially good care of this newcomer. Can I ask if this is true?”   “Excuse me, there are so many film kings and queens standing behind you. Do you think it’s appropriate for you to stand there?”

Qian Xuewen held a kind smile on his face. He raised a hand to signal for them to quiet down, then slowly said, “There isn’t a problem with today’s lineup. There’s actually a reason for it. However, I won’t tell you all just yet. Wait until the movie is screened, then everyone will know.”

At the beginning, the reporters asked questions that were related to the movie, but who knew who started it, everyone’s questions suddenly turned to a new topic. And the person at the forefront of this pointed to Luo Lingxing. “I heard you encountered space pirates right before the new year. Is this true?”

“I heard that there were a lot of people sacrificed during this space pirate case, so may I ask how you escaped?”

The question was asked a bit harshly. When Qian Xuewen heard this, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He looked at the reporter who asked the question and saw that they were wearing a company card that said “Gossip Entertainment.”

Gossip Entertainment was very well-known in the industry, but they generally didn’t have a good reputation since the company motto was in their name, after all. They specialized in digging up gossip on celebrities, and it was the not so good kind of gossip. Because of this, many celebrities disliked them.

Qian Xuewen’s brows furrowed even tighter. They never invited this media company to their premiere, so how did they get in?

Chen Hongliang nervously stood under the stage. He knew that the reporters would mention the incident of Luo Lingxing being ambushed before the new year. However, he never knew that a reporter would actually dare mention it during the premiere ceremony. He was suddenly nervous about how Luo Lingxing would answer.

“I’m sorry, this question has nothing to do with the movie. I have no comment,” Luo Lingxing calmly said, not acting servile or overbearing.

“Since no one has any other questions, let’s start the movie. I’ll invite all the reporters to return to their seats so they can enjoy the movie,” Qian Xuewen said, his tone somewhat unhappy.

The reporters were aware of Director Qian’s temperament and tactfully didn’t continue to ask questions. They obediently returned to their seats with seemingly only the reporter from Gossip Entertainment being reluctant, but he had no other choice. If he really offended Director Qian, then his company would be in jeopardy.

Besides the actors and reporters at the premiere, the remaining audience were all fans. The moment the big screen lit up, the movie was officially being screened.

Since it was an interstellar theme, the beginning naturally started off with what directors excelled at, a macro view of the entire universe. Even if everyone had seen it countless times before, they would still be greatly shocked by the vastness of the universe each time. There would also be a feeling of how insignificant and small one was.

Afterward, it was the scene of Qin Shaohui, Du Zixuan, and Du Birou as young and innocent youth. Du Zixuan earnestly studied medicine in order to attend the same school as Qin Shaohui in the future and would often study late into the night. The audience who watched were heartbroken by this scene. When they saw that Du Zixuan had finally obtained the same admission letter as Qin Shaohui, they were generally happy for this hard-working teenager.

Afterward, the two joined the military and finally entered the battlefield. It was brutal and heartless there. It wasn’t the same as the drills held during their school years. It was the real battlefield. A battlefield where numerous brothers were sacrificed in seconds.

When everyone saw Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan fighting shoulder to shoulder, their hearts were seized once again and experienced a roller coaster according to the movie’s storyline. Some of the more timid audiences even had to close their eyes. They silently prayed for these two childhood friends in their hearts, praying that they could safely return home.

Afterward, when they really did safely return, the audience felt conflicted again since they felt that Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan had feelings for each other. They hoped that these two could be together. However, Qin Shaohui was engaged with Du Birou. Du Zixuan loved his younger sister very dearly and would definitely not get in between the two of them.

Everyone watched until this extremely complicated situation and slowly waited for the ending. They all thought that according to Director Qian’s brilliance of the past, Du Birou and Qin Shaohui would definitely end up together while Du Zixuan was pitifully abandoned.

However, the ending this time was very unexpected to everything. In the end, Du Zixuan actually ended up together with Qin Shaohui while Du Birou had found her true love long before they had even returned. She had originally seen Qin Shaohui as an older brother and confused this feeling with love.

From everyone’s feeling of happiness from the beginning to the ups and downs of the middle to the worries and sadness the protagonist faced, and then the final ending, it can be said that their moods were guided by every minute of the movie. They didn’t even dared to blink and only stared at the screen instead as they waited for the development of the characters.

