IMG Chapter 121 Cannot Be Worn

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“Xiao Xing, weren’t you going to go out with your friend? Don’t stay here to accompany us old men, hurry and go. Don’t make your friend wait too long,” Old Man Luo turned his head to say to Luo Lingxing.

These words didn’t really have much meaning, but when the other old men heard it, it sounded like this: Look how sensible my grandson is. Even if his friend is waiting for him to go out and play, he still stayed at home to accompany this old man.

Suddenly, many of the old men there were filled with indignation. They were even secretly scheming that when they returned home, they would have their unfilial grandchildren stay home for a few more days. They definitely couldn’t let Old Man Luo be too proud.

Moreover, at this moment, they didn’t know that after receiving an invitation from the Luo residence today, they would receive an invitation from the Han residence tomorrow. As for the reason… It was also to have tea and chat. But the truth was of course to show off.

Only this time, Old Man Han wasn’t showing off his grandson but his grandson’s wife because they found that the tea Old Man Han invited them to come drink was exactly the same as the tea they had drunk yesterday at Old Man Luo’s house. The old men all instantly received internal injuries and all secretly decided to have their grandsons find them an obedient and filial granddaughter-in-law. It was fine if Old Man Luo was boasting about his grandson, but in the end Old Man Han was also boasting about his granddaughter-in-law. This was really too unbearable.

And equally unlucky were the grandsons of these old men since they were all lectured by their grandfathers for an entire day already, and the next day, they were lectured once again. Moreover, they were ordered to find a wife by the end of this year or else they wouldn’t be able to return home again.

These grandsons were dumbfounded and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Of course, this all happened later. Back to the present.

“Alright. Grandpa, you should chat with the other grandpas and drink tea. I’ll be back soon,” Luo Lingxing said obediently. Since grandpa wanted to effect, then he didn’t mind following in his grandpa’s lead.

In the end, as soon as these words came out, Old Man Luo’s smile deepened, the folds of his face smiling like a flower. This grandson of his was indeed considerate and caring.

Luo Lingxing left the living room, so he wasn’t clear on what happened later on. However, he could imagine it. Those old men would probably be angered to death by this grandpa.

Although they hadn’t interacted for long, Luo Lingxing had a good impression of those old men. He even thought that these harmless jokes between them were very interesting

On the third, since Luo Lingxing had to participate in the ‘Interstellar Mecha’s’ premiere, he had to return to the Emperor Star early. The ‘Interstellar Mecha’ would air worldwide on the fifth.

On this day, it seemed like everyone in the Luo residence wanted to send Luo Lingxing to the spaceship. There were even numerous people from the Han residence. And of course, most of these people were here to send off Luo Lingxing and not Han Junzhan.

“Xiao Xing, you have to take care of yourself when you arrive at the Emperor Star. You can’t get skinnier the next time you come back,” Old Man Luo pulled Luo Lingxing. He was reluctant and didn’t want to let go of his hand at all.

“Little Boy Han, you have to take good care of my Xiao Xing. If I find that Xiao Xing got skinner or was wronged in any way the next time he comes back, I definitely won’t let you off.” Old Man Luo was looking at Han Junzhan like he was looking at an enemy. Moreover, he was regretting letting them get engaged so early. Such an obedient and lovable grandson was already being stolen away by another man.

He decided that they wouldn’t let them hold their wedding ceremony until a few years later, and it would be even better if they never had one at all. “Grandpa Luo, don’t worry. I’ll definitely take good care of Luoluo,” Han Junzhan pledged. Even if there are no elders of the Luo family here, he (HJZ) would definitely take good care of Luo Lingxing.

“Xiao Xing, call me if you need anything. Your uncle will immediately go to you,” Luo Jinggen instructed Luo Lingxing.

“I got it, Uncle. You guys don’t have to worry,” Luo Lingxing replied. He was warmed by the concern of his family members.

“Xiao Xing, if you encounter any dangers, you must hide in the mecha. The one I gave you can definitely protect you. Moreover, I’m already researching a mecha with an even higher defensive performance. Once it’s been researched, you won’t have to worry about any dangers anymore,” Luo Bingxu instructed then promised.

“Luoluo, Grandpa Han doesn’t have anything good to give you, so just take this. Swipe this card if you want to buy anything.” Old Man Han took out a black card and gave it to Luo Lingxing. It was the card issued by the Central Bank with the lowest limitations.

Luo Bingze looked at the black card. Although he didn’t really understand, since his third brother gave him a purple card before, he knew that this card must have a lot of money in it. He could take the card from Luo Bingze since they were family, but he had no reason to take Grandpa Han’s card. Moreover, he could make his own money now and had more than enough to spend.

“Grandpa Han, I can’t take this. I can also make money now. I have enough to spend.” Luo Lingxing quickly pushed it back.

“Take it. This is some pocket money Grandpa is giving you. Unless you’re mad that it’s not enough…?” Old Man Han pretended to act angry.

“Hmph, who’s the grandpa? Don’t get such an inflated head. He’s my grandson, not yours.” Hearing this conversation, Old Man Luo was so angry that he blew on his beard as he glared.

“He’s also my grandson,” Han Zhentian also glared at Luo Cangqiong as he said.

“Blah. He’s my grandson. How could he be yours? Do you want to keep that old head of yours?”  

“Once Luoluo and Junzhan get married, won’t he also be my grandson?”

