IMG Chapter 126 Changing Ambassadors

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A “bang” sounded as the door was forcefully opened. 

“President, I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop them,” the president’s secretary bowed their head and apologized, afraid that the president would be angry. 

Xi Liangqing looked up at the incomer and waved to the secretary and said, “You head down first.”

As if pardoned, the secretary hurriedly left the office, closing the door to the office as well. As for the two people inside, he really didn’t dare to spare them a second glance. 

Xi Liangqing looked at the person who had just entered who had a face full of anger. If it was the past, he would have stood up and coaxed this person. However, he really wasn’t in the mood right now. 

The scene of him being ruthlessly rejected by Luo Lingxing this afternoon was still in his mind. It was the first time he was embarrassed in front of his staff, which vexed him greatly and also strengthened his desire to conquer Luo Lingxing. He liked this kind of Luo Lingxing even more, and secretly decided that he would make him lay under him. That kind of scene would be very exciting. 

Su Lingping saw Xi Liangqing sitting behind the office desk and staring at him with no intention of coming over to coax him. He was very angry but also felt a bit aggrieved.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Su Lingping angrily roared. 

God knew how angry he was when he learned that the ambassador chosen for Dark Horse Apparel this season was Luo Lingxing. He was so furious that the anger almost burned his entire body. 

It was one thing that Dark Horse Apparel didn’t look for him to be an ambassador. If they had found someone else, he wouldn’t have been this angry. However, why did they have to look for that sl*t, Luo Lingxing!

“What’s wrong with you? What did I do?” Xi Liangqing asked with doubt. 

“What did you do? You should be very clear on what you did. Why did you ask him to be the ambassador!” Su Lingping simply couldn’t contain the anger in his heart. 

“That was the company’s decision. I only learned about it today. You’re getting so angry about something as small as that. It isn’t worth it if you injure your body from the anger,” Xi Liangqing finally stood up and walked to Su Lingping’s side and started comforting him. 

“How is this a small matter? I don’t care who the ambassador is but it can’t be him. Change him out now,” Su Lingping willfully demanded. He absolutely couldn’t let Luo Lingxing be the ambassador for this season. 

“This… This is decided by the company. Plus the contract has already been signed. We’ll have to pay the penalty if we change ambassadors,” Xi Liangqing said as if he was in a difficult position. In fact, he didn’t want to change out Luo Lingxing at all. It was such a rare opportunity to get close to him, so of course he didn’t want to let the chance slip away. However, he couldn’t provoke the person before him. He needed to appease both sides.  “I don’t care. Change the person immediately. To you, a penalty is nothing.” Su Lingping didn’t care about anything else. He just wanted Luo Lingxing to completely fail. If he was switched out as the ambassador, then he would definitely become a laughingstock. 

“Ah’Ping, don’t make a fuss. Although I’m the president of the company, I can’t change the ambassador for no reason. How will I explain it to the people later on?” Xi Liangqing stepped forward and hugged him as he gently comforted him. However, his heart was full of impatience.

Thinking of the Luo Lingxing he saw this afternoon, then looking at the willful and unruly Su Lingping before him, Xi Liangqing felt even more dissatisfaction toward Su Lingping in his heart. 

“But you clearly know that he… You clearly know that I really hate him. If you have him as the ambassador for your company’s clothes, I’ll feel very uncomfortable.” Su Lingping’s voice finally lowered while he was in Xi Liangqing’s arms. However, he was still full of grievances. 

“Then what do you think I should do? I can’t harm the interest of the company.”

“Ah’Qing, what do you think about this? You have to change that person out, then I will become the ambassador. I don’t need a single penny of the endorsement fees so that your company won’t lose that much,” Su Lingping suddenly thought of this idea and quickly said. The more he spoke, the more he thought that this was a good idea. 

This way, not only could he change Luo Lingxing out, he could also give that sl*t a strike. Previously, if the ambassador was someone else, then it didn’t matter who they changed the ambassador to. However, if he was the one to replace Luo Lingxing, then the strike to Luo Lingxing would definitely be even greater. 

Xi Liangqing slightly furrowed his eyebrows as if he was thinking about whether he should offend Su Lingping in order to keep Luo Lingxing or should he give up this rare opportunity to get close to Luo Lingxing for Su Lingping’s sake. He thought it over and in the end, decided that Su Lingping had a greater position in his heart. In other words, he couldn’t go against Su Lingping right now. Moreover, Luo Lingxing had entered the entertainment industry, so there would definitely be more opportunities to approach him in the future. There was no need to anger Su Lingping right now for him (LLX).

“Alright. As long as you want it, Ah’Ping. Since you don’t like Luo Lingxing, then I’ll change him out tomorrow and make you the ambassador,” Xi Liangqing said with a smile and even placed a gentle kiss on his face. 

Su Lingping blushed slightly and said, “Don’t notify him that he’s being switched just yet. Let him finish all the work before telling him that the contract has been terminated.”

“In any case, since you have to pay him anyway, you can’t let him take the advantage.” Su Lingping was full of evil thoughts. He couldn’t wait to see the expression Luo Lingxing would have after finishing all the ambassador work then realize that he had been replaced. It would probably be very wonderful. 

