IMG Chapter 44 Open Auditions

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“That’s right. If you’re talking about opportunity, then young master Ping has the bigger chance. Some people should stop their wishful thinking.”

Liu Quan and Lin Hai echoed each other, attracting the attention of the rest of the class. It’s a shame that Luo Lingxing was too lazy to bother with them and completely acted as if he didn’t hear them.

Liu Quan and Lin Hai spoke for a bit, but they realized that the main character was completely ignoring them, and felt that it was boring. They sneered a bit before going silent.

“For this open audition, each freshmen class can select three people to participate. These three will be chosen by their normal performance and grades. Now, let’s gather our thoughts and start class.” The teacher knocked on the blackboard and signaled everyone to quiet down. However, everyone was currently so excited that they couldn’t settle down.

Director Yang is a springboard for many newcomers who want to step into the entertainment industry. They will be blessed with good fortune as long as they’re able to obtain this springboard. Moreover, this was an opportune chance. Although everyone knows there isn’t much hope, they still can’t help but give it a try.

Luo Lingxing knew about this news yesterday, but he didn’t expect Director Yang to recruit at his school. However, this only increases his chances.

After class, it seemed that all grades of the performing arts department only spoke about Director Yang coming to their school for open auditions. Everyone was restless, but they still needed to get selected in their class to be eligible to attend the audition.

Therefore, everyone earnestly listened to their class lectures everyday in order to leave a good impression on the teachers so that they could get chosen for the audition. There were even plenty of students planning on going through the back door. They didn’t want to give up an opportunity like this no matter what. Especially for the students who planned to make their debut soon, this was an exceptionally good chance for them.

Su Lingping is one of these students.

“Dad, Director Yang Chuanzhi is coming to our school to recruit for their roles. I want to act in his new film,” Su Lingping sat beside Su Weizhi and said coquettishly while holding onto his arm.

“If you want to act, then do it. How could my son not be selected?” Su Weizhi said dotingly. He pat Su Lingping’s head with his big head, a huge smile streaking across his face.

Su Weizhi will be fifty years old this year. Since he often drinks socially, and because he doesn’t like to work out, he has long since put on a lot of weight. He isn’t as handsome as he was in his youth, but because of his family’s high status, there are always people who want to fall into his bed. His current wife, Wei Xinyi, is a very crafty one. Otherwise, how could she turn her status as a lover to the official wife? 

“Your son is very outstanding. Of course I’ll be selected. However, Dad, you should help me just in case. If Dad becomes one of the investors of this film, my success will be guaranteed,” Su Lingping continued to urge.

“Weizhi, our son is eighteen years old this year, and he has a celebrity system. He will definitely walk on the path of a performing artist in the future. Moreover, this is the perfect chance. We should use this opportunity to have him make his debut. Don’t they say that if you want to make a name for yourself, you have to start early? Our son is so outstanding, he will definitely light a path in the industry. When the time comes, he’ll be giving us a lot of face1” Wei Xinyi took the chance to say beside them.

Wei Xinyi loves this son of his the most, especially after the other one left home. He only had this one son left. He definitely wouldn’t reject any of his son’s requests, and hearing Wei Xinyi’s words, he suddenly felt full of pride. He waved his hand and said, “Then, I’ll have my secretary contact Director Yang tomorrow about the investment. Son, you have to do your best in this audition and bring me honor.”

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  1. This is regularly used in Chinese novels. In this context it means Su Lingping will make them look good. If you want more information on this, please visit the termbank ↩︎

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