IMG Chapter 49 Audition Concluded

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Humans often thought too much. They cared too much and became unclear on what truly mattered. It may seem that Little Prince Luo spoke naive words, but he spoke of logic that many people never dared to think of.

Luo Lingxing didn’t have many lines for the audition and his performance was quickly over, however, not a single person there reacted. Their eyes were all fixed on him. 

Luo Lingxing might’ve been calm, but he still felt a bit embarrassed to be stared at like that.

“Director, I’m finished,” Luo Lingxing had to remind him.

“Oh, ahem…” Director Yang Chuanzhi quickly adjusted his mood, acting like the person who was previously dazed wasn’t him. “Mm, not bad. Go back and wait for the notice.”

Actually, Yang Chuanzhi wanted to choose him on the spot, but he still resisted since there were still people waiting to be auditioned. Moreover, he needed to see the opinions of the others. However, the audition just now was really good. No wonder Old Qian told him to pay attention to that child. He was indeed a good seed. It’s a shame he didn’t have a system.

After Luo Lingxing left the audition room, Yang Chuanzhi beckoned the staff member from before and asked, “Is he the one who asked you for a text script?”

The staff nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“He wanted to read the text script? How rare. Who looks at text scripts these days when acting?” The investor sitting next to the assistant director said with a smile. Although he’s not from the entertainment industry, he knows that everyone refers to the AI script to act nowadays.

“In fact, it’s not like no one reads text scripts anymore. At the very least, Ye Luohan already reads the text script when he acts,” Yang Chuanzhi said, a thought flashed through his eyes.

“I think Luo Lingxing acted out Little Prince Luo very well. What do you guys think?” Yang Chuanzhi asked the others.

“Let’s go with him. He was too similar to Luo Xiaoqi. It was like he was brought to life,” The screenwriter said excitedly. She was the one who wrote this story, and she also wrote the script for it. No one understood Luo Xiaoqi’s personality more than she did. When she saw Luo Lingxing earlier, it was like seeing the Luo Xiaoqi from her imagination. If it wasn’t as quiet as it was earlier, she might’ve just jumped out of her seat.

“Indeed, Luo Lingxing’s acting skills are really good. His performance was very good, but I heard he doesn’t have a system. I don’t know if it’ll affect the shoot…” The executive producer said hesitantly.

“So what if he doesn’t have a system? His performance just now was enough to make up for a lack of a system. At worst, we’ll prepare more props during his scenes. We’ll choose him. I don’t want anyone else acting Luo Xiaoqi.” The screenwriter decided on the spot. Her posture saying “if you guys don’t use him, I won’t give you the script.”

“How many more students are auditioning? Why don’t we check them out?” The executive producer said cautiously.

“I don’t want to. He’ll act Luo Xiaoqi. You guys also know how hard Luo Xiaoqi’s role is. Did any of the previous auditions satisfy you guys? It’s rare to find someone that fits the bill, yet you guys still aren’t satisfied?” Once the screenwriter decides on something, nothing can change her mind. Even the director’s words are useless.

“I also think he was amazing. Let’s choose him.” In the end, even the director agreed.

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