IMG Chapter 61 I Can Paint

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“This is the last scene, Xiao Luo. You just have to pretend and we’ll have a substitute finish the painting later,” Yang Chuanzhi said to Luo Lingxing.

Usually, when a scene needs calligraphy or Chinese painting1, they would use a professional calligrapher or artist to complete the product. Actors aren’t omnipotent, after all.

“Director Yang, what do we need to paint for this last scene? I can give it a try?” Luo Lingxing asked with a smile. If he can do something himself, he usually doesn’t like troubling others. Especially if it was just painting something.

Yang Chuanzhi displayed a shocked expression when he heard this. He clearly didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to say this and casually asked, “You can paint? You’re able to paint ancient paintings using a brush?”

Because of the rapid development of science and technology, many ancient skills weren’t passed down and were lost. If you wanted to find someone who could actually do calligraphy or paint using the ancient style, it would be harder than climbing the heavens. Even if a person had their system help them, the finished product would usually only be barely passable. And although it’s only that this mediocre level, numerous large film sets will still fight over them since other people would only have worse skills.

The calligraphers Yang Chuanzhi invited this time were very well known, and generally had high appearance fees. Moreover, with how arrogant and lofty these scholars are, it was usually hard to invite them to work. He even had to use his connections to get the scholars to agree this time. That’s why he thought that even if Luo Lingxing could paint, he wouldn’t be as good as the calligrapher.

Luo Lingxing smiled and didn’t say anything, but he hinted to Chen Hongliang to grab a brush and paper. After all, showing is always better than telling, right?

When everyone saw Luo Lingxing’s actions, they knew that he was going to paint on set. They all dropped what they were doing and surrounded him. However, most merely came to watch the excitement.

“Not everyone can paint Chinese paintings well. If you draw a couple strokes and call that a Chinese painting, wouldn’t that be insulting?” Su Lingping’s voice sounded out with hints of a sneer.

He finally had a chance to mock Luo Lingxing, so how could Su Lingping miss this chance?

Although the others didn’t speak, they clearly didn’t have much optimism for Luo Lingxing. After all, this skill is considered a relatively advanced skill in China, and very few people knew the skill and they were considered national treasures. And those that practice it must have tens of years of experience before they are confident enough to show their work. Yet how old was Luo Lingxing? He only just turned nineteen. Even if he had started practicing as soon as he was born, his skills still wouldn’t be up to standard.

Of the people in the audience, Zhao Zhuowen was amongst them. He is the specialist Yang Chuanzhi invited to arrange the finishing touches on Luo Xiaoqi’s painting. He was sixty-nine years old, and if it wasn’t for a favor for a friend, he wouldn’t have joined this set. However, as soon as he arrived, he heard a child say that he didn’t need anyone to help him with the painting, and that he could do it himself. He thought it was funny, so he came over to see which child was so brazen and arrogant. 

However, when he saw Luo Lingxing paint a stroke on the drawing paper, his expression became serious and his eyes fixed on the drawing paper, scared that he might miss any small action.

After the brush landed numerous times, an outline of a small person appeared on the drawing paper. Although it was only a line outline, the small person’s expressions and actions could be clearly seen. The slightly prideful expression, the pureness revealed in his eyes, and his tasteful Chinese robes were all clearly seen.

For those who didn’t understand, this could be considered crude graffiti, but to someone who actually understood the art, it was very shocking.

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  1. Brush paintings that sometimes accompany Chinese proses. Google Chinese paintings to see more examples. They’re very pretty. ↩︎

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