IMG Chapter 129 Unexpected Turn of Events

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The complaints toward Su Lingping continued online. However, since Hua Hai Entertainment and the Su family intervened, along with some other news, it wasn’t as intense as the beginning. However, the boycott of Dark Horse Apparel was still going on.

Despite this situation, Dark Horse Apparel still released the endorsement ads and promotional photos. This made numerous fans lament at their “boldness” as they happily prepared to watch their tragic ending.

Meanwhile, as the “victim,” Luo Lingxing received several endorsements. One of which was also from a clothing brand. 

Chen Hongliang was now a bit worried about clothing brands. This was probably a side effect from dealing with Dark Horse Apparel.

But compared to the other endorsements, the clothing brand was safer. Moreover, there were many celebrities feeting tooth and nail to become the ambassador for high-end clothing brands since these brands can elevate the celebrities’ status. Therefore, Chen Hongliang had to overcome the trauma caused by Dark Horse Apparel or else it would be detrimental to Luo Lingxing’s future growth.

Chen Hongliang carefully looked at endorsement offers from this clothing brand and decided to inquire about the details of this brand so that not another situation like Dark Horse Apparel’s would happen again. He would definitely have a bad impression on clothing brands from now on.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Chen Hongliang’s serious expression, Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but ask. He rarely saw Chen Hongliang have such a serious expression.

“There’s an endorsement with Sen Rong Apparel as well. Sen Rong Apparel was once considered a big named brand, but they had rapidly declined in the past ten years. And with the fact that there were endless new brands competing in the market with them, Sen Rong Apparel had gradually declined. However, I heard that they were acquired by Ze Cheng Group a few years ago,” Chen Hongliang slowly told Luo Lingxing about Sen Rong Apparel’s situation.

When he saw that it was acquired by Ze Cheng Group, he actually stopped worrying that they could change ambassadors, considering what kind of background and power Ze Cheng Group had. How could a small company like Dark Horse Apparel compare to them? If the other party wanted to, they could crush Dark Horse Apparel in minutes.

Everyone in the empire basically knew Ze Cheng Group. Their main market was hover cars, spaceships, and even warships. Apparel seemed to be completely irrelevant to Ze Cheng Group.

What he was more worried about was that this company was one of the thousands of subsidiaries under Ze Cheng Group, and it was an apparel company that had nothing to do with Ze Cheng Group’s main industry. Would the upper management of Ze Cheng Group waste too much manpower or resources? If they had only acquired the brand but didn’t plan on managing it well, then Sen Rong Apparel would be no different from before. This was what Chen Hongliang worried about the most.

Ze Cheng Group? Hearing the familiar name, Luo Lingxing thought about it and finally remembered that this was his third brother’s company. Therefore, wasn’t this endorsement sent by a subsidiary under his third brother’s company?

“I’ll accept this endorsement,” Luo Lingxing said to Chen Hongliang. Since it was a subsidiary under his third brother, he would naturally strongly support it.

“Will you really accept it? Ze Cheng Group’s main industries are hover cars and spaceships, not apparel,” Chen Hongliang informed Luo Lingxing.

“It’s fine,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile. He believed in his third brother. Even if he wasn’t an expert in this field, he would still do an amazing job. If not, he wouldn’t have been able to create such a large company.

Since Luo Lingxing agreed, Chen Hongliang naturally wouldn’t object. However, when they went to sign the contract, Chen Hongliang made it clear in the contract that unless Luo Lingxing made a huge mistake in his work, he could not be replaced.

Although they would receive a large amount in penalty fees if they were replaced, it would damage Luo Lingxing’s reputation. And in the entertainment industry, reputation was more important than anything else.

Sen Rong Apparel accepted all the conditions Chen Hongliang put forward without any question. This good attitude made Chen Hongliang feel embarrassed. Most importantly, the endorsement fee and the contract conditions given by Sen Rong Apparel were so good that Chen Hongliang felt he was dreaming. Even A-list celebrities may not get these kinds of numbers.

A huge pie fell on Chen Hongliang’s head, forcing him into a daze, and he wasn’t able to regain his senses until they had left Sen Rong Apparel’s doors.

“Xiao Luo, what do you think their intentions are? The endorsement fee they’re giving you is based on what A-list celebrities would be paid. This is too inconceivable.”

Although Luo Lingxing blew up in popularity because of ‘Interstellar Mecha’ and his position had increased a lot, he was still far from being an A-list celebrity. Perhaps Sen Rong Apparel wanted to take advantage of Luo Lingxing’s current momentum to make a turnaround? This was the most likely possibility that Chen Hongliang had come up with.

Luo Lingxing smiled but didn’t answer Chen Hongliang’s question. However, when he returned home, he gave Luo Bingze a video call.

“Xiao Xing, have you been eating well recently?” This was the first thing that came out of Luo Bingze’s mouth.

He instantly knew what was happening online, and he naturally also knew everything the detestable Xi Liangqing and Su Lingping had done as well. If Xiao Xing hadn’t previously told them that he wanted to take care of those two himself, he  (LBZ) would have destroyed those two people within minutes. How could he leave them to run around until now? How could he give them the chance to hurt their Xiao Xing again?

