IMG Chapter 60 Stunning Everyone

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Thereafter, Sun Lingyan hastily walked to Yang Chuanzhi’s side and softly said, “Director Yang, I’m terribly sorry. Xiao Ping doesn’t know why his whole body suddenly felt itchy either. I want to have him checked out at the hospital so that he’ll be more energetic for tomorrow’s shoot.”

Yang Chuanzhi also saw Su Lingping’s condition, impatiently waved his hand, and said, “Go ahead. Try and get back before tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Once Su Lingping received a reply, he quickly left with Su Lingping. They wouldn’t be able to show their faces anymore if they continued to embarrass themselves. 

“It must be retribution,” Chen Hongliang saw Sun Lingyan and Su Lingping hastily leave and couldn’t help whisper.

Time quickly passed, and by now, Luo Lingxing has already gotten used to starting and ending work early. Everything was fine except his body frequently feeling weak. And after Su Lingping’s itching outbreak, he had become a lot more well-behaved. 

Almost two weeks after Luo Lingxing joined the set, all that’s left were the final touches of the film before he could return to the school.

“Xiao Luo, go change and get ready. Today, we’re filming Luo Xiaoqi’s return to the palace,” Director Yang said to Luo Xiaoqi.

Luo Xiaoqi’s return to the palace is this role’s last scene. Luo Xiaoqi will be done after this scene.

Luo Lingxing entered the changing room to see the makeup artist handing him an extravagant outfit. Although Luo Xiaoqi usually wears luxurious outfits, this outfit was so luxurious that it could be compared to the clothing inside the palace. Therefore, Luo Xiaoqi’s last outfit was so gorgeous that it was blinding.

It was especially noticeable after Luo Lingxing finished changing and reemerged. His brilliance was so bright that the people at the site all wished they could wear sunglasses.

“My God! Xiao Luo, you’re so amazing. This outfit suits you so well. I feel like I’m seeing a real prince,” the makeup artist marveled.

“I don’t think anyone suits this outfit better than Xiao Luo. The outfit was custom-made for him. Wait, let me take a few more shots.”

The sound of the camera’s “click” endlessly sounded as everyone hustled to take photos of Luo Lingxing, knowing that today was Xiao Luo’s last day. Seeing him in the future will be very hard.

“Alright, Xiao Luo, come here. I’ll do your makeup now. You’ll shock the outside people to death once they see you,” the makeup artist said to Luo Lingxing. Looking at the left and right side of his face, she didn’t know how to put makeup on him. She felt that makeup would ruin his beauty.

In the end, the makeup artist put on some foundation, a little eye makeup, and some lip gloss before letting Luo Lingxing leave.

Yang Chuanzhi was originally directing another group of actors for the next scene, but he was frozen stiff when he saw Luo Lingxing appear, and shouted to shoot Luo Xiaoqi’s scene first. 

“This is amazing. I’m flowing with inspiration! Quickly come and prepare. We’re going to shoot Xiaoqi’s scene first.” Yang Chuanzhi arranged the location of the cameras and lights, intending to finish shooting Luo Xiaoqi’s scenes first.

Luo Xiaoqi had sneaked out of the palace. For the imperial brothers who treasured their youngest brother, Luo Xiaoqi’s disappearance was a huge deal. They sent out numerous guards to find him and bring him back.

Luo Xiaoqi knew that he acted willfully this time, so he didn’t resist and obediently followed the guards back to the palace. However, he would always remember in his heart the friends he met on this trip. Everything that happened in this period of time will also turn into beautiful memories. Even after he returns to the palace, he will often fondly think of these memories.

Fearing that the memories would start to blur, Luo Xiaoqi wrote down everything he experienced, so that he could always remember them. And in Luo Xiaoqi’s final scene, he was sitting in his courtyard, watching the fallen leaves of the surrounding trees. This final scene was the one that left the most profound impression on the viewers.

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