IMG Chapter 43 A Foodie

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Luo Lingxing watched the comments fly by on the screen. At first, they were making all sorts of comments on his cakes, but it slowly turned towards talking about his body. He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, but he still liked these fans of his. He thought they were very cute.

Luo Lingxing decided to film and upload another video in order to thank these fans that provided him Power of Faith. Thankfully, this dorm had a small kitchen, making it convenient to film videos.

Luo Lingxing entered the kitchen and looked over the ingredients he had on hand. He decided to make a simple Sachima.

He set the camera up in the kitchen. Having experienced filming before, Luo Lingxing was noticeably more skilled this time. He quickly adjusted the camera and finished prepping for the shoot. He then laid all the ingredients out one by one.

“This time, I’ll teach everyone a dessert that’s easy to learn– Sachima 1 . Everyone at home can make it for themselves to enjoy.”

“The ingredients needed for Sachima are flour, sugar, eggs, peanut kerosene, and starch. They’re all ingredients that are regularly used at home. Up next, let’s start cooking.”

“The first step is to mix the flour with eggs to make dough. Knead it well, use the starch to coat the dough. Roll the dough into 1.2 mm thick large pieces, stack them together, and cut them into 1.2 mm thick noodle strips. Set aside for later use.”

“The second step is to place these strips into the frying pan, fly until they’re golden brown. Fish them out and keep them warm for later use.”

“The third step is to cook the syrup. Add sugar into a hot pot. Turn the heat down to medium after it bkerosenes and simmer until it caramelizes and you can form stiff peaks with the caramel. Turn off the heat and pour it over the fried noodles.”

“Finally, take the caramel coated noodles and dump them into the pre-prepared (coated with sugar) 30 cm square wooden frame. Push it evenly in and use a wooden board or a mallet to press it even. Lastly, you just need to cut them into 4 cm square pieces.”

Luo Lingxing held the finished Sachima near the camera so that everyone can take a close look at what Sachima looks like. 

“The Sachima is now complete. It got its name because its color is similar to a cotton rose hibiscus 2 . If you guys don’t like the square shape or think it doesn’t look like a hibiscus flower, then what about this?”

Luo Lingxing placed the square Sachima on the chopping board and picked up a thin knife. The knife came down, and you could barely see his movements. All you could see is the once square shaped Sachima turn into a blooming hibiscus flower. It was extremely beautiful and the color aroused one’s appetite.

Luo Lingxing uploaded the finished video directly on Bilibili. Similar to his first video, he didn’t polish this video at all or pay attention to it after it was uploaded. Instead, he packed up his filming equipment and cleaned up the kitchen.

“Wow, Luoluo, what delicious thing are you making now in the kitchen? If I had known earlier that you were going to cook, I wouldn’t have gone to the cafeteria.” Xia Yuan, whose nose is most sensitive to food, smelled the scents floating around as soon as he entered the door. He followed the smell to the kitchen, and the first thing he saw was the beautiful Sachima.

“Whoa, it’s so beautiful. It must taste amazing.” Xia Yuan expertly picked up a piece of Sachima and stuffed it in his mouth. As he ate, he didn’t forget to show a satisfied expression as if he was eating the most delectable food on earth.

Luo Lingxing was already used to Xia Yuan acting like this. He was already immune to his antics since he made this expression every time he ate something good.

Yang Zekai stood by the kitchen door and watched his unreliable childhood friend. He couldn’t help but press his palm against his forehead. It’s too embarrassing. Did he not just feed him? How could he put on that kind of expression? It’s just too much.

“There’s still a lot on the plate. If you don’t mind, I’ll give it all to you. I’m heading back to my room to tidy up,” Luo Lingxing told Xia Yuan.

“Mm, goo ong.” Because Xia Yuan had food in his mouth, his words were unclear.

Luo Lingxing gave a slight nod to the Yang Zekai standing by the door and returned to his room carrying his camera.

Yang Zekai refocused his attention on Xia Yuan. He really wanted to pry open his little head and see if there was a misplaced part somewhere inside. Why has he been obsessed with food since he was young? It’s fine if he acted like this at home, but he should at least pay some mind when he’s outside. If he entered the entertainment industry with a personality like that,  wouldn’t he embarrass himself in front of everyone within minutes?

“Xiao Kai, come have a taste. It’s super good. I’ve never eaten something like this before.” Xia Yuan picked up a piece of Sachima and stretched out his hand. He very naturally delivered the piece to Yang Zekai’s mouth. His gaze never once leaving the plate containing Sachima.

The anger Yang Zekai once held dissipated with Xia Yuan’s subconscious action. He couldn’t stay angry. All he felt now was helplessness.

Hahh… Forget it. Didn’t he choose to major as an agent in the first place because he was worried that Xia Yuan wouldn’t be able to cope once he entered the entertainment industry? Nothing major should happen with him keeping watching. Let’s just let him relax for a bit. Those were the thoughts Yang Zekai had.

