IMG Chapter 130 No Despair if You Don’t Compare

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The advertisement idea came from Manager Li’s team. Since they had worked together before, everyone had a tacit understanding now that they were working together again. The work efficiency was surprisingly high, and it took only half the time needed to complete it. Moreover, the completed project was even better than before.

“It’s really amazing. Xiao Luo really is amazing. I can’t help but want to take this ad home and put it in my private collection,” Manager Li joked.

“Ahhh… It’s so beautiful. Manage, give me a copy. I’ll lick my screen everyday.” When the several female staff members saw it, they immediately started drooling and begging their manager.

“Xiao Luo is so pretty. Seeing him wearing that, I even want to buy a couple sets of clothes.”

“You’re not a man. You can’t wear them even if you buy them,” a male colleague teased.

“Even if I can’t wear it, I can just hang it up. Or I can wait for my future boyfriend to wear it,” Not to be outdone, the girl replied.

“As soon as Xiao Luo’s ad comes out, our company’s sales will definitely increase a lot this quarter.” Sen Rong’s sales director couldn’t contain their happiness.

“It’s all because Sen Rong’s clothes are good or else the outcome of the shoot wouldn’t be this good,” Luo Lingxing said modestly.

It could be said that everyone was very happy in this cooperation. Sen Rong’s endorsement fees hit Luo Lingxing’s terminal the next day without a single cent missing. Their sincerity in their cooperation could be seen. Luo Lingxing wasn’t worried about payments being defaulted since it was his big brother’s company, after all.

Sen Rong Apparel didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but the day after Dark Horse’s promotional photos were released, Luo Lingxing’s promotional photos were also released. Moreover, Luo Lingxing’s enlarged photos were posted outside all the subsidiary stories that belonged to their company. It instantly caused a sensation in the Emperor Star.

Many white-collar workers and students who were coming back from either work or school would stop their steps when passing Sen Rong and stare blankly at the huge posting hanging in front of the store.

The content of each photo was very simple. It was a youth wearing Sen Rong’s seasonal clothing staring at the passing people. There were no unnecessary decorations. There was only his face, the pair of eyes, and his temperament that attracted the passing people to stop and admire him.

“My god. Who is this? He’s so handsome,” a young girl wearing a school uniform couldn’t help but voice her admiration.

There were numerous people who were thinking the same thing as her at this time. Everyone wanted to know who the person in the poster was. They were very eager to know.

“This is our little prince, Luo Lingxing. He’s the one who played Luo Xiaoqi in ‘The Enchantress’ and Du Zixuan in ‘Interstellar Mecha’. Let me tell you, our little prince is blah blah blah…” a Luo Lingxing fan couldn’t wait to tell the people around her all the information regarding Luo Lingxing, even if she didn’t know who the people around her were.

What was even more strange was that as more and more people gathered around to look at the poster and listen to the information, there wasn’t the slightest bit of impatience on their faces.

The Luo-fans were encouraged, and they became even more excited. The voice telling the information became even more exciting, and they felt proud to be a Luo-fan. They were also proud that their idol could have this much influence.

Luo Lingxing would never know how many people stopped outside of Sen Rong because they saw his giant posters nor how many people couldn’t help but enter Sen Rong to buy the same style of clothings that they saw in the posters. Nor would he ever know how many rear-end car accidents would happen because they caught a glance of his posters.

In short, there were numerous car accidents of varying degrees happening all over the Emperor Star on this day. However, there wasn’t a single traffic dispute because the people who caused the accidents were very happy to solve this matter. They would then rush into Sen Rong to buy like crazy. In the end, they would take a million pictures of the giant posters outside the store. If it wasn’t daytime, these posters probably would have all been taken.

Of course, when the store manager of Sen Rong went to work the next day, he found that the poster outside their store was gone without a single trace.

The store manager quickly called the head office to report the incident with a huge smile on his face.

The sales director saw the essence behind this phenomenon and immediately issued an order, “Anyone who buys three pieces of clothing in the store will be given an official poster. Those who buy five pieces will get two posters.”

“Yes, I’ll keep you informed. But the poster outside our shop…” The store manager hesitated. The store poster was their store’s lucky item. Didn’t they see how crowded it was outside the store yesterday?

“I’ll send someone to deliver another one for you guys.” The sales director couldn’t contain their excitement since yesterday’s sales were higher than the past two month’s combined. How could he not be excited? If this continued, they would return to their most brilliant time, or perhaps become even more brilliant than they were in the past.

The sales director was full of enthusiasm and hurriedly gathered his subordinates and had them inform the printers to print posters and other gifts. Moreover, they had to make the gifts perfect.

As soon as the event of getting gifts related to Luo Lingxing for buying clothes started, the store became even more popular than yesterday. Numerous office workers would rush to Sen Rong after work for fear that they wouldn’t be able to buy their clothes and would be unable to get the gifts. And so, the street where Sen Rong was located became even more congested. Vehicles were unable to enter or leave after work, making the traffic police in charge of the area have a huge headache.

