IMG Chapter 125 Disgusting Person

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This was Luo Lingxing’s first endorsement, so Chen Hongliang paid a lot of importance to it. Since the contract had been signed, the next task was naturally to cooperate with Dark Horse Apparel to custom make the clothes and have a shoot. 

In order to achieve better results during the shoot, Luo Lingxing had to cooperate with the clothing department to take his measurements, then have the sports wear tailored to his measurements. 

Becoming an ambassador wasn’t only about taking pictures and making one or two advertisements and that was it. In fact, there was a lot of work involved in being an ambassador, and it was very difficult. When there was usually nothing to do, you had to head to the company to try on the clothes they were working on. Moreover, they had to try and find the right feeling, so that the photos they took would lure in more people. That way, people could see that the ambassador really recommended this brand. 

“Yes, that’s it. Good. Very good. Let’s take a picture from a different angle.”

The photographer held his equipment as he took photos of Luo Lingxing without pause. He would occasionally voice a request, and Luo Lingxing had managed to do well on each one. The photographer was very surprised. “Manager, the ambassador this time is too perfect. He’s one of the most photogenic celebrities I’ve come across. I trust that if we promote this, our clothes will definitely become very popular and our sales will double,” the photographer said as he excitedly looked at the photos.

“Haha, I also think so. Xiao Luo is very amazing.”

Manager Li also didn’t hesitate to praise Luo Lingxing.

“Manager Li, you’re overpraising. That child still has a lot to learn. This time is also thanks to Manager Lu’s guidance or else he wouldn’t be able to do this well,” Chen Hongliang said with a lot of experience. 

“Don’t be so modest. This kid is definitely a good seedling.” Manager Li was very comfortable with Chen Hongliang’s compliments. His gaze toward Luo Lingxing became even more gentle.

“You can head over there and rest for a bit before we continue.” Manager Li watched as they continuously worked in the studio all morning. He had even more admiration for Luo Lingxing, who didn’t even voice a single complaint.

There weren’t many teenagers nowadays who could bear hardships, were handsome, as well as have a tenacious character. If their acting abilities were good, then if someone like this couldn’t go far in the entertainment industry, then nobody would be able to go far. 

Chen Hongliang rushed forward to bring Luo Lingxing a towel and water, signaling for him to sit down and rest. There were also some staff members who blushed as they handed him some snacks or drinks, but they were all rejected by Luo Lingxing. 

“Hello, President.”

There was suddenly a commotion at the entrance. The staff members saw the person who just entered and respectfully greeted him. Their hearts were secretly wondering why the president, who rarely comes here, suddenly came today. 

Luo Lingxing casually glanced to the side and his brows furrowed. 

Why was this person here? Luo Lingxing thought in his heart and suddenly remembered that the data previously provided that Dark Horse Apparel LLC was a subsidiary of Xi Group. Moreover, Xi Liangqing was surnamed Xi. If Luo Lingxing still couldn’t figure it out at this point, then it would be a waste of his smarts. 

How unlucky. Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but curse in his heart. If he knew that this company belonged to this guy, he wouldn’t have accepted this endorsement. However, it was too late now. 

Although he had some grudges against Xi Liangqing, since he had already accepted this job, his professionalism prevented him from doing things halfway. He could only be on guard when he accepted more work in the future. 

“President, what are you doing here?” Manager Li was also a bit surprised to see Xi Liangqing here. The president wouldn’t generally appear in a place like this. He was even more unlikely to care about their ambassadors. The decisions regarding the ambassadors as well as the shoot was all decided by him (Manager Li).

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to come take a look,” Xi Liangqing said casually. However, his eyes unconsciously flicked to Luo Lingxing. However, the latter didn’t seem to notice him. 

However, Xi Liangqing didn’t care. Instead, he walked in Luo Lingxing’s direction. The staff members were all confused as they watched their president’s actions. 

“Xiao Xing, long time no see.” Xi Liangqing took the initiative to greet Luo Lingxing. This move instantly caused waves amongst the staff. No one expected Luo Lingxing to actually know their president. 

“Hello, do we know each other?” Luo Lingxing had a face that said “I don’t know you.” There was slight doubt in his eyes as if he really didn’t know the person before him. 

Xi Liangqing’s expression froze. He quickly recovered and said with a smile, “Xiao Xing, you really love to joke. We have obviously known each other for a long time.”

Luo Lingxing felt a bit impatient in his heart. From the moment he was expelled from the Su family, the people from the Su and Xi families had become strangers. He hadn’t gone to settle accounts with this person, yet this person took the initiative to send himself over. 

“My apologies. Did you get the wrong person? Moreover, only my family members call me Xiao Xing. The two of us shouldn’t be that familiar with each other. Sir, you can just call me Mr. Luo.” Luo Lingxing’s face didn’t show a trace of impatience, and his voice was also gentle and warm. It didn’t give others a sense that he was against the other person, but it really made others feel that their president had actually recognized the wrong person. 

At this point, Xi Liangqing didn’t know if Luo Lingxing was deliberately treating him like a stranger. Then he wouldn’t play the part of a leader either. 

