IMG Chapter 55 The Male God Visits

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“Very good. This is the feeling I wanted. This is the real Little Prince Luo. Hurry! Take the promotional photos for him now!” Director Yang patted his leg and laughed out loud. He urged the photographer to quickly take the promotional photos.

When Luo Lingxing came out, the others might’ve thought that he merely resembled a little prince and were surprised, but Director Yang knew that ever since he came out of the room, he had already been acting the part of the little prince. Even the narcissistic expression he carried was exactly how he imagined the little prince to look. He felt like he picked up a treasure.

Luo Lingxing was very cooperative with the photographer. Whatever pose the photographer asked him to do, he was able to carry out without any mistakes. He was even able to make some slight changes to create an even more perfect pose than the photographer wanted. This was the least troublesome actor the photographer has worked with.

Moreover, Luo Lingxing was very photogenic and his expressions were clearly shown through the camera. It was like he was born to be in front of the camera. He didn’t need the system to provide any special effects for the shooting. The photographer was so excited that he couldn’t help but take dozens of photos.

“Director, come take a look. I can’t pick which one to use as the promotional photo,” the photographer called to Yang Chuanzhi in distress, obviously in a difficult position.

Su Lingping stood in the corner. He joined the crew a day earlier than Luo Lingxing. When he remembered how he was treated when he joined compared to the reception Luo Lingxing received, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth in anger.

Even if he used his investment to enter this crew and even if he was a child of the Su Family, he didn’t dare act too arrogantly here. He could only secretly think of how to deal with Luo Lingxing. After hearing the photographer’s struggles, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth to reveal a sneer. 

Some people were naturally handsome, but they couldn’t show even one-tenth of their beauty through the lens. Even if they were extremely handsome, the pictures they took made them seem at the same level of a passerby. People like those also existed in the entertainment industry. When he saw how shocked everyone was when Luo Lingxing came out, his (SLP) heart was filled with jealousy. However, he finally felt like the scales had tipped.

Regardless of how handsome you were, it didn’t matter if you took ugly photos. Fans mostly looked at photos. If they put those ugly photos of him (LLX) online, who would like him? 

However, Su Lingping didn’t have time to gloat for long before he heard the rest of the photographer’s sentence. “Every photo is too perfect. I just can’t choose.”

Yang Chuanzhi looked at the photos and was also distressed. However, these were promotional photos and they couldn’t release too many of them or he would overshadow the male lead. In the end, Yang Chuanzhi reluctantly chose a few photos and said, “We’ll use these. Save the others as well and we’ll discuss them later.”

“Okay.” The photographer happily saved all the photos on his USB drive.

Many of the female staff quickly walked up to the photographer and said, “Brother, can you send me the pictures you just took of Xiao Luo? I promise I’ll keep them to myself. I won’t spread them around.”

“You’ll have to ask Director Yang. If he agrees, I’ll send them to you,” the photographer replied with a smile.

When they heard this, they knew there was no hope. Everyone knew this was an impossible task. They could only secretly take more photos of Luo Lingxing.

“Today is Xiao Luo’s first day in the crew. We’ll shoot the scene where Xiao Luo meets the martial arts leader for the first time,” Director Yang told everyone.

They had filmed for many hours today, but Director Yang was still not satisfied. It was at that moment when Luo Lingxing arrived and the actors who had been criticized several times could finally breathe a sigh of relief. It gave them more time to figure out the scene they needed to act. They finally didn’t have to be scolded anymore. As for what the newcomer did, they didn’t care.

There were newcomers joining the crew everyday, after all. They didn’t have much energy to pay attention to all the newcomers.

Chen Hongliang also heard that Director Yang’s shoot wasn’t going well today. Since it was Luo Lingxing’s first time filming, he imagined that it was inevitable for him to be yelled at. This would definitely affect this child’s mood. He had hoped Luo Lingxing could move his film to a later time, but as a nameless and unknown agent, his words held no power. He could only worry hopelessly.

“Xiao Luo, it doesn’t matter what Director Yang says later, all you have to do is listen to him. Once director Yang starts the shoot, he has very strict requirements for his actors. That’s why, you have to persist.” Chen Hongliang decided to forewarn Luo Lingxing first.

“I understand, Brother Chen.” Luo Lingxing nodded, then went to prepare.

“Do you still need to read the script,” Yang Chuanzhi asked Luo Lingxing. He had a good impression of this child. Outside of filming, he was willing to be more tolerant towards him. However, it was impossible to do the same during filming.

“I’m ready, Director Yang,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. That smile seemed like a spring breeze passing by.

“Then, everyone is ready. Let’s start!” As Director Yang’s words fell, Luo Lingxing who had a pleasant smile immediately underwent a change in aura. The gentle young master became a proud little prince who was ignorant and naive of the ways of the world.

