IMG Chapter 128 Colluding Together

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If the previous Weibo post was too vague, then this post even named the person. The fans were worked up again, especially the Han-Xing fans. This was basically the same as the original poster admitting it. The ship material were gathered and sent to the ship group. The fans in the group built it up to become even bigger and stronger.

There were also some fans who reported the previous incident and brought it back to life. There were also some who were very skilled online detectives and looked into the matter. What they found was that the situation was actually the complete opposite of what was reported. Basically, the company had broken the contract and replaced Luo Lingxing for no reason. Moreover, before replacing him, they forced him to complete all the work. Once the truth was revealed, the fans were all immediately angered.

Luo-fan 1: I said that our little prince is exceptional. How could he be replaced because he was unqualified? Simply put, it was the good company that set a trap for our little prince. Luo-fan 2: It must have been on purpose. If they thought that our little prince didn’t suit them, they could have notified him earlier. Why would they wait until the shoot was completely finished? They are purposely targeting our little prince. Ye-fan 1: This company is very insincere. I have a friend who works at this company and is in charge of the staff for endorsements like this. He secretly gave me a peek of Luo Lingxing’s promotional photos and he was so freaking handsome. I wanted to buy the clothes Luo Lingxing was wearing right then and there. It’s a shame that something like this happened now. I probably won’t dare to buy any clothes from them in the future. Luo-fan 3: Even if I had no clothes, I wouldn’t buy any from a company like theirs. The netizens started to discuss boycotting the company’s clothes for this season. At the start, there were only Luo-fans who were boycotting, but later on, more and more Ye-fans also joined in as well.

If it were only the Luo-fans, then it wouldn’t pose much of a threat to Dark Horse Apparel. However, it wasn’t the same if the Ye-fans were on as well. Who didn’t know that of all the fan groups, the Ye-fans were the largest. If they also boycotted, it would definitely have a huge impact on the company’s sales.

At this time, the employees of Dark Horse Apparel were a bit panicked. Xi Liangqing looked at the one-sided comments on the internet as well as the falling stock price. He was so angry that he almost wiped everything off his office desk and to the ground. At the same time, his heart was full of complaints about Su Lingping.

“President, what do you think we should do about this? The internet keeps asking us to replace young master Su or else they definitely won’t buy our products.” Manager Li really had a headache on his hands. Everything was originally going well, but it ended up like this because of the president’s and young master Su’s interference.

If he wasn’t an employee of Dark Horse, he would also clap his hands and yell out. It was a shame that he was now the one who had to clean up this mess. The most important thing was that Su Lingping had already finished shooting all the endorsement photos. If they changed ambassadors again, he would really be left speechless.

Xi Liangqing quickly thought of countermeasures. Although this company was only a small company that was managed by him, if he didn’t manage it well, he wouldn’t be able to give his father an explanation. However, he couldn’t replace Su Lingping because of this reason. If he does, he wouldn’t be able to explain to the Su family later. “Contact a more popular celebrity and have him become an ambassador along with Ah’Ping.” Xi Liangqing said to Manager Li. This was the best solution he could think of right now. He hoped that the popular celebrity could bring his fans with him and smoothly suppress this matter.

“Okay.” Manager Li was really too lazy to say anything. He didn’t think that they would be able to resolve this matter. Even if the celebrity was popular, could their popularity surpass Ye Luohan’s?

After this incident, Manager Li became even more disappointed with Xi Liangqing and this company, and he even wondered if he should switch companies.

Su Lingping didn’t expect that things would become like this, and even more so, he didn’t expect for Ye Luohan to stand on Luo Lingxing’s side and speak up for him. If Ye Luohan hadn’t butted in, this matter wouldn’t have developed to this point.

Just when in the world did Luo Lingxing hook up with Ye Luohan? Could it be when they shot the movie together? He had really underestimated Luo Lingxing, this sl*t. His ability to lure in men didn’t decrease at all. He was able to hook in such a powerful backer so quickly. Su Lingping’s heart was full of hate and jealousy.

Manager Li did as Xi Liangqing instructed and found a popular celebrity to pull Su Lingping out of this messy situation. However, the matter wasn’t as simple as Xi Liangqing thought. He thought that as long as they were popular, he could borrow that celebrity’s fans to draw in sales. However, he didn’t think of whether or not the other person would accept the endorsement.

This person didn’t have a low status and the brands that looked for him to become an ambassador were all high-end brands. Therefore, they naturally didn’t place the small Dark Horse Apparel in their eyes.

If this was the past, he might have accepted this endorsement for the sake of the Xi Group. However, Ye Luohan had clearly expressed his support for Luo Lingxing. If he came out and accepted this endorsement now, wouldn’t that mean he was going against Ye Luohan? Those with a bit of brains wouldn’t do something so stupid.