Xi Liangqing’s expression changed again and again before finally returning to normal. He also changed his address of Luo Lingxing to Mr. Luo. However, his impression of Luo Lingxing had changed from before. He became even more interested. 

“Don’t mind me. You guys continue working. I’ll just watch along.” Xi Liangqing didn’t leave after that but stayed behind to watch Luo Lingxing take pictures.

Although he hated this person with all his heart, Luo Lingxing had a clear distinction between work and personal life. He wouldn’t let his personal life affect his work, and so he continued his work. He acted as if Xi Liangqing wasn’t there. He regarded that person’s gaze as if a dog was watching him and calmly took the promotional photos till the end. 

On the other hand, the more Xi Liangqing saw Luo Lingxing, the more shocked he became. The Luo Lingxing before him was completely different from the past. It was like he  had become a different person. If they hadn’t looked 100% the same, he really would have thought that Luo Lingxing wasn’t the same one that he had known.

Xi Liangqing’s eyes became even more gloomy. His gaze toward Luo was even more focused, and there was even a trace of heat mixed in. The Luo Lingxing in his eyes was now a warm blooming white lotus (in a positive way), holy and body. His whole body exuded a charm that one couldn’t tear their gaze away from. It was a million times better than the previous Luo Lingxing, who had no sense of existence. so much better that Xi Liangqing had doubts of the previous Luo Lingxing deliberately hiding his own good points. Otherwise, how could a person change so much?

If Luo Lingxing had been this way back then, he would have refused to break off the engagement. Instead… Dammit. The other party must have deliberately been hiding before. Look at the current Luo Lingxing, and as he thought of Su Lingping, they were clearly not on the same level. This made Xi Liangqing extremely annoyed. He also felt an incomparable hatred for the previous Luo Lingxing who hid himself. Xi Liangqing’s gaze became even hotter. He secretly clenched his fists. This kind of Luo Lingxing really made him want to rush up and hug him, to possess him. He (LLX) should have belonged to him in the first place.

Luo Lingxing was already sensitive to others’ gazes, not to mention Xi Liangqing’s who had no intention of hiding it at all. That fiery gaze made Luo Lingxing’s entire body feel uncomfortable, as if he was being stared at by something dirty. 

After taking this set of photos, Luo Lingxing walked up to Manager Li and said, “Manager Li, is there any more work today? If there isn’t, I still have something to do tonight. I’ll take my leave first.”

Luo Lingxing didn’t want to stay a minute longer. That person’s gaze really made him feel sick. 

Manager Li also noticed his president’s gaze. Truthfully speaking, he was also a bit unhappy. The kind of gaze as if he was looking at prey should not be placed on this exceptional youth. Although he knew that there were many unspoken rules within the entertainment industry, he felt like youths like Luo Lingxing shouldn’t be tainted by those dirty things. Therefore, he didn’t urge him (LLX) to stay.

“Today’s work is complete. Xiao Luo, you did very well. You should head back and rest,” Manager Li said with a smile.

“Manager Li, we’ll leave first then. We’ll be on time tomorrow,” Chen Hongliang hurriedly said to Manager Li then took Luo Lingxing to leave. He also disliked Xi Liangqing.

However, Xi Liangqing stepped in front of Luo Lingxing without any self-awareness. He put on what he thought was a handsome smile and said, “I wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to invite Mr. Luo to a meal tonight? We could also celebrate our cooperation.”

“Sorry, but I have something tonight. I’m afraid I won’t have this honor,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. He was even too lazy to give him a smile. A perceptive person could see that Luo Lingxing didn’t like Xi Liangqing.

Sure enough, hearing this, Xi Liangqing was unable to maintain his expression. His face turned gloomy. However, Luo Lingxing nor Chen Hongliang had the patience to care for his expression and directly walked past him to leave. 

“Xiao Luo, that person is the president of Dark Horse Apparel. He is also the young master of the Xi Group. He’s probably taken a liking of you. You have to be careful in the future. I heard that he doesn’t have a good reputation.

If he was only part of Dark Horse Apparel, he wouldn’t have cared. But the most important thing was that he was the young master of the Xi family. The Xi family wasn’t a group that they, who were from the entertainment industry, could offend. Moreover, they didn’t have the protection of the agency anymore. It wouldn’t benefit them at all if they offended the Xi family. Therefore, Chen Hongliang was very worried about this. 

“Brother Chen, don’t worry,” Luo Lingxing comforted him. 

He wasn’t concerned about Xi Liangqing at all. As for the Xi family, he didn’t place them in his eyes since he had never planned on letting them off in the first place. It was only that his work had just started, so he didn’t have that much time to deal with them. So he had let them roam free for a bit longer. However, if they were stupid enough to prevoke him, he didn’t mind dealing with them in advance. 

After Chen Hongliang heard those words, he didn’t say anything more.Although Luo Lingxing was only 19 years old, Chen Hongliang had never treated him as a real 19 year old child before. In many situations, Luo Lingxing had his own opinions and ideas. He believed that Luo Lingxing could handle his own affairs. However, he kept having an inexplicable premonition regarding his endorsement.

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