IMG Chapter 75 Weibo Argument

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Looking at the first post he’d ever written in  his whole life, Luo Lingxing was a bit pleased with himself and happily stared at it for a long while. Afterwards, the notification for comments on his Weibo continuously sounded. The number of comments also exponentially increased nonstop.

Luo Lingxing casually opened the comments section and saw that the fans were screaming excitedly.

“Wowowow… The little prince finally posted something. This is great. His brush writing is so good. He’s so amazing!”

“The little prince really is a little prince. Even his Weibo post completely differs from anyone else, but this is more in line with his identity as a little prince. I support~

”Little prince, do you need a study buddy? One that knows how to eat, sleep, and even attended university!”

“Little prince, do you need someone to hang off your coattails? One that can act cute and silly but doesn’t know how to write using a brush.”

“Little prince, do you need a wife? One that knows how to eat and can give you a child.”

“The previous poster can get out of here! Little prince, I want to have your child~”

”Aaaaaah… I want to become the little prince’s wifey fan.The little prince can draw and do calligraphy. He’s so talented. My husbando is so amazing!”

“Those characters are written really well that even a passerby like me has become a fan. I’m begging the little prince to write more in the future.”

The comments were all basically full of support and praise. Although the enthusiasm the fans showed felt a bit uncomfortable to Luo Lingxing at first, the more he saw, the more he thought that these frank fans were cute. Especially when they provided him Power of Faith, they became even cuter.

As for the endearment of “little prince” that his fans called him, Luo Lingxing didn’t feel any kind of pressure from this. Who let him be an actual little prince in his last life? That was why he was already used to being called this.

However, Luo Lingxing’s Weibo comment section slowly didn’t only have these kinds of supporting cute fans coming out to comment. Gradually, there appeared comments full of questions and belittlement.

“He’s just playing the crowd. Who knows who he hired to write those characters? Yet here he is pretending that it’s his own. How shameless can he be?”

“Previous poster, you don’t understand. People like this who have no previous work or ability only know how to hype themselves using this method.”

“Oh, please! Can people stop jumping to conclusions? Will you die if you don’t do it for one day?”

“Seeing this makes me drunk. A newcomer without any works actually already has crazy fans. Do fans these days only look at the face?”

“Who said our little prince doesn’t have any works? Isn’t the recently released ‘The Enchantress’ one? Although it was only a supporting character, the ones with good foresight will be able to see his acting skills. If you don’t understand anything, don’t come here shooting your mouth off!”

“Some people just can’t see the good in others. They can’t see talent. Our little prince can draw and do calligraphy. That will definitely attract a lot of jealous people. There’s no need to get angry at these kinds of people.”

“Little prince? Does he think he’s an actual prince after acting one? That’s hilarious. How can someone like him be worthy of becoming a little prince?”

“We can call him whatever we want. If you don’t like it, then leave. No one told you to come here. The exit is in the upper right and to the right. We won’t send you off!”

In a short period of time, the comments under his first Weibo post had exploded, and of course it was very noisy. Who knows where these haters who constantly blackened Luo Lingxing’s words came from. Moreover, Luo Lingxing’s own fans couldn’t stand seeing their idol being discredited, so they rolled up their sleeves and did an all out attack against those people.

However, how could the newly gathered Luo-fans stand up against all their opponents since their numbers were much less?

Luo Lingxing watched his fans lag behind, but still persisted in defending him. Some were even so anxious that they wanted to cry.

One by one, Power of Faith drilled into Luo Lingxing’s body, the tiny streams of heat slowly entered his heart.

If at the beginning Luo Lingxing had wanted to accumulate fans in order to obtain Power of Faith and treated his fans well also because of Power of Faith, one could say that Luo Lingxing now actually took his fans to heart. He was moved by these little fans who had little power yet still insisted on building a wall of defense to protect their small idol.

Luo Lingxing grabbed a new piece of fine paper and wrote the eight characters “the distinction between right and wrong is clear,” then took a picture and posted it. All of this took less than a minute.

Afterwards, he chose a few representative fans who defended earlier, replying to them and telling them they didn’t need to fight others on behalf of him. They didn’t need to get mad because of others’ actions. It wasn’t worth it.

He wanted to reply to each comment, but he didn’t have time to hand write each reply with a brush and take a picture to upload it. If he really wanted to reply to each comment, he would probably be too exhausted to move by the time he was done.

If this happened to other celebrities, they definitely don’t act like Luo Lingxing since these actions could easily offend others, especially those in the entertainment industry. Fans were their biggest supporters. They could raise the status of a celebrity, and all the same destroy them.

So if they encountered these kinds of haters, other celebrities would usually bid their time, waiting until this matter slowly passed by and stopped. If the haters took it too far, then it would activate their company’s crisis management. However, celebrities like Luo Lingxing who would defend his own fans and fight against those haters, basically didn’t exist.

Sure enough, as soon as Luo Lingxing sent the post, the haters’ attacks got fiercer.

“What’s the point of dragging this out? Do you think that by writing words that others don’t understand, it’ll prove that you are very knowledgeable? This looks like nothing!”

