IMG Chapter 63 Shoot Concluded

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“Director,” a staff member cautiously called to Yang Chuanzhi. It was only then that Yang Chuanzhi was shocked back into reality and hastily yelled “cut,” thus ending the scene.

He was shocked by Luo Lingxing’s painting, and he finally understood what Zhao Zhuowen meant when he said “you have a good actor.”

Yang Chuanzhi really felt that he had picked up a treasure. Not only was he a hardworking actor, he was actually able to paint Chinese paintings as well. Moreover, it looked like his skill wasn’t low. Not only will this help his save on the appearance fee for the specialist, more importantly, that painting was exactly what he had wanted.

In this era, the status of those who knew the traditional arts was highly elevated, to the point that they had an even higher status than celebrities. Normally, it would be others searching for these masters to paint or make calligraphy for them, and even if they spend all their riches to hire them, the masters may not necessarily agree. As a result, such a person who could rely on their own arts to gain fame was actually acting in his film. This made Yang Chuanzhi have a sense that all of this wasn’t real.

After all, if you possessed these skills, who would choose to become an exhausted celebrity?

Of course, Luo Lingxing didn’t know about any of this. However, even if he knew, he probably still wouldn’t give up the path of a celebrity since this is also the most effective way to gather Power of Faith.

Of course, he might also find different ways to attract fans at the same time since the more Power of Faith he obtains, the better. Therefore, he wouldn’t abandon any channel that could allow him to obtain Power of Faith, just like how he uploads his foods on Bilibili.

Apart from Yang Chuanzhi’s excitement, there was another person who was even more excited than Director Yang, and that was Zhao Zhuowen. 

Scholars didn’t care much about the rich or powerful. Nor do they care about the famous or the superstars that others admire. The only thing they cared about was those who were skilled in their profession. As long as someone had the skills to shock them, they deserved respect.

Although he didn’t participate in the scene this time, he was still able to encounter such an extraordinary youth. He thought it well worth it and considered himself very lucky.

“Kid, can you show me your painting?” Zhao Zhuowen felt a bit embarrassed about going up and asking him since he didn’t even know the youth’s name.

“Mr. Zhao, if you don’t mind, I can give it to you as a gift,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. He could tell that this elder man truly wanted this painting, and to him, this painting was something that was easily accomplished. Since someone had wanted the painting, he might as well give it away.

“Good child.” Zhao Zhuowen straightforwardly smiled and gave Luo Lingxing a pat on the back. Afterwards, his gaze fell intently on the painting.

Yang Chuanzhi stood to the side, staring at the painting as well. In fact, he also wanted to ask to have the painting for his collection, but he was a step too slow, and now he didn’t dare ask for it from Mr. Zhao.

However, after thinking about it some more, he realized that Luo Lingxing was an actor in his crew. It should be okay to ask for a painting from him. Thereafter, Yang Chuanzhi started to secretly consider when to ask Luo Lingxing to make a painting for him. He would definitely take it home and hang it up in his collection. No matter what angle he viewed the painting, it was much better than the ones they sold on the market. 

Luo Lingxing didn’t even know he was being plotted against. All he knew was that his scene concluded and that he could go back and rest for a while.

But when Su Lingping witnessed this, he secretly gritted his teeth and glared at Luo Lingxing with hate. When did Luo Lingxing learn how to paint Chinese paintings? Why didn’t he know anything about it? Moreover, it looked like his skills in this art weren’t low. He was such a lucky bastard to be able to get praise from the great Master Zhao.

Since Luo Lingxing wasn’t the protagonist, even if his scenes were finished, the others still had to continue their filming. Because of this reason, the crew weren’t able to hold a going-away party for him, lest they delay their filming schedule. In the end, Yang Chuanzhi gave Luo Lingxing a huge red envelope1 for concluding his scenes and invited him to the wrap up party when everything was finished being filmed.

During this whole time and until Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang left the set, Chen Hongliang was dazed.

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  1. Red envelopes are filled with money and usually given during lunar new years or special events. It’s given for good luck. ↩︎

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