IMG Chapter 120 Madly Boasting the Grandchildren

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The other officers didn’t mind when Old Man Luo acted like this. They expressed that they had gotten used to it a long time ago.

The food before them did indeed look very exquisite. It smelled very fragrant, and it probably tasted very good as well.

And so, they all couldn’t want to pick up their chopsticks and try the dumplings. As expected, the flavor instantly captured their stomachs. If they weren’t currently at the marshal’s house, they wouldn’t even care about their image as soldiers and would have wolfed down all the food.

It really was too delicious!

Seeing these officers being concerned over their image but also coveting the dumplings, Old Man Luo was in an even better mood. These delicious things were made by his grandson, after all. Moreover, his grandson was very filial and gave him high quality tea leaves that were especially fragrant.

It was a shame but Old Man Luo wasn’t willing to give it to these people to try. If they didn’t taste it, then he couldn’t boast about his grandson. Old Man Luo was a bit distressed.

However, Old Man Luo was only distressed for a little while since he suddenly thought that even if he couldn’t boast with these people, he could boast to his old friends. Besides, what was the point of boasting with subordinates? Moreover, these subordinates only had sons and daughters at most. They didn’t have a single grandchild. There would be no sense of accomplishment boasting to them.

But it was different with those other old men. when they were free, they would often video call him and boast that their grandchildren were great in this and that way or how their grandson or granddaughter were very filial and caring. Hmph. His grandson was also exceptionally filial and caring as well, okay? Moreover, he even gave him precious and delicious spirit tea. When the time comes, he’d make them jealous to death.

And so, in order to gain a sense of accomplishment, Old Man Luo decided to contact those good friends of his to deepen their connections. It seemed that it had almost been a year since they had last met. He would invite them over tomorrow for a get together.

The next day, Old Man Luo invited his old comrade-in-arms over for a glorified tea party. In reality, it was just to boast about his grandson.

“Haha, my grandson especially flew back from Yuan Star star yesterday to celebrate the new year with me. Sigh… Now that I’m old, I don’t want to budge anymore. If I was younger, I would have flown directly to Yuan Star. And now, I’m too lazy to move. And in the end, I didn’t expect those guys to fly back to Flowing Cloud Star to accompany me. And now, they have to leave already tomorrow. Don’t you think it’s very troublesome for them to fly back and forth like this?” an old man wearing an everyday military uniform said reproachfully. However, anyone could tell that the reproachful tone was just boasting  in disguise.

“Sigh…Who said they don’t? My grandson is busy all day long, and in the end, he rushed over for the new year before having to rush back again. He even brought back the latest massage chair for me. Sitting on it is very comfortable. When there’s time, I’ll invite you guys over to try it. I’m sure you guys will like it,” another old man said immediately after. His face was full of worry, but his eyes were shining very brightly.

“My granddaughter brought me a lot of good things when she came back this time as well. I’ll also invite you guys over on another day…”

“This time, my grandson…”

“My granddaughter…”

Old Man Luo sat at the seat of honor as he calmly listened to the others boast about their grandson or grandchildren insistently. If this was the place, his expression would have darkened ages ago. But now, he was listening with relish, which made a few of his old friends very shocked.

“Say, Old Man Luo, what good things did your grandson bring you this time for you to call us over so anxiously?” Old Man Li couldn’t help but ask.

They had been friends for decades and were very familiar with each other. From their time in the army to retiring, everyone would get together every so often to drink tea and chat. Of course, the topic of conversation was usually about their family’s grandson or granddaughter. It could be said that these old men were experts at boasting about their grandchildren.

“Hehe, have you all finished speaking?” Old Man Luo said with a huge smile.

The other people suddenly became alert. This old man was acting abnormally today. I really was too strange.

“In fact, I invited everyone over today for something important. My grandson gave me a box of high-quality tea leaves, so I wanted to invite everyone to taste the tea together.” Old Man Luo tried his best to act calm as he tried to control the corners of his mouth not to rise.

The other old men looked at each other. They all felt that there was something fishy about Old Man Luo today. It couldn’t be as simple as just tasting tea. When had they ever gathered for such a simple reason?

Old Man Luo knew that they wouldn’t believe him and felt a bit aggrieved. In fact, he really did call them over this time to try the tea. It was just that he wanted to also boast about his grandson. There was no other objective.

“High-quality tea leaves? Even if there aren’t that many high-quality tea leaves, my grandson would still give me some every year. I wonder what kind you have?” Old Man Zhang asked.

“I won’t tell you just yet. Wait till you guys try it and guess,” Old Man Luo deliberately acted mysteriously, then ordered someone to grab his precious tea leaves as well as call Luo Lingxing over to brew it for them.

If he hadn’t obtained these spirit leaves, he wouldn’t have needed to vent his excitement. He also wouldn’t have invited them over to give them such advantages.

At this moment, Luo Lingxing was chatting with Han Junzhan in the side hall. Luo Lingxing had originally made an appointment to pay a visit to the Han residence on the second, so Han Junzhan had come over to pick him up.

However, since Old Man Luo wanted his grandson to entertain his old friends, he ordered him to leave a bit later. Therefore, the two people were chatting in the side hall.

