IMG Chapter 42 Gaining Fans

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“Xiao Luo, I have good news,” Chen Hongliang happily said. “Director Yang is planning to shoot a costume drama. I’ll do my best to get an audition stop for you. Prepare yourself. If you get an audition spot, you have to win this role.

“Mm, I understand,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

“Director Yang is the one director that loves using newcomers in his films. Moreover, his works are always well-loved. If you cooperate with him for your first work back in the entertainment industry, it’ll greatly benefit your future development. We must succeed this time no matter what,” Chen Hongliang firmly said, his face determined to make this work. Regardless of how many walls they come across, he will definitely lead Luo Lingxing to success. They’ll show those who once mocked them how much a slap to the face hurts!

“Rest assured.” Luo Lingxing didn’t say much and his voice didn’t covey much emotion, but for some reason, it reassured Chen Hongliang. Perhaps this is his charm.

“Alright, I won’t bother you any longer. I’ll find a way to meet Director Yang.” Chen Hongliang hung up the video call after saying some words to Luo Lingxing. Luo Lingxing looked towards the room, the corners of his mouth lifting in a charming curve.

At this time, the fragmentary Power of Faith that were floating around seemed to have increased. They revolved around Luo Lingxing’s body as if they were naughty little white spirits. They circled around many times because finally merging with his body. The white light surrounding Luo Lingxing made him seem even more extraordinary.

Luo Lingxing entered his room, turned on his quantum computer, and signed in on Bilibili. As expected, there was an increase in the barrage 1 of comments on the video he uploaded. The densely populated comments seemed to have obscured the whole video. 

“This cake is so pretty. How come I’ve never seen it before? Where is this cake sold? Requesting the address please.”

“Requesting address +1. After seeing the Dragon Beard Cake from his video, I scoured the whole city to buy one but couldn’t find it. I really want to eat some.”

“Scoured the whole city +1. I was running around like a fool the other day. Thinking about it just embarrasses me, but I will anything to eat this cake.”

“I came from Weibo 2 . It looks so delicious. The person who just finished his meal said he’ll give them a few pieces of Dragon Beard Cake. He also ate some himself.”

“Came from Weibo +1. I couldn’t help gnawing the screen when I saw the uploader make this cake.”

“I also came from Weibo. The previous two posters, hold it. It’ll be worth it.”

Luo Lingxing was a bit puzzled when he saw the couple of comments that mentioned Weibo. However, those comments were quickly covered by new ones, so he didn’t think too much into it.

“Hehe, I used the stewing method to make the Dragon Beard Cake. Although it wasn’t as pretty, it tasted really good.”

“Previous poster, don’t leave just yet. Let’s have a good chat about life once school is out.”

“Previous previous poster, don’t leave. I won’t let you go unless you give me the Dragon Beard Cake.”

“Am I the only one who noticed how beautiful the video uploader’s hands are?”

“Previous poster, you’re not the only one +1” “Previous poster, you’re not the only one +10010” “Previous poster, you’re not the only one +10086” “The uploader’s fingers are so slender. I bet a cucumber that the uploader plays the piano.”

“The uploader also has a good figure. Although only his waist was exposed, I felt like I was going to have a nosebleed. This won’t do. I need to go to the bathroom.”

“My Mommy just asked why I suddenly had a nosebleed. I stared at her stupidly because I didn’t even notice.”

“God Luo has such a good body. Requesting a full body picture!”

“God Luo must also have a very handsome face. Requesting a full body picture +1” “I took a look and found that this is the only video God Luo uploaded. Requesting God Luo to upload more videos in the future.”

“Agreed +1. God Luo, I want to be your fan.”

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If you guys are confused on the whole +1 thing in the comments, that just means they’re agreeing with the previous comment. Woot, I’m really for our Luoluo to shoot to stardom!

1 Barrage of comments: They’re comments they float on the screen like this:

2 Weibo: A Chinese microblogging site.

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