IMG Chapter 52 Passing the Audition

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Yang Zekai never talked much, but he became a chatterbox as soon as Xia Yuan was mentioned. Luo Lingxing patiently listened. He very much envied the friendship between the two of them because he has always been alone.

“I got it,” Luo Lingxing replied. “If you don’t mind, let’s have dinner together.”


At the dinner table. “Xiao Kai, taste this. Isn’t it good?” Xia Yuan picked up some meat with his chopsticks and gave it to Yang Zekai. He spoke to him excitedly.

“Xiao Kai, try this as well. It’s also good.”

“There’s also this. Try it too.” Xia Yuan would give him a sample of this dish and then another. Xia Yuan’s voice was heard constantly echoing in the dorm.

In the end, Yang Zekai couldn’t bear it any longer. He used his chopsticks to lightly tap Xia Yuan’s hand and said, “Be good and eat your food. You must finish everything. You can’t be picky.”

Yang Zekai picked up a pile of vegetables and placed it in Xia Yuan’s bowl, telling him to eat everything.

“How unfair. I gave you meat, and all you give me is vegetables. Meanie!” Xia Yuan quietly muttered to himself. Although he’s very dissatisfied, he knew that Yang Zekai was very stubborn in regards to this. He could only silently eat everything.

From the beginning till the end, Luo Lingxing tried his best to turn himself into air and separate himself from the other two. There was no other choice. These two were too flashy. If not for the fact that he hasn’t finished eating, he would’ve hidden inside his room.

The results of the audition came out the next day. Luo Lingxing wasn’t very surprised when he picked up the phone since this was what he expected.

However, just because he is calm, doesn’t mean the others are equally calm. The first one to receive shock was his agent, Chen Hongliang.

“Xiao Luo, your audition was a success! You passed! You’ll join the film crew to shoot the film soon!” Chen Hongliang looked ecstatic in the video. Those unaware might think he won the first prize in the lottery.

Luo Lingxing only calmly nodded. He smiled and said, “This is only the beginning. You’ll be busy in the future.”

Chen Honglianglooked at the confident, yet unassuming young man in the video and was silent for a moment. His words were obviously arrogant, but it relayed a sense of propriety.

In that year of silence, he tasted the warmth of humanity, as well as seen the evil of humans. He thought his life was hopeless, but he never expected the only artist he was in charge of to give him this kind of surprise. Telling him ‘you’ll be busy in the future’. There was nothing more heart moving than this.

From that moment on, Chen Hongliang decided regardless of what kinds of difficulties he’ll face in the future, he’ll do his absolute best to find roles for Luo Lingxing and make him popular. He’ll show those who looked down on them that they can also succeed!

“Don’t worry. I’m not afraid of work. I’m afraid of having no work. I’ll join the crew with you in a couple of days. When the time comes, all you need to focus on is acting. You don’t have to worry about anything else. I’ll help you take care of it,” Chen Hongliang said.

Luo Lingxing nodded. The two said a couple more words before hanging up the video call.

The second perturbed person was Su Lingping. When he found out that Luo Lingxing passed the audition, he was so angry he almost smashed everything around him.

“Why? Why did a person like that pass the audition? A person without a system is basically a disabled one,” Su Lingping gritted out.

Usually, Lin Hai and Liu Quan are constantly flattering Su Lingping when they’re with him. They both know the person Su Lingping hates the most is definitely Luo Lingxing. Seeing him like this, they didn’t know what to say for fear of making Su Lingping even angrier.

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