“Little young master, Master is calling you to the main hall,” a servant came over and respectfully said.

“Okay, I got it. Junzhan, sit here for a bit. I’ll go see what Grandpa needs,” Luo Lingxing said to Han Junzhan, then followed the servant to the main hall.

When he arrived in the main hall, Luo Lingxing saw a room full of old men around his grandfather’s age sitting inside. Moreover, each of them were wearing military uniforms. It could be seen at a glance that their identities weren’t ordinary. If Han Junzhan had come over, he would naturally recognize that all these people used to be leaders in the army. Even if a majority of them had already retired,  they still had a very prestigious status within the army. “Xiao Xing, come over here. Let me introduce you,” Old Man Luo saw Luo Lingxing and quickly beckoned with a smile.

Luo Lingxing obediently walked over to Old Man Luo’s side.

“This is your Grandpa Zhang,” Old Man Luo pointed to the old man closest to him and introduced.

Hello, Grandpa Zhang,” Luo Lingxing obediently greeted him.

“This is your Grandpa Li.”

“Hello, Grandpa Li.”

“This is…”

It took almost half an hour to introduce everyone, and Luo Lingxing had obediently greeted every single one of them without showing a slight bit of impatience.

“Xiao Xing, Grandpa invited them over for tea. Why don’t you brew some tea for them?” Old Man Luo looked at Luo Lingxing, the more he looked, the more he liked them. He would only gain a sense of accomplishment from boasting about a kid like him. As for Luo Bingxu and the other three, every time he wanted to take them to pay respects to his old friends, they would run far away as if they were monsters that could cause a flood. They always made it so that he had to go alone to face the boasting of his old friends. He could finally fight back this year and vent a bit.

“Okay, Grandpa,” Luo Lingxing obediently replied before understanding that his grandpa didn’t let him leave the house early so that he could brew them tea.

Luo Lingxing was a very astute person. From Old Man Luo’s words and expression as well as the gazes of the other old men, he could tell that his grandpa was deliberately having him brew tea for them.

Luo Lingxing smiled helplessly. They always said that the elderly acted like kids. This sentence actually made a lot of sense.

Although his thoughts had already drifted, Luo Lingxing’s actions showed not a single mistake. He demonstrated the sequence of brewing tea, his movements very fluid and elegant, causing the others to be mesmerized as they sighed with admiration.

“He’s young but knows how to brew tea so well. Not bad, not bad,” Grandpa Zhang couldn’t help but praise.

“Grandpa Zhang, you’re overpraising me,” Luo Lingxing modestly replied. The smile on his face was pleasant, making those who saw it feel very comfortable.

The old men finally understood that coming over to drink tea today was just a cover. In fact, that old man just wanted to show off his grandson to them.

They had long heard that Old Man Luo had found his daughter’s son and brought him back home to live officially. This was their first meeting and it was already exceptional. They could see that he was a very lovable child. No wonder Old Man Luo called them over on the second. He really was too  cunning.

“Xiao Xing, pour the tea for your grandpas,” Old Man Luo took the cup his grandson had just offered and smiled as he said. When he saw the expressions of his good friends, he was full of pride and smugness.

“Grandpa Li, please have some tea.” Luo Lingxing obediently divided the tea one by one. Those old men were furious about Old Man Luo’s intentions, but their focus was quickly attracted by the aroma of the tea in their hands.

“It’s so fragrant.” Who knew who it was that said that, but many of the old men immediately looked at the tea in their hands and placed it under their nose to smell it. They showed an expression of enjoyment, then took a sip and were instantly completely captivated by the wonderful taste.

They took a sip, reflected on it, took another sip, and reflected again. The living room was instantly silent with only the sounds of people tasting the tea and letting out sighs of admiration.

“This is good tea. Old Man Luo, where did you get this tea from?” Old Man Zhang finally could help but ask. He had originally thought that Old Man Luo had invited them over to drink tea as a pretext, but he didn’t expect that the tea in question really was of high-quality. Moreover, it was more fragrant and delicious than the high-quality tea that they had drunk before. When did Old Man Luo suddenly change his character?

Not only did Old Man Zhang think this, the others also thought the same.

“Isn’t it delicious? This was a special gift from my family’s Xiao Xing. It is very, very rare. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be willing to take it out,” Old Man Luo said triumphantly.

Well, their thoughts were all for naught and they were boasted in front of as well. They should have known it wasn’t easy for one to change their nature. For this old man to change his character, it was simply as hard as reaching your hand into the sky. In a second, his true nature was exposed again.

“Hmph, isn’t it just tea? I’ll have my grandson get me some as well when I return. I’ll invite you guys over next time to drink it,” an old man couldn’t hold back and said sourly.

“Okay, then I’ll be waiting,” Old Man Luo said with a flat expression. He watched as the others looked eager to stand up and give him a few slaps in the face.

If anyone was lucky enough to see this scene, they would surely be so shocked that their eyes would fall out. All the people here were once high ranking marshals that were revered and worshiped. And yet, they were now bickering like children. It was truly very shocking.

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