IMG Chapter 47 Preparing For the Audition

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“Young master Ping, you’re really amazing. You were actually selected,” Lin Hai said flatly.

“Does that even need to be said? Young master Ping has always been amazing. It’s not a surprise that he was selected. However, I’m afraid a certain person might be so angry that he’ll vomit blood. He wasn’t mentioned at all, haha…” Liu Quan sneered, purposefully speaking louder so that the other classmates could hear.

Everyone knows that Su Lingping and Luo Lingxing don’t get along with each other. Everyone was well aware of who Liu Quan was mentioning. There were also many students who thought that Luo Lingxing was being treated unfairly. Luo Lingxing was obviously the one who performed the best in acting class. They all thought he would be selected. No one expected him not to be.

However, no one would actually offend Su Lingping for Luo Lingxing’s sake. After all, the Su family’s background is beyond their reach. They can only protect themselves.

Luo Lingxing didn’t pay a single mind to these clowns. Other those who lacked confidence would use these kinds of childish methods to provoke others. It’s enough to wait and see them get their face slapped later on.

“Luoluo, I heard Director Yang Chuanzhi is coming to our school tomorrow to recruit actors. Are you going to audition?” Xia Yuan asked LuoLuo while munching on chips.

“Mm,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“I heard that Director Yang’s dramas are very good. If you pass the audition tomorrow, you have to treat me to a celebration dinner. You don’t have to cook much. Just make a bit more desserts, hehe…” Xia Yuan laughingly said. His words never strayed far from food. Luo Lingxing was already used to his antics.

“I understand,” Luo Lingxing replied. After receiving a satisfactory reply, Xia Yuan happily “scrammed” to the sofa to continue eating his chips and watching his video.

Luoluo, look. The cake this person made looks similar to the one you made before. It also looks tasty.” Xia Yuan grabbed his tablet and handed it to Luo Lingxing like it was an offering.

Luo Lingxing took a glance and discovered that Xia Yuan was watching the video he filmed previously. Since his face was exposed, and the fact that his voice was slightly different in the video, it was normal that Xia Yuan didn’t recognize him.

Luo Lingxing considered if he should tell Xia Yuan that the video was shot by him. However, he couldn’t help but shiver when he thought of how Xia Yuan might pester him in the future to frequently make videos and the battle he would have to face after the videos were shot.

Forget it. Just let him watch the video to quench his thirst.

“If you want to eat, I will make it tomorrow after the audition,” Luo Lingxing couldn’t stand Xia Yuan’s star-filled eyes and said helplessly.

“Yay! Luoluo, you’re the best! I’ll accompany you to the audition tomorrow.” Now that he accomplished his goal, Xia Yuan happily jumped around, acting like a little monkey.

The next day, Director Yang’s audition for his new drama was held in the university’s largest auditorium. Everyone was divided into smaller rows depending on the role they were auditioning for. Luo Lingxing was placed in a row relatively in the back. When he entered the auditorium, he discovered that the sea of people in front of him were all students who had come to participate in this audition.

The drama only had a few roles, but there were hundreds of students who came to audition. Moreover, the roles may not necessarily be chosen from their school. One can see how fierce the competition is.

“Luoluo, there are so many people at this audition.” Xia Yuan looked left and right, silently thankful that he didn’t enter the performing arts department, but the music department instead. Acting was a bit too difficult for him.

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