IMG Chapter 131 Dark Horse Bankrupt

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As Luo Bingze expected, there was no need for him to make a move. The successive losses from Dark Horse Apparel had caused strong dissatisfaction from the board of directors. The current Dark Horse was like an old horse that was about to die. It was just one straw away from being overwhelmed, and Luo Bingze was naturally very willing to “help” the black horse on its final journey.

Dark Horse Apparel went bankrupt and all its stores also closed. This shocked the masses and made numerous companies think that they were also in danger.

Just because a thriving company chose the wrong ambassador, it caused the company to go bankrupt in a short period of time and all of its stores to close. This kind of effect had all the companies trembling in fear.

Everyone knew that choosing a good ambassador had a great impact on the company’s sales, but no one expected that the impact would be so great that it would lead to the company going bankrupt.

The contrast between Luo Lingxing’s endorsement and Su Lingping’s endorsement was too great. If they hadn’t compared the two, then no harm would have been done. Luo Lingxing brought an almost bankrupt company, Sen Rong, to a brilliant height. Sen Rong was brought up and became a trend and was placed in everyone’s eyes.

Similarly, Luo Lingxing had become the sweet cake that was fought over by all the companies. Everyone hoped that their business could reach a new height, and no one hated making more money. Therefore, ambassador deals were flying toward Luo Lingxing like hotcakes, overwhelming Chen Hongliang but also making him so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling.

On the other side is Su Lingping. Everyone considered Dark Horse Apparel’s bankruptcy to be connected with him. Perhaps they were only placing the guilt on all who were associated with it, but everyone would rather trust in that guilt than not. Everyone would naturally choose ambassadors who could uplift the company.  In any case, the entertainment industry was filled with celebrities. So in order to avoid following the footsteps of Dark Horse Apparel, the companies that had signed an endorsement with Su Lingping all canceled their contracts.

Even Liu Guanghua’s endorsements were somewhat affected. For a while, these two people had successfully appeared on the ambassador blacklist for many companies, and they were unlikely to find any endorsements for a while.

“Dammit, how could they?” After learning this news, Su Lingping smashed everything in sight, yet he was still unable to quell his anger. 

He didn’t take it seriously when Xi Liangqing’s company went bankrupt, after all, for someone with a family background like his, Dark Horse was just a company made for fun. However, he didn’t expect his reputation to be damaged, and that all the endorsements that he had negotiated to become just a mirage. Besides needing professional skills, reputation was the most important thing to a celebrity. If their reputation wasn’t good, even if their skills were superb, no one would invite this celebrity to become their ambassador. After all, the thing that the entertainment industry doesn’t lack the most were celebrities.

Therefore, when Sun Lingyan learned that his endorsements had been canceled and he’d been blacklisted by those companies, he was enraged. “Calm down first. This can’t be helped. You were implicated by Dark Horse. Who knew that Dark Horse would go bankrupt in such an embarrassing way.” Sun Lingyan was also full of complaints about this matter.

She originally supported Su Lingping robbing Luo Lingxing of his endorsement since she hated seeing Chen Hongliang showing off Luo Lingxing’s might in front of him. However, if she knew the end result would be like this, she would have done anything to stop Su Lingping from stealing the endorsement. In that case, Luo Lingxing might have been the one with a damaged reputation.

“That b*itch, Luo Lingxing, must have caused all of this. He’s definitely doing this on purpose.” Whenever Su Lingping mentioned Luo Lingxing, he always gnashed his teeth in anger. He wished he could crush that person into ashes.

He never expected that after he (LLX) left the Su family’s protection, he (LLX) could still have such a smooth path, and it could be said that it was even smoother than before. He (SLP) wouldn’t let him (LLX) continue to be so proud! He definitely wouldn’t allow it!

Su Lingping’s eyes were full of malice, shining a vicious light. Even Sun Lingyan was terrified that she took a step back, not daring to speak. 

However, none of this affected Luo Lingxing, who was preparing for the start of school.

That was correct. Luo Lingxing was currently preparing for school to start again, since now that work was finished, he planned on going to school until the next job. As for the endorsements that came one after another, Chen Hongliang was still deciding on which ones to choose. As for the ones he considered unworthy, he naturally didn’t consider them.

“Why didn’t Major General Han send you to school?” Chen Hongliang brought Luo Lingxing to the Imperial Capital’s Imperial University. He couldn’t help but ask enroute since Han Junzhan was always the one who had brought  Luo Lingxing to school before. As long as Major General Han was there, he would never let him (CHL) send Luo Lingxing to school.

He was really shocked when he realized the other party was a Major General. However, when he learned that they were fiancés, he, as the agent, had to lament. Major General Han was really very qualified to be his fiancé. Although he was a bit possessive, this only made others envy them more.

“He’s not home,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. It seemed that there was an issue at the military district, so he led his team away. He wasn’t back yet.

