IMG Chapter 123 Male God Comes to the Rescue

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“Ah, it’s the Male God!”

“It really is the Male God. What good luck. I was actually able to see the Male God twice tonight. I can now die without any regrets.”

“Die, my ass! We’ll be able to continue seeing him in the future. How could we die now?”

The fans who hadn’t left yet were very excited as they screamed and directly suppressed the voice of the reporter who surrounded Luo Lingxing.

In order to avoid the fan’s excitement, Ye Luohan had originally sneaked backstage before the movie had finished. Everyone thought he had already left, but they didn’t expect that he would reappear. Not only were the fans excited, the reporters were even more excited. Of the reporters that were surrounding Luo Lingxing, many of them went to interview Ye Luohan.

After all, compared to Ye Luohan, who was hardly seen out in public, Luo Lingxing didn’t have a high position and there would be many chances to interview him in the future. However, it wasn’t easy to interview Ye Luohan.

Only the reporter from Gossip Entertainment was conflicted. He wanted to interview Ye Luohan but also didn’t seem to want to give up Luo Lingxing.

Although Chen Hongliang didn’t know why Ye Luohan came back to the front, it was now the perfect time to leave. There was only one reporter from Gossip Entertainment blocking their way, which wasn’t difficult to escape from. Chen Hongliang pushed the reporter aside in a matter of seconds, then protected Luo Lingxing as they boarded the car. 

Not far away, Ye Luohan watched Luo Lingxing get into the car before moving his gaze away. He didn’t answer a single of the reporters’ questions and around and coldly left. Because of the fierce aura he exuded, the reporters didn’t dare chase him. 

When they turned around and wanted to find Luo Lingxing again, Luo Lingxing’s figure was already long gone. 

All the reporters: … 

Not long after the premiere of the movie, various comments and discussions over the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ began to flood the internet. 

Fan 1: I went to see the premiere of ‘Interstellar Mecha’ today, and to be honest, this movie was beyond my imagination. It was a hundred times better than I expected. I highly recommend it. 

Fan 2: I also went to the premiere. I’m currently waiting to grab up another ticket. 

Fan 3: I’m also trying to grab. Which theater did you reserve? I’m doing Peony Hall.

Fan 4: I also did Peony Hall. Where are you?

Fan 5: Major General Qin and Du Zixuan are well matched. I thought at first that Major General Qin was going to end up with Du Birou. Truthfully speaking, I don’t really like straight couples, but the ending was really unexpected. Major General Qin and Du Zixuan confessed to each other. I’m really satisfied.

Fan 6: Ahhh, I don’t want any spoilers. I don’t wanna hear it. I wasn’t able to attend the premiere because I’m not in the city right now, so I’m already very sad. I don’t wanna hear spoilers. I want to want it myself. 

Hater 1: Tch. What’s the point of hyping everything up like this? No matter how good you make it sound, a bad movie is a bad movie. A newbie is playing the main supporting role, so how good can the acting be? How good can the movie be? 

Hater 2: Exactly. Don’t boast so much that  your face swells up and hurts later. 

Ye-fan 1: If you guys want to hate on a specific person, then do that directly. Don’t hate on the movie, okay? Which movie that our Male God acted as the main lead in hasn’t gone to box office? If you hate on the movie like this, aren’t you guys afraid of having your face slapped? 

Ye-fan 2: Haters really do have a brain problem. Go where it makes you happy. We’re too lazy to pay attention to you. You really all are so energetic and think you’re someone important, huh?

Fan 2: Haha, these haters have a problem with their IQ. Even the always stoic fans of the Male God have been angered out by you guys. It doesn’t matter how great you guys are. Where there are people, there will always be those who are better. Where there are fans, there will always be fights. Us fans were originally very harmoniously discussing our thoughts about ‘Interstellar Mecha’ but in the end, you haters jumped in to gain a sense of existence. It’s fine if you wanted to make yourselves known, but you even attacked the movie. Aren’t you just seeking death? Look, the fans who, like the Male God, don’t like joining in the fuss have come out in anger. 

The Ye-fans were a magical existence amongst the fans. Other celebrities’ fans would bounce around trying their best to gain a sense of existence. If they heard someone say something bad about their idol, they would immediately  gather all the side accounts and argue to the death with the other person. They would say anything, as if they were degenerating to the humans of the primitive era. These kinds of fans didn’t make their idol look better but drew hate on their idol instead. These were the so-called fans that drew ten haters each. 

As for the Ye-fans, they were all very low-key and had never participated in fights with anyone or any events. Only when there were events involving Ye Luohan would the Ye-fans all come running out. Other than that, everyone would usually ignore the existence of the Ye-fans.

Moreover, once Ye Luohan’s reputation was damaged by other jealous celebrities or fans, the Ye-fans would make their move and definitely make them regret being born into this world. This is how united and powerful the Ye-fans were.

And so, in recent years, there was an unwritten rule within the entertainment industry and the fan circle. That was that no one should ever involve Ye Luohan and Ye Luohan’s works or else who knew how they would die.

Just as the fans and haters were very active, the film critics finally came out. 

