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Luo Lingxing was very considerate and didn’t disturb Chen Hongliang’s thoughts. However, Chen Hongliang clearly had no plans to let Luo Lingxing go. Once he regained his senses, he immediately turned to look at Luo Lingxing.

“Xiao Luo, you can actually paint Chinese paintings. When did you learn it? How come you didn’t tell me about it before?” Chen Hongliang asked with a heartbroken expression.

If he had known that this kid had this kind of skill, he wouldn’t have to worry about finding roles, and they wouldn’t have been shelved from the industry for over a year. All the bullying that they had suffered by the company was for nothing.

“You never asked me,” Luo Lingxing blinked innocently and replied, indicating that he wasn’t the one at fault.

Chen Hongliang didn’t know what to say to that. Wasn’t this common knowledge? Those who  had these skills would normally be eager to spread the news. Even if their skills weren’t amazing, as long as they had some skill in these crafts, you’d be able to boast about it. Who knew the person under him could be so amazing. Even though he did have the skill, he didn’t hint at it at all. So much time and resources were wasted.

However, after considering it some more, it seemed to be within reason. Usually those who possessed skills at Luo Lingxing’s level were proud and disdained publicity. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many masters who silently study their arts, and not seeking fame or wealth.

“Forget it. I won’t squabble with you about this. However, in the future, if you have any other skills, you have to inform me immediately,” Chen Hongliang warned.

“Mm,” Luo Lingxing replied. However, he didn’t take it to heart since this wasn’t a huge deal to him.

Luo Lingxing wasn’t a native of this era, so he was unable to understand the emotions of the people of this era. To the people of his era, the Four Arts1 were a necessary skill. That’s why he didn’t think this was something to show off about.

For Luo Lingxing who only had a Grade D body, having to live outside for two weeks to film had already exhausted his body. If not for his strong willpower, he might have collapsed a long time ago.

Now that he wrapped up his scenes, Luo Lingxing wasn’t able to hold on any longer. All he wanted to do was go home and sleep for two days straight. He had been exhausted for so long that he couldn’t even feel his exhaustion any more.

As expected, this body was still too weak, Luo Lingxing thought to himself with a laugh.

Another person had the same thought as him and it was Chen Hongliang.

Chen Hongliang saw Luo Lingxing’s exhausted appearance and frowned with a trace of distress in his heart, but he still said, “You need to exercise your body. You don’t have a lot of jobs right now. If it continues on like this, then you definitely won’t be able to bear it in the future, and it’ll affect future shoots,” Chen Hongliang warned.

“Brother Chen, please help me arrange a fitness program,” Luo Lingxing said weakly.

“You need to rest for a few days first. I’ll create a training plan for you as soon as possible.” Chen Hongliang helped Luo Lingxing onto the hover car, then headed towards Xian Villa.

Once in his room, Luo Lingxing acted as if he saw his relative when he saw his bed. He climbed onto it and refused to move. The soft and comfortable bed felt like he was snuggled in his mom’s embrace. He was so comfortable that he immediately entered dreamland. He wouldn’t have noticed even if someone had entered his room.

Just as he thought, his energy didn’t return until he had slept for two days straight. After that, he felt alive again.

“Aunt Lin,” Luo Lingxing headed downstairs and greeted.

“Xiao Luo, you’re awake. Are you hungry? I’ll make you something to eat now,” Aunt Lin said with a smile as she saw Luo Lingxing bound down the stairs full of energy.

Two days ago, she was terrified when she saw a stranger half drag Xiao Luo inside. She thought something had happened, but that stranger kept saying that Luo Lingxing was like this because he was tired. However, she was still worried and immediately gave the young master a call.

It was the first time she saw the young master rush back so urgently. Moreover, he visited Luo Lingxing’s room as soon as he got back. It looked like the young master cared a lot for the young madam.

And over the next two days, the young master didn’t leave the house. Even though he didn’t say anything, she still knew that he was worried about the young madam.

She felt that there was nothing better than seeing the young master and young madam living in harmony.

“Xiao Luo, young master, you guys talk first. I’ll cook for you two right away.”

Aunt Lin walked into the kitchen with a huge smile on her face, leaving behind a puzzled Luo Lingxing and a calm Han Junzhan.

“Junzhan,” Luo Lingxing called out in greeting.

Han Junzhan nodded, but kept his eyes on Luo Lingxing’s body, making Luo Lingxing feel a bit uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Lingxing had no choice but to ask.

“Your body is too weak,” Han Junzhan calmly said, his brows furrowing unnoticeably.

Luo Lingxing didn’t say anything since he also thought that his body was too weak. He was already at the Foundation Establishment Stage, yet his body was still extremely delicate. If this continued, it would cause him a lot of problems later.

“I will exercise more in the future,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Ordinary exercise methods won’t improve your body constitution,” Han Junzhan said. It was rare for him to speak so many words at once.

When he heard this, Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but frown. He understood a bit about the grades of bodies in this world. He knew that in this world, one’s body grade could be detected at birth. One’s body grade wasn’t decided by genetics and even though it may seem impossible to change, it could be improved, though it is extremely difficult.

