IMG Chapter 48 Attending the Audition

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“Mm, let’s sit there and wait.” Luo Lingxing took Xia Yuan to an empty corner to sit and wait.

Since everyone here can be considered a competitor, the students here rarely interact with anyone besides their own circle of friends. Some even look at others with vigilance and defensiveness in their eyes.

As the Freshmen students are from the lowest grade, their audition is basically towards the end for each role.

The last audition was for the role of the fourth male lead. The next audition will be for Little Prince Luo.

Su Lingping walked out of the interim audition room with a triumphant smile on his face. If it weren’t for fear that he would be hated, he would’ve laughed out loud.

Seeing Su Lingping coming out, his two small attendants hurriedly welcomed him back.

“Young master Ping, how did it go?” Lin Hai asked.

“Does that even need to be asked? There’s definitely no problems. Nothing could go wrong with young master Ping’s acting skills,” Liu Quan flattered. 

“I don’t know the result yet. It’ll be a few days before we know the results.” Although Su Lingping said this, his expression clearly told everyone else that this role is basically his.

In fact, he already received news from his dad before the audition. Coming to the audition was just to go through the motions. He will officially debut after this drama is filmed. He’ll finally become a real celebrity.

“Young master Ping, look over there.” Liu Quan whispered to Su Lingping, his piercing gaze suddenly landed on Luo Lingxing who was standing in the corner. 

Su Lingping looked in that direction, his expression suddenly changing. “Why is he here?”

“Young master Ping, do you think he’s here to try his luck in getting into the auditions?” Lin Hai guessed.

“I think so as well. Our teacher didn’t even recommend him. I never expected him to be so shameless. He actually came on his own accord,” Liu Quan said disgustingly.

“Let’s go see. I won’t let him find a gap to squeeze in, not while I’m here.” Su Lingping was currently very proud of himself. However, he didn’t expect someone he didn’t want to see to appear.

Hmph, he failed to kill this person a year ago, and a year later, he will refuse to let him touch the entertainment industry again.

“Luo Lingxing, everyone who came to the audition was recommended by our teacher. I don’t remember you being recommended for our class. What are you doing here?” Su Lingping’s voice was deliberately loud, allowing the surrounding people to hear.

Sure enough, after hearing his words, many people started to notice them. For those who were here, who would want more competitors? It’s natural that they would want to remove as many people as they could. For this reason, their expression towards Luo Lingxing became unkind.

Xia Yuan looked at the speaking Su Lingping with a confused expression. It seemed that this person knew Luoluo. However, what he said just now was obviously unfavorable towards Luoluo. Perhaps he’s Luoluo’s enemy?

“Luoluo, who is he?” Xia Yuan asked in a whisper.

“A passerby,” Luo Lingxing replied simply.

“Oh, passersby these days will come up to talk to anyone. Luoluo, you shouldn’t talk to strangers. My Mama said that it’s easy to get abducted by people like these,” Xia Yuan said innocently.

Anyone listening in would know that these words were said deliberately. Luo Lingxing even cooperated by nodding and saying, “Mm.”

“Luo Lingxing, don’t think everything will be fine if you pretend to be deaf. You have no qualifications to be here. It’s unfair to others if you act like this,” Su Lingping said unceremoniously. He saw that the surrounding people were slightly nodding their heads and felt even more satisfied. 

However, Luo Lingxing and Xia Yuan decided to ignore Su Lingping till the end. No matter what Su Lingping said, they just ignored it. Occasionally, Xia Yuan would speak a few words to Luo Lingxing, but most of the time, Luo Lingxing was reading the original book of ‘The Enchantress’ since it would be his turn to audition soon.

Su Lingping repeated himself a couple of times and realized that they truly planned to ignore him, making him look like a buffoon. He instantly became furious, however, this is Director Yang’s audition site. Regardless of how daring he is, he wouldn’t dare to cause a ruckus here.

“Hmph. I would like to see how you’ll enter the audition without a recommendation from the teachers. I’ll sit here and wait to watch you embarrass yourself,” Su Lingping said while looking for a seat close to Luo Lingxing’s. In any case, he won’t give him the change to sneak into the audition.

Luo Lingxing glanced at Su Lingping with an indulgence that is rarely seen. The corners of his mouth slightly raised, and he said with a sarcastic smile, “I’ll walk in through the front door, of course.”

Perhaps the heavens were on Luo Lingxing’s side. As soon as he finished speaking, the name the staff member shouted to enter the audition room next was Luo Lingxing’s.

“Up next, Luo Lingxing.”

Luo Lingxing ignored Su Lingping. He stood up, adjusted his clothes, and strode towards the audition room.

