IMG Chapter 58 Morning Routine

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“This actor looks a bit familiar, but I can’t recall where. Let me think.”

“The post creator should hurry up and give us the actor’s information. I want to lick and follow my little prince.”

“Isn’t it just a promotional photo? Even if the photos are good, that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to act the little prince properly. I feel that no one can properly portray my cute and adorable little prince.”

“The actors these days scheme too much. The little prince is pure and naive. Will he be able to act him out? I’m worried.”

“I have the same concern.”

“What are you worried about? I can tell he’ll act well just by looking at this promotional photo. Just wait and see. We’ll be able to see our little prince in real life soon.”

“I remember now. Isn’t this little cutie that child star, Su Lingxing? I heard Su Lingxing left the entertainment industry. Why did he accept another role?”

“Su Lingxing? Isn’t he the one without a system? That’s impossible. I’ve seen his other promotional photos before and they were all a bit different than this one.”

“Su Lingxing? I’m suddenly not looking forward to it anymore. Everyone knows Su Lingxing doesn’t have a system. How can someone like that properly portray the little prince? I don’t understand what the director was thinking when he cast the role.”

“Director, hurry up and change the actor. I don’t want my little prince to be ruined by poor acting TaT”

”It should be alright. When Su Lingxing acted in the past, he also didn’t have a system and he didn’t do too badly. You just reject him outright just because he doesn’t have a celebrity system. He was chosen because his skills surpassed the other candidates.”

“Is that my Susu? My Susu is finally taking on another role. Thank god I didn’t give up hope. I can finally see my Susu again. Sob sob sob…”

“Su’s Fan, get lost. A person without a celebrity system won’t get far in the entertainment industry. He should just quit the industry as soon as possible.”

“Child stars don’t have systems. However, they act in simpler roles so it’s okay if they don’t have one. Su Lingxing can’t act in simple roles forever. He’ll never get popular that way.”

“I’m a crew member and I have in possession of numerous photos of the little prince, and they’re all beautiful. I just didn’t post them. Moreover, the little prince’s acting is amazing. It’s exactly how I imagined the little prince. Don’t be so surprised when the film airs. The face slap might hurt.”

“The poster from before, you must be acting, right? Do you think we’ll believe you just because you said you’re a crew member? Do you think we’re idiots?”

“…” There were all sorts of comments. Some complimented, some criticized, and others fought about their ideals.

Luo Lingxing’s film hasn’t finished being filmed yet, but it has already attracted a lot of attention. However, no one knows if this is a good thing or bad thing.

However, it was obvious to everyone that Luo Lingxing had the acting skills. That’s why the photographer, director, and the others pretended not to see the comments about Luo Lingxing not having a system. Once the film airs, those criticisms will disappear.

For comments like those, the best way to make them shut up is through brute strength.

Regarding Luo Lingxing changing his name, they weren’t the least bit concerned about this. Besides, there were numerous celebrities in the entertainment industry who didn’t use their real name. Therefore, this wasn’t anything important.

Filming was hard work. You often had to wake up early for work and didn’t finish work until late at night. And some days, you can only sleep a couple hours a night.

Just after five o’clock in the morning, Luo Lingxing was woken up by Chen Hongliang’s morning call.

“Wake up. Work is about to start. I’m coming to pick you up now,” Chen Hongliang said through the video call.

“Mhn… I got it,” Luo Lingxing couldn’t even open his eyes and replied in a daze. Only he knows if he heard clearly or not.

When Chen Hongliang arrived at Luo Lingxing’s room, he saw him nestled in the bed. Only then did he realize that he (LLX) didn’t hear a word he said earlier.

“Xiao Luo, get up!” Chen Hongliang shouted at Luo Lingxing. This was definitely his first time waking Luo Lingxing up, so he didn’t know his morning habits, and this led to what happened next…

“Bang!” The sound of something large fell and a scream rang out.

Luo Lingxing sleepily struggled on top of the bed for a while before finally releasing the warm blanket. However, he still felt very tired.

If this was his previous life, he would be energetic even if he didn’t rest for a couple days and nights. However, his current cultivation level is very low. Moreover, after coming to his world, he discovered that sleeping is a very pleasant thing, so he likes to sleep. Even if he’s able to stay up all night in the future, he probably won’t be happy.

Luo Lingxing rubbed his eyes, wanting to get out of bed. When his leg stretched off the bed, he felt that he stepped on something soft and warm. Since he wasn’t fully awake, his senses were also dulled.

“Why is the floor so soft today?” Luo Lingxing muttered in a low voice.

Luo. Ling. Xing. Take your feet off of me!” Chen Hongliang tried his best to endure his anger. He endured it again and again until finally, he wasn’t able to suppress it anymore.

God knows what bad luck he has. He was just trying to get Luo Lingxing out of bed. This is part of the basic job description for an agent. He’s witnessed numerous celebrities with strange morning habits, but he’s never met one like Luo Lingxing before.