He was able to upgrade from Grade E to Grade D in a year all because his original body was Grade C. His grade fell because he was injured, but if he continued to recuperate, and along with exercise, there was still a possibility to return to his original grade. However, if he wanted to upgrade his body further than that, it would be difficult.

However, Grade C was not his goal. If he wanted to restore his previous cultivation, a Grade C body would not be able to support it.

“Do you have a way to improve your body’s grade?” Luo Lingxing couldn’t help asking.

“There are ways, but you wouldn’t be able to endure it,” Han Junzhan said.

“How would you know if we don’t try?” Luo Lingxing wasn’t angry. In fact, he was secretly ecstatic because other than currently using spiritual foods to strengthen his body, he didn’t have a system that could create a fitness program for him. If Han Junzhan provided an effective program, he would be very grateful to him.

Han Junzhan intently stared at Luo Lingxing, his lip curving slightly, and said, “If you want to try, come to the military district with me.”

Luo Lingxing thought for a moment, then said “I have class tomorrow. Can I go after class?”

He was very excited about training, however, he had already missed numerous classes because of his film shoot. He wasn’t familiar with these courses to begin with, so if he continued to miss class, his grades would take a huge nosedive.

Luo Lingxing knew that his own requirements were a bit too much, but he couldn’t let either his grades or training slip, so he was at a bit of a loss.

In the end, he didn’t expect Han Junzhan to stay silent, only giving a nod in reply.

This was the best response. Luo Lingxing didn’t hold back and gave Han Junzhan a huge smile full of gratitude. 

Han Junzhan awkwardly turned his head, and facing a corner of the room that no one could see, his ears were stained in blush.

After Luo Lingxing returned to the school, he crazily started to make up his classes. Even if he had a strong learning ability and a good memory, he was still lacking in a lot of knowledge since the knowledge system of this world is drastically different from the world he came to. His current knowledge base probably couldn’t even compare to an elementary student’s.

Hahh… Some things can’t be done even if you are diligent. Luo Lingxing even considered asking Chen Hongliang to find a private tutor to give him supplementary classes. However, once he remembered that his after class time was dedicated to exercising, he got a headache.

In the past, time didn’t mean anything to him. There were even times when he had entered closed cultivation for decades. And now, he could only wish that one minute was turned into two minutes that he could use. He felt a bit melancholy.

When the school bell rang, Luo Lingxing consolidated his mood, grabbed his backpack, and left the school. Today was his first day of training in the military district. He wondered what the military district of this world was like.

“Young master Luo, over here.” Zhang Xuan excitedly waved to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing caught sight of Han Junzhan as soon as he exited the school gates. The reason was because their car was parked directly in front of the school gates. It was hard not to notice it.

“Get in,” Han Junzhan said to Luo Lingxing, then slowly raised the window back up. Afterwards, he opened the car.

“What are you doing here?” Luo Lingxing was mildly surprised. He originally planned to have Chen Hongliang drive him. He didn’t expect Han Junzhan to come here instead.

“Just passing by,” Han Junzhan said, not saying a word more than needed.

Zhang Xuan, who was sitting up front, couldn’t help but twitch his lip. It was obvious that from Major General Han’s home, the military district and the school were in opposite directions. The only way they could pass by here is if they took numerous twists and turns. It was obvious that the Major General specially came to the school to pick him up.

However, he didn’t dare say these words out loud. Otherwise, he would definitely get extra training when they returned.

“Oh.” Luo Lingxing didn’t say anything else and just picked up his notes from today’s class and studied them. He still hadn’t fully comprehended some of the theory. Mathematics was especially difficult for him.

Han Junzhan casted a covet glance to Luo Lingxing’s notebook and saw formulas written on there. When he saw Luo Lingxing furrow his brows like he was thinking very hard, he leaned against Luo Lingxing without thinking, and pointed to one of the formulas and started explaining it.

The car shook violently and brought Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing who were immersed in teaching and listening back to reality. Han Junzhan cast an icy glare to Zhang Xuan in the front seat. Zhang Xuan immediately felt cold sweat coming from his body.

“The roads aren’t smooth here, that’s why we shook a bit. I promise there won’t be a second time,” Zhang Xuan hurriedly said, then quickly focused all his attention back to driving.

God knows that this was the most advanced hover car. As long as you entered the route, there was no actual need for a human to drive it. Therefore, the car shaking couldn’t have happened. Earlier, he had accidently pressed one of the car’s buttons, and that’s what had caused the shaking.

However, this kind of situation couldn’t entirely be blamed on him. Anyone who saw the cold-hearted Major General patiently explain the school problems to a student would have this kind of reaction.

Zhang Xuan stealthily looked through the rearview mirror to see the situation in the backseat. The shock in his heart didn’t decrease, and in fact, his eyes widened the more he saw.

He unexpectedly saw the expressionless Major General curl his lips. Although it was only a small curve, it was still a smile. The Major General was actually smiling. This was more miraculous than the eight wonders of the world!

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  1. China’s four arts are guqin, Chinese Go, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese painting. In the past, you were basically considered uneducated if you didn’t know all four. ↩︎

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