When the big screen went dark and the surrounding lights lit up, the audience had a surreal feeling.

“Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan really ended up together?” a girl dazedly asked the female stranger beside her.

“They should be together. I seemed to have watched Qin Shaohui confess his love.”

“Qin Shaohui really is with Du Zixuan. The childhood sweethearts are truly in love. This is great. The ending is amazing!”

“Ahhh… This movie is amazing. I will definitely watch it again later. I never thought it would end like this. I always thought he would end up with Du Birou.”

“I didn’t come to this premiere for naught. Will there be a second viewing later? Let’s watch it together.” After a few seconds of silence from the audience, it all blew up into various kinds of discussions. Everyone was clearly excited.

Qian Xuewen also finally let out a sigh of relief. God knew how the silence from earlier had filled his heart with endless nerves. Fortunately, it was merely a false alarm.

The other actors were also very happy to see the fans’ evaluation of the movie. This meant that the movie was a success and their efforts weren’t in vain.

When the celebrities were about to exit the premiere location, they were surrounded by excited fans begging for autographs. Even Luo Lingxing was surrounded by fans.

“Little prince, I’m your superfan. Can I please have an autograph?”  A girl handed over a notebook with a slightly reddened face.

This also wasn’t the first time Luo Lingxing had been asked for an autograph, so he was very natural as he took the notebook and used the fine pen to scribble down his name.

He still wasn’t very good at using the pens of this era, but in order to cope with the fans’ demands for his autograph, he practiced writing with the pen for a very long time and was finally able to write with it.

Of course to others, this autograph wasn’t simply a signature, it was basically on the same level as a piece of art. The bold and outstanding handwriting could clearly be seen to be written by an expert. It couldn’t compare to the signature of an ordinary celebrity.

Those who now asked for a celebrity’s autograph were basically for the sake of how pretty and flowing it was. They couldn’t read the handwriting at all. However, it wasn’t the same for Luo Lingxing. His handwriting was bold and pretty, graceful and elegant, but also clear enough that they could read the three words “Luo Lingxing.” It looked good, but also retained the original meaning of the signature.

“Thank you, little prince. I’ll definitely continue to support you in the future.” The girl hugged the autograph and was very excited. She gave him a deep bow then hugged the notebook as she shyly ran away.

Luo Lingxing patiently signed autographs for each of the girls surrounding him. A smile pasted on his face grew wider and wider, without a single trace of impatience.

He could clearly see the Power of Faith floating around these fans. Especially the moment when he handed over the autograph, the Power of Faith became even denser, making his entire body covered in Power of Faith. His energy was constantly replenished, easing any tiredness he had.

“Thank you, little prince. We’ll continue to support you in the future.”

“Little Prince Luo, I love you!” a bold female couldn’t help but confess. After saying it, she shyly ran away and left behind a dazed Little Prince Luo.

He knew that the women of his world were more open, but this was too open. This made Luo Lingxing, who was from a more conservative world, puzzled.

“May I ask what happened on the Chang’e No. 10 when it was hijacked by space pirates before the new year?”

“It’s said the Chang’e No. 10 was hijacked by the Sophie Space Pirates. They are a group of fiends who murder without blinking. Can I ask how you escaped in the end?”

“Since you had the ability to escape, why didn’t you save the others?”

Who knew where the reporter had sneaked in from, but they stopped Luo Lingxing and threw out several questions in succession. Moreover, each one of them was very ruthless.

“I’m not the only survivor from Chang’e No. 10. I’m afraid I’m not as amazing as everyone is making me out to be. As a citizen of the empire, if I had the ability to, I would definitely save those who are in danger. I feel very sorry for those who were sacrificed. I am also very happy for the survivors who were able to escape,” Luo Lingxing replied, not backing down or acting too arrogantly.

Chen Hongliang was originally squeezed out by the fans. When he had finally found Luo Lingxing with much difficulty, he witnessed a reporter surrounding him. That was enough! He immediately went up and separated the reporter, then escorted Luo Lingxing to leave.

The reporter obtained this chance with much difficulty and naturally wouldn’t give up so easily.

“I’m sorry, but this is the movie premiere. Please do not ask questions that are unrelated to the movie,” Chen Hongliang protected Luo Lingxing as he said to the reporters.

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