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“Young master Ping, even if he passed the audition, the role he got isn’t as important or has as many lines as yours. He won’t be able to gain much popularity. He’s only playing a small role,” Liu Quan thought it over before finally saying.

Seeing Liu Quan speaking, Lin Hai also said, “That’s right. Young master Ping, how can he compare to you? You’ll be able to teach him a lesson when you join the crew.”

Su Lingping considered the words of his two followers. He realized that when he joined the crew, he could make the director realize how useless he (LLX) was so that he wouldn’t dare use him again in the future. This isn’t a bad idea. In any case, he will never allow Luo Lingxing to step a foot into the entertainment industry.

Director Yang was very efficient. Once the actors were found, the contracts were also quickly mailed over. Chen Hongliang sat on the side checking it over. Once he saw that there were no problems, he let Luo Lingxing sign it.

People here signed documents online. To Luo Lingxing who was not tech savvy, he spent a lot of effort practicing his online signature. He felt that it was harder than learning how to write characters back then.

The audition was over and the contract was also signed. Up next, was joining the crew.

Although the list of students that passed the audition wasn’t publicly announced at school, the students were always very capable at gossiping and finding out information. This information couldn’t be concealed. Soon, all the students knew about it.

The students that were selected had various feelings of envy and hate. Especially the students of the performing arts department, they were filled with jealousy. This was Director Yang’s film, after all. For this reason, the forums were crazily discussing this topic.

“It doesn’t matter if it was anyone else, but why did Luo Lingxing have to be selected? Isn’t he without a system? How is he going to shoot the film?”

“But he has an agency. Besides, he already debuted a long time ago, okay?”

“So what if he debuted a long time ago? Hasn’t he always been unpopular? I also heard his agency shelved him. It’s impossible to make an AI script to give him to film. They’re obviously wasting a valuable role.”

“No way? His portrayal of Ye Xuanming during the last performance class was amazing. He was even praised by Director Qian. That means he has acting skills.”

Who knows? Perhaps he practiced it countless times in private. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to reach that level without a system.”

“The previous poster must be bored. Everyone knows that it was a last minute decision to have Director Qian teach our class. Moreover, we decided the role by a random lottery. How could anyone know that he would get Ye Xuanming?”

“Perhaps he practiced all the roles Director Qian posted?”

“If he really practiced them, then that just means he’s more diligent than you. He passed the audition because he deserved it. If you have the ability, then you should practice all the roles as well. If you can’t do it, that just means you can’t handle suffering.”

The comments on the forum relating to Luo Lingxing were mixed reviews. However, the person in question paid no attention to the forums at all. Instead, he concentrated on the text script Chen Hongliang found.

Although Little Prince Luo didn’t have many parts, his role was still very important. For Luo Lingxing who was going to act for the first time, although he had confidence, he still wanted to be fully prepared.

The day when Luo Lingxing joined the crew soon came. Although he didn’t have many parts, he still needed to stay on set for more than two weeks. 

Imperial University students who were casted in roles and needed to leave the university needed to file a certificate first. The school quickly approved Luo Lingxing and Su Lingping’s request to participate in Director Yang’s drama. This was a hard to come by opportunity. Even a prestigious university like theirs only had four students that were chosen. 

“Luoluo, are you joining the crew tomorrow? Xia Yuan stood to the side, watching Luoluo pack his things.


“Huh? Then I’ll be the only one left in the dorm.” Xia Yuan pouted, dissatisfied.

Luo Lingxing turned his head to look at him and said, “Don’t you still have Yang Zekai?”

“He’s not my dormmate. I’ll be sleeping all alone at night.”

“You’ve always been sleeping alone at night.” Luo Lingxing blushed with shame. Those who didn’t know might think they slept together at night. 

“It’s different. If there’s no one next door, I’d feel that the dorm is very empty and scary,” Xia Yuan said exaggeratedly.

“Before I came, weren’t you doing just fine by yourself?”

“Well… Before you came, Xiao Kai lived next door,” Xia Yuan said.

Luo Lingxing finally finished packing his things. Standing up, he said to Xia Yuan, “Then this time, you can go to Yang Zekai’s dorm and sleep with him. In any case, the bed is big enough.”

“Oh, true. Why didn’t I think of that? I can also have Xiao Kai stay with me,” Xia Yuan suddenly patted his head and said. He wouldn’t be able to stay in the room next door, but he could stay in the room with him. In any case, they’ve shared a bed many times since they were young.


“I’m gonna look for Xiao Kai, then,” Xia Yuan said as he ran out of the dorm.

Luo Lingxing turned on his terminal, looked at the few numbers on it, and dialed one. 

The terminal only rang once before it connected. A handsome and cold face appeared on the video.

