IMG Chapter 54 Little Prince Luo

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“I…It’s like I’m seeing a real ancient prince,” a staff member said blankly.

“I think I transmigrated. I definitely transmigrated,” a female staff member said. 

“I’m also seeing a real life prince. This is too amazing. The clothes seemed to be tailor-made for Student Luo,” the girls said excitedly.

The others gradually recovered their senses, however, they couldn’t suppress their excitement.

The makeup artist looked at Luo Lingxing’s fair skin and said, “I don’t think I’ll need to put makeup on him. Student Luo naturally has good skin. He doesn’t need anything extra put on like makeup.”

A blush formed on Luo Lingxing’s face. He lowered his head and smiled slightly. “You don’t need to call me Student Luo. Just call me Xiao Luo,” he said shyly.

“Awww… Xiao Luo is blushing. His red face is so cute.” One of the women there was unable to control her body and couldn’t help but come up and pinch his tender and white face.

The sound of “click! click!” reverberated through the room. It was obvious that someone turned their terminal towards Luo Lingxing and started taking pictures like crazy. They couldn’t miss the chance to capture such a good scene.

“Xiao Zhang, Director Yang will start spitting out fire if you don’t hurry up and do Xiao Luo’s makeup.” A female staff member reminded her.

“Ah, I almost forgot. Xiao Luo, come here quickly. This sister will make you even more beautiful with makeup. I promise you’ll give everyone a start when you leave this room.” Xiao Zhang called towards Luo Lingxing as she reluctantly put away her terminal. She also didn’t forget to say to the other girls, “Don’t keep the pictures you took to yourself. Please share them.”

Luo Lingxing obediently sat down and let Xiao Zhang smear makeup on his face. He understood that this was a necessary part of being a celebrity. 

“Tsk, tsk… His skin and face are already perfect. I’m really reluctant to smear makeup on it.” Xiao Zhang looked at Luo Lingxing’s face. Her first thought was that she wanted to put her hand down, but in the end, she still smeared on some foundation and a lip gloss that matched his natural color, making him look even more delicate. And so, the sound of the terminal cameras going off endlessly sounded again.

“Done. Xiao Luo, let’s head out and give those mortals a shock,” Xiao Zhang said with great pride. The other girls followed in response.

They’ve all joined many crews in the past and met numerous outstanding actors and celebrities, however, this was their first time receiving the feeling of “you are a god, we mortals and only look up to you.”

If you looked closely, Luo Lingxing was actually not that outstanding. There were plenty of people in the entertainment industry who were more handsome than him, but no one could match the aura he alluded. 

“Tada… Come witness our Little Prince Luo’s appearance.” The girls took the initiative to come out with a bang, attracting everyone’s attention towards the dressing room.

Luo Lingxing slowly walked out of the dressing room. When he saw that everyone’s attention was focused on him, there were traces of pride on his face. He carried an aura that said “Look how handsome this prince is. You humans should gaze at this prince with those welcoming eyes.” However, it didn’t make those who saw him displeased.

Luo Lingxing wore long white robes. Gold threads were used to embroider a lifelike Qilin1, making it appear expensive and luxurious. A white jade belt with a jade pendant dangling off of it rested on his waist, giving him the feel of a wealthy young master.

“Wow!” The staff members on set, especially the girls, couldn’t help gasping out in surprise. Many of them took out their terminals and started taking pictures.

Even the celebrities on set felt as if they just witnessed a little prince. At that moment, they couldn’t discern if they were in modern times or ancient times.

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