IMG Chapter 46 Audition Quota

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“Mm, I want to audition for the role of Little Prince Luo,” Luo Lingxing said.

He finished reading ‘The Enchantress’ in one day. This novel told the story of a martial arts leader and a demonic saintess falling in love. When they first met and got acquainted with each other, they didn’t know the true identity of the other. When they were madly in love and decided to confess to the other, it was only then that they found out they were enemies. There was a chasm between them that couldn’t be crossed.

At that time, those who self-proclaimed to be righteous cultivators were discussing attacking the demon sect, while the demonic saintess Han Qingcheng swore to protect the demon sect with her life. Because of this reason, the two who were once in love finally met again on the battlefield.

According to the normal process of novels, it will naturally have a happy ending, but they will have to suffer a bit in the middle.

Although Director Yang likes to use newcomers, however, to ensure that the drama will receive a certain rating, the main leads and second leads will have to be acted by those with some popularity. Newcomers are generally selected for the other less important supporting roles. Therefore, Luo Lingxing directly excluded the roles of the martial arts leader and the second lead, and chose a role he liked from the remaining characters. This character didn’t have much screen time or many lines. He couldn’t be compared to the third or fourth supporting male lead, but Luo Lingxing still liked this character.

Chen Hongliang was silent for a moment, obviously thinking about the characters in the original book. After remembering who Little Prince Luo was, he said in surprise, “Mm, Little Prince Luo doesn’t have much screen time and his lines are short, but he’s a very likable role. If you act him well, it’ll be very beneficial to your future. He’s not a bad choice.”

At first, Chen Hongliang was worried that Luo Lingxing wouldn’t know how to choose a role, but now it seems that his worries were completely in vain.

“Mm.” Luo Lingxing replied indifferently.

“Alright, I won’t bother you anymore. You should prepare yourself. Try and get into Little Prince Luo’s mentality. You must obtain this role during the auditions,” Chen Hongliang repeated warned. Luo Lingxing kept telling him to believe in him, but he didn’t have a system after all. Chen Hongliang was still a bit worried.

When the first class was about to end the next day, the teacher announced who from their class was allowed to participate in the audition.

“This list is determined by all the teachers after consideration from all aspects. The selected students must prepare more and strive to win the role. Those who are not selected should not be discouraged. As long as you are willing to work hard, there will be more opportunities in the future. Let me announce the selected students. The three selected this time are Su Lingping, Mai Jinya, and Gao Zhinan. The audition is tomorrow. I hope you guys will do your best tomorrow. Let’s end the class here today,” The teacher finished speaking then left the classroom.

Many students couldn’t help showing disappointed expressions, but there were still many who congratulated the students who were selected.

“Jinya, this is great. You were selected. You have to do your best,” A girl congratulated another beautiful girl.

Mai Jinya obviously didn’t expect that she would be selected, and she was very excited. Her beautiful face was even more attractive because of her excitement.

“I… I didn’t expect to be selected. This time, I will definitely work hard,” Mai Jinya said excitedly.

“Gao Zhinan, not bad. You were selected for the first audition,” a boy said to another handsome boy.

Gao Zhinan looked a little proud and said, “Of course. Don’t you know who I am?”

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