“I don’t agree with their marriage,” Old Man Luo said childishly and acting like he had the intention of breaking the contract.

“Blah. They’re already engaged. Do you have a say if they get married or not? I’ve already decided on having him as my granddaughter-in-law.” Old Man Han wasn’t willing to show any weakness.

When the others who saw these two old men, who were hundreds of years old when added together, actually bicker like children, they all felt it was humorous but also felt helpless.

Han Zhentian’s words made Luo Cangqiong truly regret that he hastily made the engagement with Luo Lingxing in the first place. He was even more determined to delay their marriage as long as possible. It would be best if they never had a wedding ceremony.

And so, Han Junzhan, who already had a long road ahead of him in chasing his wife, was invisibly dragged back by his grandfather.

“Xiao Xing, take it. Use it if you want to buy anything. Use it as much as possible.” Luo Cangqiong angrily snatched the black card in Han Zhentian’s hands and stuffed it into Luo Lingxing’s hands as he said in a huff.

Since the engagement was already a fact, he should try to take as much from Old Man Han as possible to make up for his own psychological damage. It was too much of an advantage to give Old Man Han such a well-behaved grandson.

“Grandpa, Grandpa Han, and Uncles, you guys should go back. Junzhan and I need to board the plane,” Luo Lingxing said to everyone as he waved.

“Message me once you reach the Emperor Star,” Old Man Luo instructed.

“I will.”

The spaceship flew for two days. When Luo Lingxing arrived at the Emperor Star, it was already the fifth. There was also only five hours until the premiere. Time was of the essence. Chen Hongliang was notified earlier on and was waiting for Luo Lingxing at the space station to pick him up and take him directly to the location of the premiere.

“Junzhan, you should go back by yourself first. Brother Chen and I need to head to work. We probably won’t be back until late,” Luo Lingxing said to Han Junzhan.

“Understood. Be careful,” Han Junzhan replied. Since he hadn’t told Luo Lingxing about Ye Luohan yet, he couldn’t go to the premiere with him, so they could only part here.

However, they would see each other again very soon, so Han Junzhan didn’t think too much of it.

Chen Hongliang picked up Luo Lingxing and immediately took him to get hair and makeup done. He already brought over the outfit he was going to wear for the premiere in advance. After he was made up, he could head directly to the premiere location.

This was Luo Lingxing’s first movie and also his first time on the big screen. Chen Hongliang placed great importance on it and instructed the makeup artist and stylist to make everything perfect.

Although makeup for men wasn’t as troublesome as makeup for women, it was still only relatively speaking. It took over two hours for Luo Lingxing to get his hair and makeup done. When they arrived backstage of the premiere location it was only an hour before the premiere began. “Hurry up and change your clothes.” Chen Hongliang handed the custom-made suit to Luo Lingxing and signaled for him to quickly change.

Luo Lingxing entered the fitting room. The pants were okay, but the shirt seemed to be a bit…


“Wow, what did you eat during the new year? How did you gain so much weight?” Seeing the suit that was snuggly hugging his body, Chen Hongliang was about to blow his top.

These clothes were made according to Luo Lingxing’s old size. He (CHL) thought that he (LLX) would only go back for a few days so there shouldn’t really be a problem with the fit. However, who would have guessed that Luo Lingxing would actually have gained weight. Gained weight! These two words ran on repeat in Chen Hongliang’s head, making him almost explode.

Actually, during the new year, Grandpa Luo thought Luo Lingxing was too skinny, so he changed his ways and made him lots of delicious food to eat. And Luo Lingxing, who was secretly a foodie, naturally didn’t control himself. And as a result, he unconsciously gained a lot of weight.

He might have gained weight, but it could only be seen when he was wearing clothes. When one looked at him normally, you couldn’t tell that he had gained weight since Luo Lingxing was originally very thin and slender. Therefore, you couldn’t see that he had gained a few pounds. This was also the reason why Chen Hongliang didn’t notice at first. However, the clothes for the premiere ceremony were made according to his exact measurements, therefore… It was a disaster.

Chen Hongliang was completely under pressure now. He had only prepared one set of clothes. If he had to wear this inside, he might as well not wear it. He would be laughed at either way. What should they do now? At this moment, he truly wanted to go inside Luo Lingxing’s belly and scoop out everything so that he would return to the original thin and skinny Luo Lingxing.

Just as Chen Hongliang was anxious to death, Xiao Ming walked over and handed Chen Hongliang a gift bag and said, “Mr. Chen, these formal clothes are from God Ye to Mr. Luo.”

Chen Hongliang was confused and didn’t understand why Xiao Ming had suddenly appeared here and gave them this gift bag. Xiao Ming was Ye Luohan’s agent, and just like celebrities, they had their own rankings. And among the agents, Xiao Ming was of the highest rank.

“The premiere ceremony is about to begin so I won’t disturb you guys any longer.” Xiao Ming entered in a rush and left in a rush as well, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

Chen Hongliang looked at the gift bag in a daze. He wanted to try everything he could in this desperate situation, so he handed the bag to Luo Lingxing and told him to change into those clothes. Meanwhile, his own brain was still a complete mess.

Luo Lingxing changed and came out. Chen Hongliang’s eyes widened. Not just because of the expensive style and fabric the clothes used, but because they fit Luo Lingxing just right like they were custom made for Luo Lingxing. This left Chen Hongliang silent for a while and unable to find his voice.

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