IMG Chapter 45 Walking Through the Back Door

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“Not a problem.” Su Lingping made a strange pose, causing Su Weizhi and Wei Xinyi to grin from ear to ear. He spoke up when he suddenly remembered something, “Dad, I forgot to tell you. That bastard came back, and he’s even in the same class as me. He’ll definitely take part in the auditions this time as well. Think of a way to make our teachers not choose him. I can’t believe that a person without a system can beat me.”

“What? He actually came back?” Wei Xinyi said in surprise. After she finished speaking, she subconsciously looked at Su Weizhi. Worried that his heart would soften, she said, “Weizhi, you said that he doesn’t have a system, yet he still chose the performing arts department. If he does enter the entertainment industry in the future, won’t he be limited to minor roles? He won’t have a chance to get ahead.”

She knew that Su Weizhi valued his reputation the most. It was precisely because Su Lingxing didn’t have a system that his colleagues ridiculed him back then. He chased Su Lingxing out of the house because he was worried that he (SLX) would cause him to make a total fool out of himself (SWZ), and the fact that Su Lingxing wasn’t very likable. That’s why Su Weizhi grasped at this point.

Sure enough, after listening to Wei Xinyi’s words, Su Zhiwei frowned. Although that son of his has been kicked out of the house, many people know that he is his son. If Su Lingxing enters the entertainment industry later and is constantly seen on screen, acquaintances of his will see. Then, they will know that he has a son that is constantly acting minor roles and who never became popular. When that happens, they will definitely sneer at him because of this matter. He absolutely cannot let that happen. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll discuss it with your teacher. However, you have to act well and bring honor to your father,” Su Weizhi said to Su Lingping.

“Mm.” Su Lingping was finally relieved. Hmph, he wants to fight with him? He won’t even get the chance to. This time, he’ll (SLP) make sure that he (SLX) doesn’t get the chance to enter the entertainment industry. 

There are countless students like Su Lingping who want to rely on their families to walk through the back door. It’s completely true when they say that the entertainment industry is very complicated. Those without a profound background will more or less suffer on this path.

However, Luo Lingxing was never one who liked to suffer.

“Xiao Luo, let me tell you some good news. Can you guess what it is?” Chen Hongliang made a rare joke while video chatting with Luo Lingxing.

“I’ll be able to attend the audition,” Luo Lingxing lightly said. He used an affirmative tone, not a hint of question in his voice.

With Luo Lingxing acting like that, Chen Hongliang completely lost his mood to joke around. It couldn’t be helped. The other party didn’t want to cooperate and it was pointless to joke around by himself.

“Yes, but you definitely wouldn’t have guessed this. I didn’t contact them, instead they reached out to me. I was so excited when I received the call that I almost couldn’t stand straight. Thankfully, I didn’t fall down at the scene or else it would’ve been so embarrassing,” Chen Hongliang happily said. He felt like he was still dreaming. He worked so hard to get in contact with the production team and never thought that they would reach out to him first. Such a good thing actually happened to him. He felt that his fortune was changing for the better.

Luo Lingxing looked at Chen Hongliang, who was still sitting on the ground. The corners of his mouth were slightly curved, something he rarely does, and he said jokingly, “It looks like you didn’t fall down in front of them, but you still sat down on the ground after you hung up the call.”

“Hehe, I’m the only one here right now. It wouldn’t be embarrassing even if I laid down on the floor,” Chen Hongliang said with a smile. “By the way, have you finished reading the original novel? Do you have a favorite character?”

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