“I’m joining the crew tomorrow to film a drama. I probably won’t be able to go back for two weeks. Please let Aunt Lin know that I won’t be back for the next two weekends,” Luo Lingxing said directly.

Han Junzhan nodded in the video, then asked, “Which crew?”

Luo Lingxing raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect him to pay attention to something like that. He then said, “Director Yang’s ‘The Enchantress.’”

”Mm, take care of yourself,” Han Junzhan said with a calm voice.

“Mm, I will.” Luo Lingxing’s voice was also steadily calm.

The two relatively indifferent people basically had nothing to talk about, and they hung up the video call not long after.

The next day, Chen Hongliang came to the school early in the morning to pick up Luo Lingxing and take him to the set.

“There will be a lot of newcomers joining the crew in the next couple of days. That’s why they can’t personally welcome each person that comes. Don’t take any cold reception personally. Also, the protagonists this time are the film king, Meng Lianggu, and the film queen, Zhao Xinting. You must treat them with respect. Blah blah blah…” Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but ramble the whole way there, warning Luo Lingxing as if he was a newcomer. 

Luo Lingxing didn’t show impatience either. He quietly remembered everything he said in his heart. In this aspect, he really was a newcomer.

The crew chose Film Star World for their set. One must know that the rent for a single day there was equivalent to several years of living expenses for ordinary people. As expected of Director Yang to do something so rich and imposing.

Luo Lingxing arrived at the base for the crew and was brought in by Chen Hongliang. Seeing numerous people in ancient costumes filming, he felt as if he was transported back to his previous world.

“This must be Luo Lingxing. The one who’s joining the crew today,” A staff member greeted him and said with a smile.

“Hello, I’m Luo Lingxing’s agent, Chen Hongliang. Our Xiao Luo will be in your care in the future,” Chen Hongliang politely greeted.

“Of course. I’ll take you to see the director.” The staff member walked in the front, leading them, while Luo Lingxing quietly followed behind.

From a distance away, you could hear Director Yang reprimanding the actors. “That’s wrong. Redo it. Your actions are wrong. You must display an infuriated expression as well as your helplessness. I didn’t say to show hostility to the other person. Do it again!”

“Haha, don’t worry. Director Yang becomes like this once filming starts. He’s usually very kind.” The staff member felt a bit guilty by his own words. However, he couldn’t scare off the newcomers, right? Although he feels that this actor looks very familiar, since he’s a Freshman at Imperial University, then he must be a new actor as well.

“As a director, you must be strict. This is for the good of the actors so that they can learn more,” Chen Hongliang replied with a smile.

Luo Lingxing appraised the whole set and discovered that there weren’t many filming equipment, and there was more freedom for the actors. Sometimes, there were beautiful and dazzling scenes that were played by the actors’ systems, which made the whole filming process very convenient.

Yang Chuanzhi shot the scene again, and still wasn’t satisfied. He frowned and was about to blow up when he saw Luo Lingxing walking towards him. As a result, he could only suppress his anger and welcome Luo Lingxing. “Xiao Luo, are you joining the crew today? Welcome.”

“Thank you, Director Yang. Please look after me in the future, Director Yang,” Luo Lingxing said politely.

Everyone liked polite people, especially those who were pretty and delicate. They naturally left a more favorable impression.

They’ve been shooting for half a day already, but everything felt wrong. He couldn’t find the feeling he wanted. Seeing Luo Lingxing’s arrival, he was reminded of his performance during the audition. Yang Chuanzhi suddenly couldn’t wait to see Luo Lingxing wear the costume and said to the staff member, “Take Xiao Luo to change his outfit and take his promotional photos. The others will focus on figuring out how to portray the personality and mentality of their characters.”

Luo Lingxing was taken to the dressing room. The staff member took out an exquisite costume meant for the ancient princes and handed it to him. He then said, “This is your costume. Try it on first and see if it fits. If it doesn’t, I can help you alter it.”

“The director spent a lot of money on this piece. Everything on it was hand-embroidered. It’s definitely the most valuable piece of clothing beside the ones for the male and female leads.” 

This piece of clothing may seem very luxurious to others, but to Luo Lingxing who was a little prince in his last world, they seemed very ordinary. Any random piece of clothing from the imperial palace would be more gorgeous and exquisite than this one. Moreover, the design of this costume didn’t conform to what people wore during that period.

However, Luo Lingxing didn’t say any of this out loud. This was his first time joining a crew, after all. If he said too much, he might leave a bad impression on others. Besides, he wasn’t the type of person to poke his nose in other people’s business.

He put on the costume as the staff member instructed.  Seeing that the sizing was just about right, Luo Lingxing left the room. The staff member, who was in the middle of a discussion, was stunned the moment he saw him (LLX). His mouth hung open and he even forgot to close it. His appearance really was too funny.

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