Film Critic Zhang Luoshan: I finally finished watching the movie, ‘Interstellar Mecha’. Truthfully speaking, this movie was more exciting than I expected. From when the two youths were innocent playmates to when their feelings developed and they must choose between romance, friendship, and familial emotions. It was all portrayed very well and left a deep impact on the viewer. Moreover, it was very realistic. I believe that many people have experienced this kind of situation before. However, many of those people have a hard time in giving a good resolution to this kind of situation since regardless whether it is family, friendship or love, they were all hard to give up on. Of course, this is just the subplot. Qin Shaohui’s courage and cunningness to advance forward. Du Zixuan’s persistence and tenacity as he was unafraid to work hard and welcome the difficulties. These are all rare characteristics and should be learned by others. The director used exquisite technique, and in a limited time, was able to bring out such a heartfelt performance. It can’t be said that it was carelessly made or unsuccessful. This is a really good film and I highly recommend it!

Film Critic Li Da: There have been a ton of shoddy movies recently, so my frame of mind hasn’t been very good. Truthfully speaking, I feel very bleak about the current world of movies. Numerous directors and actors would, for the sake of getting box office, would not pay attention to the plot. They would just go with the flow, and the films wouldn’t have any novelty or depth, making it easily forgettable. Originally, I wasn’t excited about any of the upcoming movies, but under the strong recommendation of my daughter, I still watched the movie called ‘Interstellar Mecha’. After watching it, I became excited for movies again. Although the world of movies is filled with careless mass production films, there are still directors and actors within the industry who have a conscience. From the production of the film to the actor’s costumes and post-production, it can be seen that the crew was diligent in creating the ‘Interstellar Mecha’. The director was also diligent in filming the movie that he envisioned. And the actors don’t even need to be explained, especially the actor who portrayed Du Zixuan. Although I haven’t seen him much in the past, his acting skills are not inferior to a veteran actor’s. And especially under Ye Luohan’s brilliance, there aren’t many actors he is inferior to. Kids like him are really amazing. His future will be limitless. 

Film Critic XX: …

Film Critic YY: …

Reviews related to the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ came out one after another, and many critics thought very highly of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’. If one said that the fans’ comments were biased toward their idols, then the critics’ comments couldn’t be more fair. They viewed the film from an objective standpoint, and because of this, many passersby who still haven’t watched the movie yet, after seeing these critics’ comments, became interested in the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ and intended to watch it. 

At this moment, the fans of the movie raised their brows and laughed as they watched the haters get their faces ruthlessly slapped. 

Fan 1: Haters, I want to ask if your faces hurt? Is it so swollen that your parents can’t recognize you anymore? 

Fan 2: The previous poster is so mean. You clearly know their faces have been slapped swollen yet you still pour salt on their wounds. 

Fan 3: The haters deserve it. They sprout nonsense when they haven’t even watched it yet, and now they got their faces slapped. Zhang Luoshan and Li Da are well known film critics. Do you dare say that they lied? Especially Li Da. Who doesn’t know that he’s very picky. There have been at least a thousand movies that have been bashed by him, but there haven’t been many movies that have been praised by him. Our ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was praised by Li Da on its premiere day. Doesn’t this show just how good the movie is? 

Hater: Hehe… Is it good just because Li Da praised it? Why don’t you guys say that it’s very good because you guys praised it?

Fan 1: Li Da has screened numerous films for many people. There are so many people who would wait for his review before going to see a movie. If no one agreed with his film reviews, do you think there would be so many people who would wait for him? Do you think everybody is an idiot? There are even directors who, after their movie premieres, all hope that Li Da will write a good review for their film. They are afraid of being bashed and having that affect their box office. 

The fans and haters started another round of arguments, causing more and more people to know about the film ‘Interstellar Mecha’. There were also more and more people who entered the movie theater to support this movie’s box office. 

Meanwhile, all the planets aired the ‘Interstellar Mecha’. It seemed that all the movie theaters were almost full. The attendance rate reached a new high, which was to show how popular this movie was. 

The ‘Interstellar Mecha’ occupied the top of the major charts on the first day of release, especially on the weekly box office list. Although it was already Thursday when the movie was released, it was a black horse and quickly rose to the second rank of the list. The gap to the first ranked ‘Interstellar Wars’ was very small, and there was no doubt that it would catch up within a day. 

From just its name, one could tell that ‘Interstellar Wars’ was also an interstellar movie. This movie was directed by the famous director Yu Changshen, and the movie had already been airing for over a week. When it had first aired, it had a very strong momentum, and it was reported by numerous media outlets to be the best movie of the year. However, after the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was released, all previous reports were like a slap to the face to the ‘Interstellar Wars’.

“What’s going on?” Yu Changsheng angrily asked. 

“Director Qian… Director Qian’s ‘Interstellar Mecha’ premiered today,” a staff member said while trembling. 

Hearing this, Yu Changsheng frowned and said, “What? Didn’t he say that the movie wouldn’t premiere until later?”

“Um… I also don’t know what’s going on?” the staff member whispered back.

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