He first gave him a punch that almost made him roll on the ground and howl. He (LLX) clearly was a weak and frail youth, so how come his punch was so hard?

In the end, his pain finally eased a bit and as he was about to get up, he was treated by the other person like a carpet. Most importantly, he clearly felt that something was amiss, yet he still used his foot to trample him.

He’s a human, not carpet! Chen Hongliang felt that he had miserable luck today.

Luo Lingxing heard his agent’s voice and sluggishly looked down. “Why are you lying on the ground?” he asked suspiciously. 

When Chen Hongliang heard his words, he was suddenly so pissed he wanted to spit out blood! Who’s fault was it that he was like this? However, when he saw Luo Lingxing’s blank expression, he couldn’t bear to blame him.

Sigh… Forget it. Xiao Luo didn’t do it on purpose. He still needed to learn more about Xiao Luo for the future.

“I’m fine. Hurry up and get up. We need to get something to eat before work starts,” Chen Hongliang rubbed his injured spot then reminded Luo Lingxing.

“Oh,” Luo Lingxing replied obediently. He has always been very dedicated to his work.

Today’s filming schedule was packed as usual. Although he didn’t have many scenes, he still needed to stay on set all day just like the main leads so that he’s available if he needs to appear in any scenes.

After Luo Xiaoqi left the palace and met Yang Fan, he was practically always by Yang Fan’s side. You could say that he was a bystander to everything that happens in the future. However, because of this exact reason, he attracted a lot of jealousy, especially from those who wanted to follow the sect leader. 

Everyone knew that Luo Xiaoqi was the child of the rich who didn’t know any martial arts. He was able to live till now because of Yang Fan’s protection. Otherwise, he would’ve become a soul under someone’s sword. He was clearly someone without any merits, yet he was able to obtain Yang Fan’s trust and protection. This left numerous people who wanted to follow Yang Fan unsatisfied. One of those unsatisfied people is the character Su Lingping plays, Lin Ping.

Lin Ping was also saved by Yang Fan. At that time, he swore to follow Yang Fan for the rest of his life. When he saw Yang Fan save Luo Xiaoqi and treat him well, he felt jealous.

They were obviously both saved by him, yet why was Luo Xiaoqi treated so well while he went by unnoticed? Moreover, besides being handsome, Luo Xiaoqi had no other merits. His martial arts skills couldn’t even compare to his (LP).

As the jealousy deepened, a day finally came when Lin Ping used Yang Fan’s absence to ruthlessly teach Luo Xiaoqi a lesson and show him his place.

Su Lingping was really looking forward to this scene since he’ll be able to teach Luo Lingxing a lesson in front of everyone, and they wouldn’t be able to say anything. He’ll show Luo Lingxing that deciding to join this film was the biggest mistake he made in his life. It would be best if he didn’t participate in more films in the future.

“Everyone get ready, Action!”

Lin Ping pointed his sword at Luo Xiaoqi and said with disdain, “You have no martial arts skill. You’ll only hold the sect leader back if you stay by his side. If you know your place, you should get lost!”

Who was Luo Xiaoqi? He was a little prince who had been spoiled by the emperor, empress, and his princely brothers. He’s been proud since young and he’s never had a sword pointed at him before. His pride personality came out and he slightly lifted his chin. He looked at Lin Ping like he was looking at an ant and said, “Brother Yang hadn’t chased me away, so what right do you have?”

Luo Xiaoqi’s tone was filled with pride and contempt. It was the kind of aura that had been cultivated from growing up in a lofty environment. A normal person wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

Su Lingping saw Luo Lingxing looking down on him and momentarily forgot that they were acting. He became so furious that he pointed the sword at Luo Lingxing, wanting to stab him.

“Ah!” Many actors who were watching the filming screamed out. Even the Director was so anxious that forgot to yell out “cut.” However, Luo Lingxing easily stepped aside and dodged the deadly sword.

“Su Lingping, what the heck are you doing? You’re supposed to be acting, not actually attempting assassination. Would you be able to take responsibility if he actually got hurt?” Yang Chuanzhi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Luo Lingxing dodge the sword. However, when he saw Su Lingping, he was filled with so much anger that he couldn’t help but vent.

“I’m sorry,” Su Lingping could only apologize. However, his gaze was still full of malice when he looked at Luo Lingxing.

“We’re redoing the scene!” Yang Chuanzhi said with an ugly expression.

Su Lingping was very irritated for not succeeding in accidentally stabbing him. However, he remembered that he’ll have more chances in the future. If Luo Lingxing was injured while they were acting, then it would be because he didn’t act well. He (SLP) couldn’t be blamed.

“Do you have the guts to compete with me? If you lose, you have to leave the sect leader’s side! Of course, if you’re too scared, then tell me. I won’t force you,” Lin Ping taunted. 

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