“Of course. I have a very good appetite,” Luo Lingxing replied with a laugh, making his third brother feel more relieved. It wasn’t worth having those kinds of matters affect him.

“That’s good. It isn’t worth it to let yourself suffer because of some unworthy people.” Luo Bingze’s tone was a bit harsh. His anger obviously hadn’t subsided yet.

“Third brother, you said it yourself. It isn’t worth getting angry over some unworthy people. Those people are just clowns who are jumping around. You shouldn’t pay them any mind,” Luo Lingxing comforted Luo Bingze this time since he could see that his third brother was still a bit angry.

“By the way, third brother, is Sen Rong Apparel under your company?” In order to avoid Luo Bingze from getting angry because he was reminded of some certain people, he quickly changed the topic.

“That’s right. Did they ask you to be their ambassador? They consulted me before about finding an ambassador, and I didn’t recommend you. Since they seeked you out, it was because they thought you were suitable,” Luo Bingze quickly explained. He was afraid that his younger brother would be mad that he was meddling.

Luo Lingxing smiled. How could he not see that his older brother was worrying? Even if his older brother had meddled in this matter, there was no reason for him to get mad. To have an older brother who cared about him this much, he was extremely happy, so how could he get angry?

“Mn, I signed the contract with them today. Don’t worry. Since it’s our family’s company, I definitely won’t let you down,” Luo Lingxing playfully said.

Hearing this, Luo Bingze finally let out a sigh of relief. He was really worried that his younger brother would be mad at him for meddling. But now it seemed that things couldn’t have gone any better.

Actually, if it wasn’t for this matter, he would have forgotten that he had Sen Rong Apparel under his wing. He had acquired Sen Rong Apparel on a whim, and afterward, Sen Rong Apparel was still managed by the original managers. Moreover, since Sen Rong Apparel was on the Emperor Star and he was on the Flowing Cloud Star, he was too lazy to head over to understand the company more, resulting in him almost forgetting about this company. If his younger brother hadn’t been bullied, he probably wouldn’t have remembered the company at all.

Hmph. Those ignorant people actually replaced his younger brother as an ambassador. He would let those people see how exceptional his younger brother was. He was so exceptional that he could bring a dying company back to life. Not only that, he wanted to snatch away the market that Dark Horse Apparel had been occupying and make those two b*tches regret it!

Since they dared bully his younger brother, he would let them understand what living like the dead meant!

Therefore, it was terrifying when a bro-con got worked up.

Sen Rong Apparel was very efficient, and the day after signing the contract, they notified Luo Lingxing to come to the company to shoot the promotional photos and advertisements.

Chen Hongliang took Luo Lingxing to the studio. Seeing the familiar people, he almost thought that they had gone to the wrong place.

“Manager Li? What are you doing here?” Chen Hongliang saw the familiar Manager Li and couldn’t help but ask.

“Haha, I’m now an employee of Sen Rong. You don’t have to call me manager. Since I’m older, just call me Brother Li,” Manager Li said with a smile.

He also didn’t expect that he would have this kind of opportunity. When he was under Dark Horse Apparel, because of the senior management’s decision, the ambassador was changed, leading many customers to become very dissatisfied. People were suppressing their company everywhere online. Adding on to the fact that he was very dissatisfied with Su Lingping and Liu Guanghua’s photoshoot and advertisements. Especially having Luo Lingxing to compare with, he became even more dissatisfied with these two.

He knew that when the endorsement came out, Dark Horse Apparel would definitely be pushed into scandal again. He considered it for a long time. He didn’t want to ruin his own reputation and be dragged back by Dark Horse Apparel, so he resigned. What he didn’t expect was that his resignation would cause his entire team to resign with him. Hearing this, he was extremely moved.

However, deep worry came afterwards. Resigned during a time like this Dark Horse Apparel definitely wouldn’t let them off, so finding a job would become even more difficult for them. However, the sky was the limit. At this time, Sen Rong Apparel had actually extended an olive brand to them. The reason was that they liked the set of promotional photos they took for Luo Lingxing as well as the creativity of the advertisement.

After coming to Sen Rong Apparel, Manager Li learned that Luo Lingxing had accepted their company’s endorsement. That was to say that they could cooperate with Luo Lingxing again. This made it so that Manager Li couldn’t help but treat Luo Lingxing as his benefactor. Especially after he came to Sen Rong. His position hadn’t changed, but his salary was higher than before.

“Xiao Luo, we’re here as well.” The staff who had worked with him before also came over to greet Luo with a smile. Similar to Manager Li, they had also considered Xiao Luo to be their benefactor.

At Dark Horse Apparel, they encountered restrictions everywhere. After coming to Sen Rong, he became a lot freer, and they really liked the atmosphere at this company. It could be said that they were very satisfied with their current company.

“Please treat me well in the future,” Luo Lingxing playfully greeted everyone.

The clothes at Sen Rong Apparel for this season were drastically different from Dark Horse’s. Dark Horse focused on sportswear while Sen Rong Apparel focused on leisurewear. The clothes had a neater look than Dark Horse’s, but it didn’t lose any liveliness of teenager’s clothing. Compared to Dark Horse’s clothing, Luo Lingxing preferred Sen Rong’s.

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