IMG Chapter 50 The Rise of CP Fans

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In fact, what the screenwriter and director didn’t know was that the hard to portray Luo Xiaoqi was similar to how Luo Lingxing acted in his previous world when he was younger. Before Luo Lingxing started cultivating, he was also a spoiled little prince. His personality was similar to the written Luo Xiaoqi. After he started cultivating and his lifespan increased, once his family members were gone, his personality also slowly calmed down.

After acting out Luo Xiaoqi, Luo Lingxing was drawn into his memories. He fondly remembered his family members. He didn’t even hear Su Lingping’s provocation against him when he came out and directly left the auditorium.

“Luoluo, Luoluo!” At first, Xia Yuan thought Luo Lingxing exited the place because was ignoring Su Lingping and chased after him. However, he soon discovered that even he was ignored. What could he be thinking about? 

Luo Lingxing, who was sucked into his memories, was finally called back into his senses by Xia Yuan.

“What are you thinking about? You even left me in the auditorium. I don’t care. You have to make me delicious food as an apology when we get back,” Xia Yuan said, dissatisfied and with a pout.

“Wow, Yuanyuan is so cute.”

“His pouting face is too adorable.”

“Could the person next to Yuanyuan be Luo Lingxing from the performing arts department? I still have his video from before saved. It’s amazing.”

“That’s right. I heard they’re roommates. Yuanyuan was so cute when he acted spoiled towards him. I think I’m standing on the Luo-Yuan ship1.

“Hey, hey! What Luo-Yuan ship? Yuanyuan belongs to Xiao Kai, okay? I’m part of the Kai-Yuan ship. Childhood friends tend to be more in love.”

“I don’t know. I support the Luo-Yuan ship.”

Several females stood there chatting and arguing. They didn’t realize that the central figure of their conversation had already slipped away.

The reason why Xia Yuan caught the attention of all the female students dates back to the freshmen party during the beginning of school. As soon as his clear voice sang that song, he instantly captured the heart of all those there. Not only were the females captivated by him, numerous males were also fascinated by his voice and cute and elegant features. If not for the fact that he always had his childhood friend, Yang Zekai, by his side, those men would’ve already made their move.

Moreover, Yang Zekai caught everyone’s gaze because of Xia Yuan. His exceptional and handsome looks, as well as his cold temperament made countless females go crazy. Unfortunately, in Yang Zekai’s eyes, there is only his childhood friend, Xia Yuan. There was simply no room for anyone else.

As a result, a batch of cp fans2 have risen!

Phew, they’re really terrifying. I never expected the girls in our school to be so scary.” Xia Yuan couldn’t help but shiver.

Usually, most of his attention is occupied by food, while the remainder is held by Yang Zekai. He had no time to pay attention to other women. This is his first time being surrounded and discussed by females.

Actually, it’s not like women don’t discuss him on a regular basis, it’s just that it’s always blocked by Yang Zekai. That’s why Xia Yuan never knew about it. 

“Forget about them. Luoluo, how did the audition go?” Xia Yuan pestered Luo Lingxing about his audition. In truth, what he was thinking about was asking Luoluo to make him something to eat later.

If he did okay on the audition, then he can ask him to cook more. If it doesn’t go as expected, he’ll ask for less.

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My fellow CP fans all rise! (✧ω✧)

  1. Shipping two people together ↩︎
  2. Basically us. Fans who want certain, usually celebrities, to get together… ↩︎

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  1. I really don’t understand the depiction of women in this story. They’ve only been obsessed-with-looks types and crazy fangirls? The only female character with a name was that agent that ditched the original. Like if the author didn’t want to write girl characters they could’ve just cut them out altogether instead of making us collectively a 2013 tumblr fan account. 😭

    1. Yeah, you see that a lot in BL stories. My theory is that for some author’s, part of the BL fantasy is that the dudes are fine with random women fangirling over them.

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