That night, Luo Lingxing received another video call from Chen Hongliang.

“I haven’t been able to meet with Director Yang yet, but through my hard work, I was finally able to figure out what his new drama is called. This drama will be an adaptation of the currently popular webnovel ‘The Enchantress.’ You can find the original novel and prepare yourself first,” Chen Hongliang urged. 

“I understand,” Luo Lingxing replied. Chen Hongliang urged several other points to pay attention to before finally hanging up the video call.

Ever since Chen Hongliang told him this afternoon that Director Yang was producing a new drama, Luo Lingxing searched online for information regarding this director.

Yang Chuanzhi could be considered a small celebrity in the director circle. Most were especially puzzled, but secretly surprised by the fact that he likes to use newcomers. As everyone knows, if you use well known celebrities in a film, then the fans of those celebrities will turn into part of the audience for the film and give it some hype. However, if you only use newcomers, you will have to worry about this point.

However, Yang Chuanzhi has never taken the beaten path. Most only hope that popular celebrities can act the protagonists, supporting roles, and even side roles. However, besides the leads and second leads, he likes to use newcomers for the rest of the roles.

Moreover, since many of the newcomers he’s worked with have become popular, one can say that Yang Chuanzhi is one of the directors that newcomers wish to work with the most. 

However, not every newcomer will be chosen. There are very strict requirements if you want to participate in his films. This is also the reason why his films are still popular even though he uses newcomers.

Luo Lingxing looked online for the original novel of ‘The Enchantress’ He planned to read it all night. He found webnovels to be a very curious and mysterious thing. These stories are very different from the folk tales from his previous life. They’re more detailed and the stories are more complete. It’s more realistic when read and it’s almost as if the author visited the world in their stories before. It can stimulate the reader’s emotions more easily, so he liked them more. That’s why he liked to read webnovels that interested him when he didn’t have anything going on. He especially liked to read novels related to cultivation since it gave him a nostalgic feeling of going back to the past.

Luo Lingxing finished reading ‘The Enchantress’ in one night. He really liked the story, so he had unknowingly read until two o’clock in the morning. The next day, he was still a bit sleepy in his early morning class. 

It couldn’t be helped. His current cultivation base was still too low. He still had the same habits as ordinary people. Once he raises his level a bit more, he won’t be as spiritless as he is now.

“Classmate Luo, are you okay?” Gao Fei, who was sitting next to Luo Lingxing, asked with concern.

Luo Lingxing had some impressions of Gao Fei. During the first system guide class, Gao Fei took the initiative to share the interface of the system with him, allowing him to understand the system better. He still felt a lot of gratitude towards Gao Fei.

“I’m fine, thank you,” Luo Lingxing said, showing expression as he rarely does.

Gao Fei was stunned by Luo Lingxing’s smile. He touched the back of his head with his hand and said with a silly smile, “You’re welcome.”

At this time the teacher walked into the classroom, and Luo Lingxing and Gao Fei began to listen carefully.

“I want to tell everyone some good news. Director Yang Chuanzhi is planning to film a new drama. He plans to visit our school to audition the roles. Everyone should do their best,” The teacher said to the students with a smile.

Sure enough, the students sitting below stirred with excitement as soon as the news came out. They split into groups of twos and threes and began to animatedly discuss this news.

“For real? Director Yang is going to have open auditions for his film at our school?  That’s amazing.”

“Don’t even think about it. How can freshmen like us who haven’t even entered the school for a couple months be selected?”

“But, it’s Director Yang. Director Yang loves using newcomers. We probably wouldn’t have a chance if it was a different director, but it’s different with Director Yang.” There were still some that were looking forward to it.

“There are still our senior brothers and sisters. I don’t think we’ll ever get a chance.”

“That’s true. Hahh… We can only do our best to study. That way, we can fight for a role when Director Yang comes to open auditions at our school again when we’re sophomores or juniors.”

The students felt excitement, expectation, and disappointment. 

“Classmate Luo, you should give it a try,” Gao Fei said to Luo Lingxing, his eyes shining slightly.

Luo Lingxing turned his head to look at Gao Fei. Gao Fei scratched his head embarrassedly and said, “You did a great job in Director Qian’s acting class last time. I think your acting skills are great. You might have a chance if you join the audition.”

Luo Lingxing smiled. He heard sneers from behind before he could say anything. They purposefully spoke loudly as if they were afraid he wouldn’t be able to hear, “How could Director Yang take interest in a person who doesn’t even have a system? With just that fact alone, he has no chance.”

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The Sachima I’ve had all taste similar to a rice crispy treat…but not crunchy. It’s more soft than anything. In my opinion at least. I’ve never had a freshly made one so maybe it’s better *drools*

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1 Sachima: A fried Chinese pastry that looks like this.

2 芙蓉糕: Literal translation is Hibiscus cake. I have no idea why it’s called that as the Sachima I’ve seen have never resembled hibiscus lol.

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