IMG Chapter 57 Easily Fatigued

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“Is your body alright? Why are you so exhausted? Chen Hongliang sensed that something was wrong. Although the other celebrities were also fatigued, they weren’t in as bad of a condition as Luo Lingxing.

My body dropped to a Grade D, and is easily tired. However, I’ll be fine after I rest for a bit.” Luo Lingxing had no plans on hiding it from Chen Hongliang since he is his agent, after all. If his agent knows of his condition, he’ll be able to arrange work that’s more suitable for the condition of his (LLX) body.

Chen Hongliang wrinkled his brows when he heard this and said, “I remember your body used to be a Grade C. How did it lower to a Grade D in just a year?”

Luo Lingxing simply told Chen Hongliang what happened a year ago. Although he didn’t go into details, Chen Hongliang was still scared witless when he heard. No wonder he disappeared for a year. It’s all because he experienced something like that. 

Chen Hongliang now held even more admiration for this strong-willed young man. If a young man could achieve something of that degree, then how could a grown man like him fall behind? 

“The filming might be more hectic tomorrow. You should head back and get a good rest today,” Chen Hongliang advised after he dropped him off at the hotel the crew were staying at.

“Mm, I will.”

“You…” Chen Hongliang paused, then finally said, “Once this filming shoot is over, I’ll arrange a fitness class for you. You must exercise your body so that you can act in more films in the future.”

Luo Lingxing nodded his head, stating that he understood. He was currently so tired that he didn’t even want to speak. Chen Hongliang saw his condition and didn’t bother him any longer. The thing he wanted to say the most ended up being never said. Forget it. Let them do what they want for now. Once the drama airs, those people will understand.

After Chen Hongliang left, Luo Lingxing took out a carrot from his space. This was, of course, a spiritual item. He didn’t have the energy to turn it into a spiritual food, so he ate it as is. He felt the weak spiritual energy spread throughout his whole body. The once aching muscles gradually relaxed. If he didn’t do this, it would probably be very difficult for him to get out of bed tomorrow.

After feeling a bit stronger, Luo Lingxing forced himself to wash up and change. If he doesn’t, he’ll definitely sleep uncomfortably tonight.

Luo Lingxing immediately fell asleep after showering, so he didn’t notice the white light that revolved around his body. Moreover, this light gradually became denser.

At that moment, the assistant director, screenwriter, and the photographer were discussing tomorrow’s filming shoot in the Director’s room. The photographer felt bored and opened up Weibo. He wanted to see what everyone posted today. When he opened it, he was flooded with all the notifications. He was shocked by all the tags and comments he received. He was so shocked that he couldn’t hold back his shriek.

“What’s wrong?” The directors who were discussing the film were attracted to the sound.

“Check out the official Weibo and look at the post that was just posted today,” the photographer said as he read the comments.

Everyone thought about Luo Lingxing’s promotional photos that were released today on Weibo. Did a problem happen with the photos? With this thought, they also hastily opened Weibo.

“Wow… Who’s this little cutie in the picture? So beautiful. I’m going to lick my screen…”

“I’m also begging for this cutie’s name. He’s too beautiful in that prince outfit. This is how I imagined a prince to look like.”

“Wow… He’s actually acting as Little Prince Luo. I was worried they would horribly portray and ruin Little Prince Luo, but now that I’ve seen this, I’m relieved. He’s too beautiful!”

“This little prince is too amazing. May I ask which actor is playing the little prince?”

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