IMG Chapter 62 Flow Smoothly

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“What is this? Isn’t it just an outline? And I thought he would paint something cool,” Su Lingping curled his lips and said with a sneer.

Although the other actors also thought Luo Lingxing’s work was not up to standards, they didn’t say anything. After all they were all people with experience. It wouldn’t do them any good if they offended anyone.

Although Yang Chuanzhi thought that Luo Lingxing’s little figure was very cute and it fit according to the image of Luo Xiaoqi he had in his heart, something as simple as this just couldn’t meet his expectations.

Of the people present, Zhao Zhuowen was probably the only one amazed by Luo Lingxing’s skills.

“Kid, who taught you how to paint?” Zhao Zhuowen couldn’t help but ask.

In Zhao Zhuowen’s view, to be able to have such strong foundations at such a young age, it must mean that there was an amazing master who taught him.

“Lao Zhao, why didn’t you say anything when you arrived? Sorry for not welcoming you earlier.” When Yang Chuanzhi heard this voice, he turned his head and saw Zhao Zhuowen, the great Chinese painting master he invited.

Zhao Zhuowen simply nodded at Yang Chuanzhi, then refocused his attention to Luo Lingxing.

“Hello, Mr. Zhao. I’m sorry, but I can’t disclose my master’s name. Please forgive me,” Luo Lingxing said politely.

It really wasn’t convenient for him to reveal his master’s name since this was something related to his previous life. He learned how to paint when he was still a prince. More than a thousand years have passed and he had already forgotten his master’s name.

However, his reply had another meaning to Zhao Zhuowen.

In the calligraphy and painting circles, even if a great master takes in a disciple, they won’t publicize it since scholars have their own pride and they don’t care much about frame and profit. Therefore, Zhao Zhuowen completely understood.

“It’s fine. Can you lend me the painting you made for the shoot so that I can appreciate it?” Zhao Zhuowen asked with a smile. All the contempt he originally had in his heart had completely disappeared.

“It would be an honor,” Luo Lingxing replied appropriately.

Yang Chuanzhi and the other actors stood at the side, watching them converse happily. Questions formed in all their heads. Yang Chuanzhi was especially confused. He worried that Zhao Zhuowen would skimp on his responsibilities because he was provoked by Luo Lingxing. However, when he heard their conversion, he didn’t think that anymore.

“Mr. Zhao, I’ll have to trouble you for the painting later,” Yang Chuanzhi said politely.

Zhao Zhuowen waved his hand and said, “There’s no need. You have a good actor here. You just have to wait and see.”

Yang Chuanzhi started filming the last scene with both hesitation and expectation. At first, Luo Xiaoqi was standing in his own courtyard, watching the leaves blow in the wind in the not far distance, and reminiscing the events that happened when he left the palace. Remembering all the friends he met on his trip, he started feeling emotional and couldn’t help but pick up his brush to paint the scene in his mind.

In the beautiful memories, everyone hastily rode their horses while talking and laughing. Even though Luo Xiaoqi didn’t know how to ride, it didn’t affect his good mood. While riding with Yang Fan, he was still able to experience the joy of riding.

The painting flowed smoothly from his mind and gradually came alive on the paper. The image was so lively that it felt like others could see the heroic scene on the spot, as if they could hear the sincere laughter and joy, and become infected by the emotions of the painting.

The scene was supposed to end after the last stroke was finished and Luo Lingxing displayed a heartwarming smile. However, Luo Lingxing placed the brush down and smiled, but he still didn’t hear the director yell for them to stop. It got to the point that his smile started to get stiff.

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