Therefore, Manager Li naturally hit walls at every step. Although some celebrities didn’t refuse right out, their implied meaning was clear. Even those from the Xi Group, it was useless. There were even some blunt celebrities who refused directly, without any room for negotiation.

At this time, it was hard for Manager Li to stop halfway. He didn’t know if it was too late to hand in his resignation letter now. He felt that after this incident, half his hair would turn white.

However, even if he was stressed, he still had to complete this task. He just had to be one of their workers. Since the A-list celebrities with high popularity and resources were unwilling to accept the endorsement, he could only take a step back and find a B-list celebrity who was still relatively popular. And he actually did find one.

Manager Li couldn’t be picky and submitted the information for the ambassador he found to the higher-ups. Xi Liangqing quickly approved it. There was then another round of shooting.

“Say, what’s so good about Luo Lingxing? Even Ye Luohan posted a Weibo to support him, making me hated by everyone.” While Su Lingping was shooting, he couldn’t help but complain to his new partner.

The internet was now full of people scolding him. He debuted not too long ago, so he didn’t have many fans. He definitely didn’t have as many fans as Ye Luohan. He didn’t dare go online carelessly right now.

“Hehe, what good qualities can that person have? He probably is skilled in serving people in bed or else there wouldn’t be so many people supporting him. He probably slept with a few people already.” That person also had some scruples. His words were obviously filled with resentment toward Luo Lingxing.

“Guanghua, it turns out that you also think this way. That sl*t, except for his face, doesn’t have any other good points,” Su Lingping said maliciously.

It turned out that the “life-saving” ambassador was Liu Guanghua.

“Because of Ye Luohan’s support, most celebrities are unwilling to pick up this endorsement. They’re afraid of offending Ye Luohan. Are you not afraid?” Su Lingping couldn’t help but ask.

As long as they mingled in the entertainment industry, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t know Ye Luohan’s position inside the entertainment industry. It could be said that as long as he spoke, he could decide the fate of any celebrity.

“What’s there to be afraid of? No matter how powerful he is within the entertainment industry, it’s only within the entertainment industry. He’s nothing outside of the entertainment industry. I am the young master of the Liu Group. If he dares offend me, he’ll offend the entire Liu Group. When that happens, it won’t be long until he’s unable to mix within the entertainment industry anymore. I think you’re too timid. With your status as the young master of the Su family, do you still need to be afraid of an actor?” Liu Guanghua said with disdain. He accepted this endorsement with the sole purpose of embarrassing Luo Lingxing. He was never afraid of Ye Luohan.

“That’s true. We’re from affluent families. How could a celebrity compare to us? We entered the entertainment industry just for fun. Only we’re allowed to bully others. How could others bully us?” The more Su Lingping thought about it, the more he felt this was the case. He was the proud young master of the Su family. How could he let a mere celebrity take the lead? It was simply too embarrassing.

In a way, Su Lingping and Liu Guanghua were the same kind of people. They had the same background and were both rich playboys. They were birds of a feather and were able to agree on many things, especially when they had the same enemy.

“Luo Lingxing won’t be able to stay arrogant for long. For him to think that Ye Luohan will be able to change the winds in the entertainment industry is hilarious,” Liu Guanghua sneered. He hadn’t forgotten that Luo Lingxing had robbed him of the role of Du Zixuan in the ‘Interstellar Mecha.’ Especially after seeing the online popularity of Du Zixuan, his hatred for Luo Lingxing increased even more. All of this should have belonged to him, but it was snatched away. He couldn’t stomach this!

“You may not know, but Luo Lingxing is also a young master of the Su family. However, his sl*t of a mother passed away early. He didn’t have any connections, so my father kicked him out of the family. I originally thought that he would be living miserably. But I didn’t expect that, like his mother, he was also a sl*t who lured in men,” Su Lingping couldn’t help but say.

This was obviously the first time Liu Guanghua had heard this. He only knew that the eldest young master of the Su family had been kicked out, then Su Lingping’s position became higher. But he didn’t expect that the person who was kicked out was actually Luo Lingxing.

Liu Guanghua rolled his eyes, then approached Su Lingping and whispered something unknown. Afterward, Su Lingping’s eyes shone, and he looked very excited. “Will that work?” Su Lingping asked.

“Absolutely. Without any problems. Don’t you want to teach him a lesson? Listening to me is the correct answer,” Liu Guanghua said proudly.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. I can’t wait to see what kind of embarrassing expression that person will show.” Su Lingping imagined that scene, and his entire body was filled with pride.

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