Since the emergence of hover cars and the planning of air routes, traffic polices existed in name only since the possibility of traffic accidents in the air was extremely low. No one would usually run around on the ground, therefore the traffic polices’ role was to periodically check which route had the largest traffic flow and limit the flow. The work was very simple. However, at this time, the traffic police department suddenly became very busy because the traffic accidents that hadn’t occurred in a long time suddenly became frequent again.

The traffic police department placed great importance on this event. They specially sent people to investigate the cause. In the end, the people that were sent out found that the accidents basically happened only on a few streets. Moreover, another rare incident occurred on these streets and that was a traffic jam. These strange incidents were reported back to the traffic police department, attracting a lot of attention.

After a period of observation, they finally found the source of these traffic jams. That was, they all occurred near Sen Rong’s shop. Even the traffic accidents happened near their shop. After finding out the source of these incidents, the traffic police officers didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Meanwhile, everyone was enthusiastically discussing Luo Lingxing’s endorsement online.

“Ahhh… Our little prince is so handsome. Not only is he handsome wearing ancient clothing, he’s also so freaking handsome wearing casual clothing. I’m licking my screen.”  “These clothes look so good. I’m going to buy some for my husband.”

“Although I’m a girl and I don’t have a boyfriend or husband, I still went to buy three sets to get the high-definition official poster of the little prince. For this poster, the money was well spent.”

“The quality of Sen Rong’s clothes are also very good. Even if you wear it for a few days, it won’t wear out. The quality to price ratio is very high. My husband loves wearing their clothes. Before, their styles were a bit old-fashioned, but it seems that problem is solved now. We can happily buy their clothes again.”

“Hehe, a certain company who replaced our little prince must be crying their eyes out right now. Just wait for their sales to plummet.”

“The best quality will be the best quality. It can’t be helped that they were blind.”  “Can I just say that all of Sen Rong’s stores are extremely crowded, meow. I just want to buy clothes and not be squished into meatloaf. Still, I persisted. But when it was my turn, the store clerk told me that they had sold out. Sold. out!”

“Can I just say that I tried for three days in a row and wasn’t able to get any. Is there anyone more miserable than me? Sob sob sob… Please comfort me and give me head-pats.”  “Do you know, several of my friends asked me today who the person in the giant poster outside of Sen Rong was. I proudly told them it was my little prince. It’s my pride to be able to meet the little prince in this lifetime.”

These past few days, all the employees of Sen Rong were so happy that they couldn’t contain their happiness. All their seasonal clothes were sold out. They had even added more stock, but they weren’t as fast as the sales. Their sales doubled and doubled again. Everyone could already see their end of the year bonus waving at them.

With a completely opposite atmosphere from Sen Rong was probably Dark Horse Apparel.

Xi Liangqing invited the popular Liu Guanghua to join in order to drive sales. The first day the promotional photos were announced, sales were okay, but from the second day on, sales fell rapidly. It was like riding an elevator down. From then on, sales had fallen to a miserable degree. Some stores couldn’t even sell a single piece of clothing in a day. It was one thing if it was only this season’s clothes, but even the sales for their previously launched styles were declining as well. Even the more popular styles had fallen to a record low. If this continued, the company would have a loss.

All the employees of the company were very cautious for fear of provoking the president.

In fact, they all had some complaints of Xi Liangqing in their hearts. If he had not replaced Luo Lingxing, their company would not be in this situation. They had all heard that because Sen Rong invited Luo Lingxing to be their ambassador, their sales had skyrocketed. The company that was about to go bankrupt had miraculously resurrected, and their sales were even higher than when they were at their peak. Moreover, some people who scheduled in advance couldn’t even buy it.

Comparing the two, their company was simply unlucky.

Su Lingping and Liu Guanghua’s situation was obviously not good, and the online fans had ridiculed these two hundreds of times already. They were depressed and dared not go online.

This scene, Luo Bingze naturally knew about it. Someone had reported it to him on the very first day. At that time, he was still thinking of ways to help his younger brother bring down the bastard, Xi Liangqing, and the company. In the end, he didn’t even have time to act. His younger brother only needed to endorse his subsidiary company, and the other party was already being pushed out of the market.

He actually didn’t expect Luo Lingxing’s endorsement to be so effective. Sen Rong’s stores were full almost everyday. Meanwhile, Dark Horse’s stores were very pitiful compared to them. They would often be deserted. It was a miserable sight.

Moreover, now that Sen Rong’s sales had increased more than tenfold, Dark Horse Apparel would probably lose all their original investments. If they continued like this, he wouldn’t need to make a move and Dark Horse Apparel would be finished all by itself. It was such a happy matter.

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