IMG Chapter 51 Won’t Eat His Food

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“It was fine,” Luo Lingxing said calmly. Those who heard wouldn’t be able to tell if it really did go fine or what. Even Xia Yuan was at a loss.

“Then…let’s go back and have a celebratory feast to celebrate your first audition.” Xia Yuan tried hard to find a reason, and quickly returned to the dormitory with Luo Lingxing.

Since Luo Lingxing already promised Xia Yuan, he will naturally do as he agreed. He decided to make Xia Yuan some pastries. Since he was going to cook, he might as well film the process while he was at it. That way, he won’t have to go out of his way to shoot his next video.

Xia Yuan stood in the kitchen, wanting to watch him cook, but Luo Lingxing drove him out, warning him that he wasn’t allowed in.

Xia Yuan paced the living room for a bit. Finding it boring, he turned on his terminal and called Yang Zekai.

Xiao Kai, have you eaten yet? Come over quickly. Luoluo is cooking today. You haven’t tasted his cooking yet, but it’s delicious. It’s as good as your cooking,” Xia Yuan said excitedly. He didn’t notice the other person’s face gradually darkening.

Not long after, Yang Zekai came over. His expression was a bit ugly, however, the dense Xia Yuan didn’t notice. He continued to chatter away to Yang Zekai about how delicious Luo Lingxing’s pastries are. Of course, he didn’t forget to complain, “I asked you to make me sweets in the past and you never made them for me. Hmph!”

Yang Zekai looked at Xia Yuan who acted like this and thought to himself that he needed to talk with his new roommate. He didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to be able to cook. Moreover, his cooking was pretty good. If he knew this earlier, he definitely wouldn’t have let Luo Lingxing move in.

For a foodie, the thing he wanted the most is probably a roommate who can cook. Hahh…

“Be good and stay here. I’ll head to the kitchen and see if he needs help. Don’t you know how to feel embarrassed by giving your roommate so much trouble?” Yang Zekai lectured Xia Yuan.

Xia Yuan playfully stuck out his tongue and said, “Who told you to not cook for me. You’re so skilled, yet you let it go to waste.”

“Didn’t I cook for you before?” Yang Zekai gritted out. Who was the one who came over everyday to cook from him in the past? This kid had no conscience.

“But you only made me meals, not dessert,” Xia Yuan retorted subconsciously. However, under Yang Zekai’s gaze, his voice gradually became smaller. He felt an inexplicable sense of guilt.

“You know perfectly well why I don’t make desserts for you,” leaving those words, Yang Zekai entered the kitchen.

Xia Yuan watched Yang Zekai’s back. He couldn’t help making faces and sticking his tongue out at him. Hmph. So what if he liked to eat sweets? It would be strange if someone didn’t like such delicious things.

Luo Lingxing startled at the kitchen door opening. Seeing Yang Zekai, he nodded his head as a greeting.

Fortunately, he already finished shooting the video he planned. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing if the other person saw.

“Xia Yuan’Er has troubled you. That guy has loved to eat since he was young. In fact, you don’t have to pay him any mind,” Yang Zekai said, taking on a tone like his child has caused trouble.

Luo Lingxing naturally understood, but he didn’t mind.

“It’s fine. It’s just cooking a bit extra.”

“Do you need help with anything?” Yang Zekai watched Luo Lingxing skillfully handle the ingredients and put it in the skillet to stir-fry. He realized this person was used to cooking.

“No need.”

“Um, I want to ask you for a favor.” Yang Zekai hesitated. He chose to speak in the end, “Please don’t give him too many sweets in the future. When that guy eats sweets, he won’t eat his food. He’s too skinny. He needs to eat to gain some fat. I don’t know what happened. He was chubby when he was young, but he became skinny as soon as he grew up.”

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Who else is jealous that Yuan’Er can eat whatever he wants and not gain weight. TT

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