“Oh.” Chen Hongliang didn’t ask any more. After all, it wasn’t a field that he understood. “You should stay at school with a peace of mind during this time. There might be many reporters who try to come find you, but they won’t be able to enter the school. When there’s a job lined up, I’ll come find you.”


As he was saying this, they arrived at Imperial University’s gates. Chen Hongliang felt his temples throb, since there were reporters blocking the school gates. Who knew where they got the news from. In order to avoid these reporters, he clearly sent Luo Lingxing over a day earlier. He never expected them to still be unable to avoid the reporters.

“You can just simply answer the reporters’ questions later. If you really don’t want to answer them, then just leave them to me,” Chen Hongliang instructed Luo Lingxing. If it wasn’t for the Imperial University not allowing hover cars inside, he would have just driven into the school already.

“I got it,” Luo Lingxing replied. He didn’t think dealing with these reporters was anything difficult.

“Luo Lingxing is here.” No one knew which reporter suddenly called out, but everyone’s gaze turned to Luo Lingxing all at once. The speed they ran over wasn’t inferior to those trained soldiers, causing Luo Lingxing to be amazed.

“Sen Rong Apparel is now the favorite brand amongst youngsters. Everyone says this is all due to your credit. What do you think about this?” 

“I heard the traffic department had to reach out to Sen Rong Apparel and ask them to take down your large promotional photos. Do you know about this?”

“I heard that because of your promotional photos, there was a traffic jam in front of the store. Do you know about this?”

“May I ask what you think about Dark Horse Apparel replacing you as their ambassador?”

“They say Dark Horse Apparel has gone bankrupt because Sen Rong ran on a bank. Can I ask if you know about this?”

“It’s said that there are numerous companies that want you as their ambassador. What are your plans next?”

The reporters threw out questions one after another. Meanwhile, Luo Lingxing stood in the middle of the crowd with a blank face and blinking his big eyes from time to time. His expression said he couldn’t understand what they were talking about at all. All the women instantly found him to be super adorable, and even some of the male reporters couldn’t hold back.

“I’m sorry, can I ask what you’re talking about?” Luo Lingxing asked in a clear voice.

All the reporters strangely paused for a second or two, looked at each other, and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes. It was as if they were all surprised that Luo Lingxing didn’t know about such a big thing.”

“You don’t know that because of you, there were traffic jams and accidents on several streets?”

“You don’t know that Dark Horse Apparel bankrupted?” Two reporters asked at the same time.

Luo Lingxing shook his head obediently.

“Since the filming of the endorsement ad, Xiao Luo has been preparing for the start of school, so he doesn’t know much about the situation outside. Today, I’m here to send Xiao Luo to school. I hope that all the reporters can let Xiao Luo attend school with a peace of mind. If there is anything you need, I can help him answer,” Chen Hongliang said in a timely manner.

All the reporters suddenly came to realize that Luo Lingxing was still a nineteen-year-old freshman. Since he quickly became popular, all the trending topics online were about him. Whether it was the filming of his TV shows, movies, or even his endorsements, they have all achieved very good results, making many people marvel at and envy his achievements. However, they had all directly ignored the fact that he was still a student.

“Thank you everyone for your love and support. I will definitely work harder in the future to bring out better works to repay you all,” Luo Lingxing said to the reporters with a brilliant smile on his face. Everyone suddenly went quiet as they all opened a path for Luo Lingxing to enter the school.

By the time the reporters woke up from their daze, the person they had wanted to interview was already long gone. They were all annoyed at being mesmerized by a smile. However, the smile really was too beautiful. When they returned, they would ask the cameraman to edit and print out the smiling place. They would set it as their screensaver.

Although Luo Lingxing had already disappeared, his agent was still there. They could only retreat and inquire about news from Chen Hongliang. Finally, they were about to write the news for today. Their efforts of coming over early in the morning everyday to wait for Luo Lingxing to return to the dorms wasn’t wasted. Xia Yuan hadn’t returned yet, so nobody had been living there all summer vacation. There was already a fresh layer of dust in the dorm. Luo Lingxing could only roll up his sleeves and clean the entire dorm. He then remembered the reporters’ questions, so he planned to go online to see what had happened recently.

Luo Lingxing now understood why the reporters said what they had said. As for the matter of the traffic jam and accident because of his large poster on the street where Sen Rong was located, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. As for the Sen Rong store having to tear down his large poster, he didn’t care about it. As for the collapse of Dark Horse Apparel, he couldn’t care even less about it. The heavens knew what was fair. This was all cause and effect. They had dug their own graves.  They had to take their consequences even when suffering in pain.

However, for some deeper reason, he could actually guess that Third brother had a bit of a hand in this matter. Otherwise, Dark Horse Apparel, who was backed by the Xi Group, wouldn’t have completely bankrupted. However, he didn’t think Third brother was being meddlesome. He was very willing to accept the love his family gave him. Similarly, any decisions that his family made, he would also support unconditionally. It was all because they were his family.

If it was him, he would have done the same for his family.

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