IMG Chapter 56 The Return of the Male God

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“I was passing by so I thought I’d come take a look,” Ye Luohan said in a cool tone. His eyes, which were hidden by the sunglasses, quickly glanced at the people around him, then finally landed on a certain person for a couple of seconds before he retrieved his gaze again. 

“I know you wouldn’t make a special trip here just to visit my workplace,” Meng Lianggu grumbled, but everyone could hear that he didn’t really have any intention to complain. 

“My god, it turns out the male god is here to visit our set. We’re very lucky to be in the same film crew as God Meng1.”

“Yep. Rumor has it that film king Meng2 is good friends with the male god. I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“All I care about right now is advancing forward and getting an autograph. I wonder if I’ll be able to get one?”

“The male god hasn’t appeared on screen in a long time. Do you think he’ll pick up a new drama now that he’s back?”

“I think God Meng should ask this question.”


Whether Meng Lianggu actually heard these girls’ conversation or maybe it was for another reason, but he unexpectedly asked, “Han, now that you’re back, are you planning on accepting a drama role?”

Everyone on the scene waited in bated breath for Ye Luohan’s reply. Even those usually self-important female celebrities were as nervous as young girls who would chase celebrities.

“You could say that,” Ye Luohan calmly replied. However, these four words were enough to cause the people on the scene to scream once more. Even some of the female celebrities couldn’t hold back.

What did it mean for Ye Luohan to come back and accept drama roles? It meant that some female celebrities would be able to act with him. Even if they aren’t directly acting with him, as long as they’re on the same crew, they’ll be happy. Even if they weren’t compensated, numerous female celebrities would still be willing to act in the drama. Every single one of the male god’s films were extremely popular, after all.

For the ordinary fans, it meant so much more.

“The male god is coming back. I’m so, so happy. I’ll be able to lick1They are not really licking their screens, although some crazy fans might. It just means they love the person in whatever they are watching so much my screen again in the future.”

“I recently rewatched all of the male god’s old films. Now I’ll finally be able to see his new works and I’ll have more screens to lick. I think one new release would be enough for me for a whole year.”

“I can’t help but want to post this news online. I’m sure there are many people who will be like us.”

“Please don’t. You can’t post anything until the male god posts the official announcement.

“Don’t worry. I was just thinking about it. I wonder when the male god will pick a role. I wish I could watch the film now.”

Ye Luohan didn’t stay on set for long. He probably realized that his appearance caused quite a stir and if he stuck around, it’ll affect the filming schedule. And so, he left after speaking with Meng Lianggu for a bit and giving his greetings to Director Yang. However, the stir he caused to the set remained.

The first day of filming quickly finished. Everyone looked exhausted, even including Luo Lingxing. His current body just reached Grade D, so he got tired more easily than normal people. He didn’t feel it during the shoot, but once it concluded, he felt that he couldn’t support his body anymore. If Chen Hongliang hadn’t held him up, he might have really fallen flat on the ground.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Hongliang asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. Just a little tired,” Luo Lingxing replied weakly.

He knew that Grade D body’s were trash, but this is the first time he felt it so strongly. He didn’t have to shoot many scenes today, but even that made him exhausted to the point that he couldn’t move. It was clearly seen how weak his body is. 

It seems like he had to quickly raise his body’s grade or else he’ll be even more exhausted in future film shootings.

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  1. Male god is a title that refers to only two people in this novel. When there is a ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ in front of a name, they are just saying how beautiful and perfect that person is. This is usually used to refer to a favorite celebrity ↩︎
  2. Film king/queen is a title from winning the award of the best actor/actress in the industry ↩︎

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