“Wowow… The little prince replied to me. The little prince replied to me. The little prince replied to me. Don’t stop me. I’m heading downstairs to run ten laps!”

“Tch. This is my first time seeing such a vulgar artist. He doesn’t have any kind of background yet still shows off like this. It’s clear that he doesn’t fear his own death.”

“I was also chosen by the little prince. I’m sho luckyyy! Little prince, I will wash myself clean and wait for your nightly arrival! Ahhh!”

”Previous poster, you’re disgusting. Go away!”

“The little prince is right! I will gladly comply. *covers face*” Every time there was a comment by a hater, it was overshadowed by the excited fans that Luo Lingxing had replied to, the comments staying on the page for less than a second. However, even if that was the case, the more rational fans of Luo Lingxing didn’t plan to let those haters go.

“The previous posters who were spouting nonsense earlier must be illiterate. You don’t have to tell everyone that you can’t read or else everyone will know that you’re idiots.”

“Hahh… don’t pay attention to those idiots. If you talk with idiots, you’ll become one yourself.”

“Come, come. Let this sister sweep out your illiteracy. The little prince’s words came from the ancient era’s <Shijing-Wind Ballads>. One of the translations means that the pure will remain pure while the unclean will still be unclean. Do the two idiots understand now?”

“Previous poster, your explanation is too profound. How could those two idiots understand it? You should explain it in layman terms for them.”

Several people chimed in and actually caused those haters to become shocked.

Zhao Zhuowen V: “Xiao Luo, did you write those yourself?”

Suddenly a comment appeared with the large V for verified account. Moreover, this verified account was very popular in China. When Zhao Zhuowen commented, those haters thought they had caught onto something and began to stir up trouble again.

“Look, even Master Zhao from the calligraphy world has doubts. A certain person and their fans are about to get their face slapped.”

“I’ve always said that you can’t be too cocky or else you’ll definitely be struck by lightning.”

Luo Lingxing looked at Zhao Zhuowen’s Weibo account which was mixed within the comments. Thinking about it, he finally recalled that this was Master Zhao who he had encountered last time during filming. This master was originally supposed to help him paint, but he ended up taking home the painting Luo Lingxing made instead.

He replied with two words, “It is.”

After Luo Lingxing replied, Zhao Zhuowen immediately sent another comment. After the comment appeared, the haters suddenly stopped talking.

Zhao Zhuowen V: “Haha, good boy. Not only can you paint, but you can also write such good calligraphy. You didn’t tell me last time. If we meet again next time, you must write a pair of large characters for me.”

Luo Lingxing V replied to Zhao Zhuowen V: “Okay.”

“Haha, I really don’t know who got face slapped this time. Well? Does your face hurt?”

“Hurry up and look in the mirror. Maybe you’ll see your pig head reflected in it.”

“Our little prince is so amazing. Even Master Zhao wants his calligraphy. He’s definitely really amazing. Our little prince is the best.”

“Little prince, you must write often and post it online in the future. I’ve decided to use the little prince’s calligraphy as reference to practice my own calligraphy in the future.”

At this point, the Luo-fans began to raise their eyebrows and let out steam. The haters that were causing a fuss had all disappeared without a trace. All that remained on Weibo were the fans who urged Luo Lingxing to draw or write calligraphy to post on Weibo, as well as comments about licking their screen.

Seeing that the situation was under control, Luo Lingxing felt very pleased and closed Weibo. He wasn’t going to bother with it anymore.

He didn’t really care what others thought of him, as long as he had a clear conscience. Cultivators cared most about training their state of mind. However, after arriving in this world, since his fans provided Power of Faith that allowed him to cultivate, that meant he was one of the same with his fans. He had an obligation towards his fans.

Luo Lingxing, who had closed Weibo, might not know this but his action of confronting his haters had left a deep impression amongst numerous celebrities. It made those artists who were waiting to see him make a fool of himself shrink back. And those frank and straightforward celebrities had a good impression of him. And even some celebrities had forwarded his Weibo post.

When Ye Luohan saw Luo Lingxing’s Weibo post, he who usually only forwards work posts, also forwarded Luo Lingxing’s Weibo post and added on a message: “The pure will remain pure, the unclean will stay unclean. I believe you.”

Although it was only a few words, it set off another wave. However, this time there were no haters who dared to brazenly stir up a fuss on Luo Lingxing’s Weibo anymore.

Probably because of this incident with Luo Lingxing, the following for ‘The Enchantress’ had increased yet again. The ratings gradually rose so much that it shocked people so much that their glasses fell off. Luo Lingxing’s fans went wild again. And amongst them were even some famous artists like Zhao Zhuowen.

Of course, Luo Lingxing didn’t know any of this for now because he was currently worried about tomorrow’s class.

“Xiao Luoluo, you really are amazing.” Xia Yuan couldn’t help but give Luo Lingxing a thumbs up when he saw him.

“What?” Luo Lingxing was baffled.

“I’m talking about Weibo. You’re amazing. You actually used the classics to confront those haters. That was so cool,” Xia Yuan excitedly said.

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