Xi Liangqing naturally didn’t refuse this proposal. He had originally planned to take advantage of this job to get closer to Luo Lingxing, and Su Lingping’s proposal gave him this chance. This gave him a chance to get close to Luo Lingxing without offending the Su family. His previous worries had completely worked itself out. 

Xi Liangqing’s smile was genuine as he gazed at Su Lingping, and even the kisses he gave him were more sincere. 

Using three days’ time, Luo Lingxing finished shooting all the promotional photos for the clothes. In these three days, Xi Liangqing came to the studio on time almost every day. He used the excuse of checking on the progress of the shoot, but all the staff members knew that he had other intentions in his heart. Secretly, they also spread the word that Xi Liangqing was interested in the little celebrity, Luo Lingxing.

However, Luo Lingxing never once gave Xi Liangqing the time of day. But this made Xi Liangqing pursue even harder, making many staff members very surprised. 

After the promotional photos were taken, they only needed to shoot the last advertisement. The location of the advertisement shoot was chosen  to be outside. They used a whole day before finally finishing. The next step all depended on the Dark Horse Company, so Luo Lingxing could rest for a period of time. The Imperial University would start up again in a couple days as well. 

Manager Li looked at the promotional photos and advertisements made by Luo Lingxing and was very satisfied. Moreover, he could predict that once these advertisements were released, their sportswear would become very popular. 

However, just as Manager Li and the team were excited to work on this big project, he received a notice from above to head to the president’s office. When Manager Li returned from the office, everyone saw that his expression wasn’t right. 

“Manager, what’s wrong? Why did the president ask for you?” The members of the team all gathered around him and asked. 

It seemed as if Manager Li was hiding something, but in the end, he couldn’t control the anger in his heart and threw the documents onto the ground, startling everyone. However, this confirmed that something really did happen. 

“Manager, what in the world happened?” The photographer usually had a good relationship with Manager Li, so he was sent by everyone else to ask. 

“The president wants to change the ambassador,” Manager Li said in a low voice. 

“What? Change ambassadors? We already finished shooting the photos and advertisements and he wants to change ambassadors now?” The photographer along with the others didn’t dare believe what they had just heard. WAs the president playing a joke?

“Why does he suddenly want to change ambassadors? Isn’t Xiao Luo a good ambassador?”

“Who the heck knows what the president is on. I don’t know who he changed the ambassador for either. Could the new ambassador have a better effect than Xiao Luo?”

“Xiao Luo finished all the work, and he says he wants to switch ambassadors now. Isn’t he just trying to give him (LLX) trouble?”

The staff members couldn’t help but whisper as they tried to fight justice for Luo Lingxing. 

During this time they worked with Luo Lingxing, everyone liked the teenager a lot. Their hearts had unconsciously felt biased toward Luo Lingxing.

“Say, do you think it’s because the president’s courtship failed so love gives birth to hate? Is that why he wants to switch out Xiao Luo?” a female staff member whispered her guess. This had everyone gain a sense as if they had finally gleaned the truth. 

“Don’t say anymore. It might really be true. The president is so petty, and he tried to show kindness to Xiao Luo for many days but Xiao Luo always ignored him. He definitely must be angered to death.”

“Tsk tsk tsk… I never expected the president to be unable to separate personal and private matters. This endorsement was decided earlier on, and now he’s changing ambassadors because of this? We’ll have to start our work all over again as well. This is too much.”

“Exactly. From the beginning to end, Xiao Luo is completely innocent. It was obviously the president who started liking him, but the result is that he even lost the job. This is too pitiful.”

“I feel so bad for the little prince. The president is really too much.” Seveneral female staff members gathered around and whispered badly about their president. At this time, Xi Liangqing, who was still in his office, wasn’t aware that he had inadvertently become the scapegoat for Su Lingping. Of course, this scapegoat was unyielding. 

“Alright, stop discussing it. Come over here and take a look at the new ambassador’s information,” Manager Li pressed down the anger in his heart and said to the others. 

What could he say about this matter? He was merely a small department manager, and the other person was the president of the entire company. If the other person said to change ambassadors, then they would have to change ambassadors. Could he resist?

Everyone gathered around to look at the new ambassador’s information. Since they had Luo Lingxing, this diamond in the rough, as a comparison, everyone’s requirement for the new ambassador was even higher. However, when they saw the ambassador’s photo on the data sheet, everyone’s heart was full of dissatisfaction because the appearance of the new person couldn’t compare to Luo Lingxing at all. 

“Manager, who is this person? Why haven’t I seen him before? If we use him as the ambassador, it really won’t ruin our brand?” a girl couldn’t hold back and complained. 

“I originally thought that the reason for changing ambassadors was because Luo Lingxing’s position wasn’t high, so they were changing for someone more popular. In the end, they found someone that couldn’t even compare to Luo Lingxing’s position?”

“Damn. Look at his expression. He looks so arrogant as if the whole world revolves around him. If we had to work with this kind of person, our days definitely won’t be good.”

Everyone began to complain. If Luo Lingxing wasn’t the predecessor, then they wouldn’t have much complaint about Su Lingping. However, who told him to “smartly” choose to become the ambassador after Luo Lingxing. They could only say that he couldn’t escape the hole he dug himself!

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