In this scene, Little Prince Luo just left the imperial city. He felt that everyone outside was very novel and strolled all over the streets. He wanted to buy everything he saw, and thus was targeted by a thief. When the thief was about to steal the little prince’s money pouch, Meng Lianggu, who played the martial arts leader Yang Fan, appeared and captured the thief.

Little Prince Luo looked at Yang Fan with bewilderment, then turned to look at the person he captured.

“Hey, you were trying to steal my money pouch.” Little Prince Luo used both hands to cover his money pouch when he realized the situation and subconsciously retreated a few steps. He stared at the thief with wide eyes. Even with his expression, his handsome face made others think he was cute. He wasn’t threatening at all.

“W-what are you looking at? Why would you say that I was trying to steal your money pouch?” The actor portraying the thief didn’t know why his face reddened and he stammered out his lines.

“Cut! One more time. You’re playing the role of a thief, not of a shy boyfriend meeting his girlfriend. One more time!” Director Yang roared at the background actor.

The people watching from the sidelines couldn’t help but praise Director Yang. His description was very amazing. However, anyone who saw the expression Luo Lingxing made would probably think it was cute. Everyone was suddenly thankful that they weren’t the first ones to act with Luo Lingxing. A child like him was truly too likable.

And so, the scene was reshot. The background actor did his best not to look into Luo Lingxing’s eyes. Although he didn’t stutter anymore, he didn’t give off the feeling of a local hooligan with his eyes staring at the ground. It was without a doubt another ng.

Director Yang couldn’t wait to curse out this background actor, “Even if you think Xiao Luo is cute, you can’t let it show on your face. We’re currently in the middle of a shoot. A filming shoot, understand? If you aren’t dedicated and show another ng, I’ll switch you out for another person!”

Luo Lingxing, the bystander, was also implicated. He tried to express that he was innocent.

They finally did better the third time. It was probably because Director Yang’s threat worked. The background actor finally didn’t stutter or stare at the ground.

“He witnessed everything as well. Are you saying it’s false?” The little prince’s finger pointed to Yang Fan, the one who captured the thief, and said confidently.

Yang Fan slightly raised his eyebrow. When you meet someone for the first time, wouldn’t you usually be polite to them? However, this child acted so confidently and upright. He seemed quite interesting.

Thereupon, after resolving the matter with the thief, the little prince and Yang Fan naturally became friends. They headed towards the next city together.

The little prince stayed with him because this guy had high martial arts skills. He had sneaked out of the palace so he didn’t have any guards with him. Yang Fan kept him by his side because he thought that this kid was very interesting. He felt bored recently, so he thought the kid could entertain him.

The shoot went well this time. Director Yang looked over the shots and smiled with satisfaction. He called out to Luo Lingxing and Meng Lianggu, “Not bad. You guys go rest for a bit. We’ll shoot the next scene soon.”

“Xiao Luo, you did a good job,” Meng Lianggu said to Luo Lingxing with a smile.

“Senior1, you’re the one who did well and carried me through the scene. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how many times I would have needed to reshoot it,” Luo Lingxing said modestly.

“You don’t have to call me Senior. If you don’t mind, you can just call me Brother Meng.” Meng Lianggu had a very good impression of Luo Lingxing.

“Alright, Brother Meng,” Luo Lingxing replied very obediently.

“Ah!” A passionate scream was suddenly heard, drawing over the attention of everyone. The screeches increased one after another. Even some of the female celebrities wanted to scream along with them.

Luo Lingxing curiously looked at the direction of everyone’s gaze and saw a man wearing black sunglasses and a black trench coat walking towards them. Although the sunglasses covered half his face, it wasn’t difficult to discern his outstanding features and overbearing aura. 

“Oh, my god. Why is the male god here? It’s really the male god. This is my first time seeing the male god up close. Ahhh!”

“I think I’m going to faint. The male god is so handsome and cool!”

“It’s the male god. It really is him! Pinch me. I want to know if I’m dreaming.”

A couple female staff acted as if they were young girls chasing after celebrities. They were beside themselves with excitement.

Luo Lingxing heard what they said and guessed who this person was. Only two people in this world were called the “male god.” However, only one of them was able to appear here, and that is Ye Luohan.

He sized up Ye Luohan. This was the first time he saw the real person. His appearance really was outstanding. Even his temperament and aura was incomparable. However, it wasn’t to the point that it would make others infatuated.

Looking at the people around him, even the always indifferent film queen instantly became a shy young woman after seeing the male god. One could tell how much charisma he had just from that.

“Hey, Han2, what are you doing here?” Meng Lianggu was shocked when he first saw Ye Luohan, but then he excitedly walked towards him. One could see that these two had a very good relationship.

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  1. This is how you call your seniors, either in the same industry or school, to show then respect ↩︎
  2. He is calling Ye Luohan. Sometimes friends call each other by the last character of their name. ↩︎

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