IMG Chapter 127 Support From the Male God

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He threw caution to the wind and tried to clean up the mess. There were times when he wondered if working in this company and under this kind of boss was actually good or not? Did this kind of company actually have a future?

In fact, Manager Li was also very confused.

After hanging up the call, Chen Hongliang felt that the breath he held inside his chest couldn’t be swallowed or spit out. He felt like shit.

“Xiao Luo, your endorsement has been changed,” Chen Hongliang said guiltitly since this endorsement was chosen by him. Otherwise, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened.

“It’s to be expected, so don’t blame yourself,” Luo Lingxing comforted Chen Hongliang. In fact, the moment he saw Xi Liangqing, he knew this matter wouldn’t go smoothly. However, being replaced as the ambassador was in line with his wishes.

Before, his professionalism as an artist didn’t allow him to give up the job. Now that they changed him out, he would also obtain the penalty fee, so he didn’t lose anything.

“Expected?” Chen Hongliang didn’t understand.

“You don’t have to worry about this for now. However, since I did all the work that I needed to, the penalty fee must be settled. Moreover, the penalty fee cannot be lacking in any way. I will have to trouble Brother Chen with this,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. However, the momentum he exuded didn’t allow others to treat him as a 19 year old youth.

“That’s no problem. I won’t be polite with a company like this.” Chen Hongliang’s eyes burning with a raging fire. He would make them pay all the damages and wouldn’t let the other party take any advantages.

Of course, Dark Horse Apparel wasn’t an easy target. Besides the penalty fee, the other party wasn’t willing to pay an additional penny. This was all, of course, decided by Xi Liangqing.

In those few days, he did his best to please Luo Lingxing, but the other party didn’t even spare him a glance. The angered Xi Liangqing almost wanted to openly deal with Luo Lingxing. However, reason stopped him. He was afraid of Su Lingping finding out something. However, in his heart, a little celebrity that didn’t have the backing of his family, if he wanted to deal with him, the other party wouldn’t be able to stop him. He also wasn’t in a hurry.

Being unable to obtain the endorsement fee, Chen Hongliang was naturally unwilling to give up. Even if this matter went to court, the law was on Luo Lingxing’s side. However, Chen Hongliang was worried that since Luo had only just started his career, this matter would leave a bad shadow for him. Therefore, taking it to court was definitely the last measure.

However, this matter was not resolved. It also wasn’t known which good netizen broke this news online. Many media outlets started following this news. They seriously claimed that the company was dissatisfied with Luo Lingxing as their ambassador, so he was changed out. As a result, Luo Lingxing’s agent was dissatisfied that he was replaced and asked the company for compensation. The entire article painted Luo Lingxing in a bad light.

Fan 1: What’s going on? Little prince was replaced as an ambassador?

Fan 2: Apparently the little prince was supposed to be the ambassador for Dark Horse Apparel. In the end, he was replaced for some reason.

Fan 3: Dark Horse Apparel is too much. I won’t buy their clothes in the future.

Hater 1: Hehe, isn’t the reason for this very simple? It’s because your little prince wasn’t qualified so they had the authority to replace him. Moreover, your little prince has such a thick place. The company paid the penalty fee already and yet you guys still want them to pay the endorsement fee. I’ve learned something new. Hater 2: That is to say that a certain celebrity is asking for way too much. Aren’t they just replacing him? As a newcomer, shouldn’t he be honest and take it step-by-step? Why must he take shortcuts? This will probably harm him a lot! Fan 4: Who’s replacing the little prince? The little prince is so handsome. If they don’t use the little prince as their ambassador, it’s their loss. Fan 5: An internal staff said that the pictures taken by the little prince are just beautiful. If they had used them, their quarterly sales could probably be doubled. And the new ambassador simply can’t compare to the little prince.

Hater 1: Previous poster, you must be part of the water army. You’re so blatantly trying to make that celebrity look good. Is this really okay?

Fan 5: Does Xiao Luo need to hire fans? Each and every staff member who participated are all like this. Those with eyes can see that Xiao Luo is more suitable for this role.

Fan 6: I think the previous previous poster must be part of the water army. The water army was probably hired by Su Lingping?

Ping-fan 1: Why are you involving our Susu? If you want to fight amongst yourselves, go ahead, but don’t involve our Susu.