“Hold on. That’s impossible. You didn’t get our teacher’s recommendation. Why was your name called?” Su Lingping couldn’t understand what was happening. Why was he called in for the audition? This is simply impossible.

“Move aside!” Luo Lingxing gave a frosty look to Su Lingping, scaring him to retreat a step and almost stumble to the ground.

Su Lingping gritted his teeth while he looked at Luo Lingxing. He then turned around to ask a staff member, “Did you make a mistake? He wasn’t one of the students that were recommended. How is he able to audition?”

The staff member was also at a loss. He didn’t know what was going on, so he could only double check the name before saying, “Luo Lingxing is clearly written on here. Please enter quickly.”

Now that the staff member has said so, even if Su Lingping was unwilling, he didn’t dare block Luo Lingxing’s way. He could only grit his teeth in anger as he watched the other’s back.

Luo Lingxing was not the slightest bit affected by Su Lingping. When he entered the audition room, he noticed that there were a total of five people sitting inside. Naturally, the person sitting in the middle was Director Yang Chuanzhi. The ones sitting to his left were the screenwriter and the executive producer. To his right were the assistant director and the investor. 

There was also a person standing in front of them. They seemed to be preparing for the audition.

“Are you Luo Lingxing?” the assistant director asked.

“Yes,” Luo Lingxing nodded and replied.

“Then come and get this script. You have five minutes to prepare. You can use the room over there to get ready.” The assistant director  studied Luo Lingxing when he came up to grab the script, as if he was confirming something.

After grabbing the script he needed to act, Luo Lingxing entered the lounge and discovered that there were two other people inside. They were probably students who were also auctioning for this role. The two gave a quick glance to Luo Lingxing before focusing back on preparing for their audition.

The assistant director gave him a small microchip. This is probably the AI script from his memories. You put the microchip in the specialized 3D terminal, activate it, and you’ll be able to see little people doing all sorts of actions. They should be speaking the lines needed for the audition.

Luo Lingxing glanced at the AI script before asking a staff member, “Do you have any text scripts here?” He was unaccustomed to AI scripts, he might as well read the original work.

“Wait here. I’ll help you ask.”

“Thank you.” Luo Lingxing sat in the lounge and waited. The staff member returned a while later.

“Sorry, we don’t have one.”

“Alright, thank you,” Luo Lingxing still politely thanked him. Since there weren’t any text scripts, he could only look at the AI script. After memorizing the lines, he combined the knowledge from the original work and started to think about how he’ll act.

The two students who were also auditioning saw that Luo Lingxing stopped looking at the AI script. They thought he was too arrogant and thought himself to be fully prepared for the audition. He both scoffed at him.

When five minutes had passed, someone called out Luo Lingxing’s name. Luo Lingxing tidied his clothes. As soon as he stepped out of the lounge, his expression underwent a change. He carried a trace of innocence and arrogance.

The director, screenwriter, and the others conducting the audition were all stunned when they saw Luo Lingxing. The words they were planning to speak were swallowed back into their stomachs because they clearly felt the changes in Luo Lingxing. At this moment, it seemed like they were really looking at the spoiled and innocent little prince. If it weren’t for the fact that the clothes Luo Lingxing were wearing didn’t fit the scene, they would have been directly pulled into the drama.

The little prince in ‘The Enchantress’ is the youngest prince of the royal family. He had been spoiled by his imperial brothers and parents since young. Because of this reason, his character is simple and innocent even though he was born inside the royal family. He carried a hint of arrogance, but it didn’t make others annoyed. On the contrary, his character is quite likable.

The little prince may not have much screen time, but it still wasn’t easy to truly act this role correctly. The reason being that his personality may seem contradictory, while still needing to mix well together. One can ruin the role if they don’t have a full grasp of it and incur the hatred of others. However,  when they saw Luo Lingxing walk out, it was as if they saw the real likable Little Prince Luo. The one who had a huge impact on developing the feelings between the male and female protagonist.

“A bad person? What is a bad person? Sister Qingcheng has never hurt or killed anyone. Isn’t that what a bad person is? A good person? And what defines that? Are you saying just because someone is a righteous cultivator, even if they go around having affairs, they’re still considered a good person?”

“I don’t understand how you guys can define someone as good or bad just like that. In my opinion, if you like someone, then you like them. It comes from your own heart. What does it have to do with anyone else? You’re not living for others. Since you like Sister Qingcheng, then like her. Why do you care so much of what others think that you even give up on your love for her?” Little Prince Luo dragged out each word. His words carried a hint of naivety, but it shot straight into one’s heart, leaving no room for argument.

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