IMG Chapter 59 Scattering Itchy Powder

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“Compete? In what?” Little Prince Luo’s pride didn’t allow him to admit defeat.

“You must be able to protect the sect leader if you’re following him. So, let’s compete in martial arts.” Lin Ping clearly knew that Luo Xiaoqi had no martial arts skills, but he still made this request.

Little Prince Luo calmly glanced at Lin Ping and agreed to have the competition now.

Lin Ping showed a determined to win smile that evoked bad feelings when others saw it. He grabbed the sword and slashed it towards Luo Xiaoqi.

Su Lingping’s martial arts was taught by the martial arts instructor and perfected by the system’s martial arts skill setting. Since Luo Lingxing didn’t have a system, he had to dodge using his own skills. Doing it like this, he wasn’t able to control his actions to the exact precision as a system would be able to do. That means he could incur unnecessary injuries because he dodged too early or too late. 

It was exactly this reason that Su Lingping was bold enough to directly injure Luo Lingxing since he didn’t place this kind of perfect opportunity on Luo Lingxing’s body. This was simply killing two birds with one stone.

However, what surprised Su Lingping and the others was that Luo Lingxing dodged perfectly and at the exactly right moment like he was being guided by a system. This gave Su Lingping no opportunity and he slowly started to get irritated.

Luo Lingxing had been quietly observing Su Lingping’s expressions. When he saw that the time was about right, he secretly grabbed a slow acting itchy powder from his space and directly threw the powder on the other person’s body while he dodged1.

The slow acting itchy powder was created in Luo Lingxing’s previous world when he was bored. As the name “itchy powder” implies, it is something that will make others feel itchy. And this slow acting itchy powder will naturally delay the start of the effect. This way, Su Lingping could be taught a lesson without delaying the film shoot.

In the end, Luo Xiaoqi used some sort of powder he took out from the palace to make Lin Ping’s body paralyzed and stop Lin Ping’s actions, thus ending this one-sided competition.

As the little prince, how could Luo Xiaoqi dare wander the world alone without having some sort of protective item on his body?

“Cut! Good! This scene passes. Prepare for the next one,” Yang Chuanzhi said to everyone.

When Luo Lingxing got off the set, Chen Hongliang rushed to his side and whispered, “How are you? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile, the corners of his mouth slightly curved. He calmly glanced at Su Lingping and saw that he was fine. Whatever happens next will have nothing to do with him.

Sure enough, the effects of the itchy powder arose. Su Lingping felt like his body was crawling with ants. He was so itchy that he couldn’t bear it. At first, only his hand itched, so he scratched it. However, his face, chest, belly, back and the rest of his body started itching as well. His agents and assistant even helped him scratch, but it only became more itchy. It was so unbearable that he  wanted to disregard his image and start rolling on the ground.

“It’s so itchy. Why is it so itchy?” Su Lingping yelled as he scratched.

Others curiously watched Su Lingping’s shameful actions as he scratched in all sorts of postures. He looked so itchy that it was painful and others felt that it was quite funny. However, no one laughed out right. And if they did so in their hearts, who would know?

Upon seeing this Su Lingping’s agent, Sun Lingyan, knew that he wouldn’t be able to continue filming in his condition. It would be best if he went to the hospital or else his skin wouldn’t be injured from all the scratching. It’s fine if his body got injured, but if his face was scarred, he wouldn’t be able to film anymore. They would just switch him out directly. 

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  1. If anyone is confused, basically the script had the little prince throw powder at SLP anyways, but LLX changed the stage powder to his own itchy powder. ↩︎

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