Hater 2: You guys probably don’t know but since the person replacing Luo Lingxing is Su Lingping, the Luo-fans definitely won’t let your Susu off. I advise you to just not speak or else the Luo-fans may come for you. Who told your Susu to steal someone else’s job?

As soon as this hater’s comment appeared, Su Lingping’s fans and Luo Lingxing’s fans ignited. After finding out that Su Lingping was replacing Luo Lingxing, the Luo-fans all sought justice for Luo Lingxing. And after finding out that Su Lingping was going to be the ambassador for Dark Horse, the Ping-fans were congratulating while sneering at the Luo-fans. The online fans started arguing even harder.

Chen Hongliang watched the large number of the water army fight with each other. His expression was extremely gloomy. He didn’t expect for this matter to end up on the internet.

Generally speaking, things like this were best solved privately. Whether it was the ambassador that was being replaced or the new ambassador of the company, each celebrity had their own loyal fans. And what those endorsement companies were most afraid of were for those fans to grab their claws onto the company. Therefore, most companies wouldn’t be stupid enough to put this matter online.

Chen Hongliang thought it over in his head, eliminated a ton of people, and finally put the target on one person, and that was Su Lingping.

He heard a bit about the matter between Su Lingping and Luo Lingxing. He also knew that the two of them were at odds. The person who directly benefited from this matter was Su Lingping, so Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but suspect him.

And the fact was that Su Lingping was naturally the one who blew up this matter. He wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to suppress Luo Lingxing. However, he didn’t know that by doing this, he had dug himself into a grave.

There actually weren’t many people who paid attention to this matter online. Most of them were Luo Lingxing and Su Lingping’s fans as well as a few haters. Since Luo Lingxing and Su Lingping weren’t very popular right now and matters like these happened everyday, the matter was quickly suppressed.

Of course, if no one mentioned it, then this matter may end just like this. Of course, if the person who was provoked was famous enough, then this matter probably wouldn’t end so easily.

Ye Luohan V: Casually replacing people. If you don’t want him, then fine!

Ye Luohan suddenly posted this Weibo without any notice. This made the fans who were stalking his page to find out as soon as he posted. As for the Male God’s rare Weibo, the fans naturally did their best to evaluate it as onlookers.

Ye-fan 1: What’s going on with the Male God? Was his endorsement possibly stolen? Ye-fan 2: No way. Who would have guts big enough to steal our Male God’s endorsement? Ye-fan 3: Who is the Male God? I love him to death. Ye-fan 4: I haven’t heard that our Male God had any endorsements lately. However, if he did, I would definitely visit the store. Even if it was just a single advertisement, I would lick lick lick.

Ye-fan 5: Everyone, calm down. I don’t think the Male God is talking about himself. Ye-fan 6: When the previous poster said this, I suddenly feel like I know something. Ye-fan 2: What does the previous poster know? I’ll be lenient if you confess and strict if you refuse.

Ye-fan 6: Recently, there has been a fuss because someone was being replaced for their endorsement. There really was such a person. Ye-fan 7: It can’t be the person I’m thinking of, right? Ye-fan 8: What in the world are you guys going on about? Hurry up and tell us. I’m dying to know. Ye-fan 6: We’re talking about Luo Lingxing and Su Lingping’s incident. Luo Lingxing was recently replaced by Su Lingping as the ambassador and was even scorned online. Ye-fan 1: So that means the Male God is sticking up for the little prince. Will my Han-Xing ship sail tonight? Ye-fan 9: After thinking about it, it’s not impossible. The little prince and our Male God just finished shooting a film together. I heard that they privately have a very good relationship. Our Male God has never publicly sided with anyone before, and now he’s publicly supporting the little prince. It’s very scary to think about.

Ye-fan: …

As for Ye Luohan’s comment that suddenly appeared, the fans exploded the comments section. Many fans were screaming for an answer from the poster. Han-Xing fans couldn’t help but take screenshots of the post and send it into their ship group to investigate it even deeper. Of course, there were also a lot of Luo Lingxing haters who continued to spout nonsense. However, this time, not only did the Luo-fans fight back against the haters, the Ye-fans did as well. Their Male God was supporting the original poster, so they naturally wouldn’t fall behind.

Not long later, Ye Luohan posted another Weibo. The effect of this Weibo post was even more sensational.

Ye Luohan V: You deserve a better endorsement @Luo Lingxing.

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