IMG Chapter 175 Xi Family Meets Misfortune

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Hater 1: Hehe, your faces are so thick. Do you have a say on who others like or dislike? Do you really think everyone has to like Luo Lingxing? Does everyone have to like him? You can find fans who turn into haters and passersby everywhere. If someone turns into a passerby, do they have to be yelled at by you?

Hater 2: Stop making a fuss. He now has the Major General’s support. That means he won’t be easily affected anymore either. We’ll have to be careful when we speak in the future, so that we don’t get targeted in the future.

Luo-fan 233: You guys are just jealous. Does your face hurt? It must be slapped until it’s swollen. Didn’t you guys want to see our face beaten and slapped before? But in the end, who was the one who had their face slapped?

Passerby 2: I was a Luo-fan in the past but turned into a passerby because  of the reporters. I feel very ashamed. Although I didn’t smear the little prince’s name along with the haters, I didn’t trust in the little prince either. I am not worthy of being a Luo-fan. Little Prince, I’m sorry!

Passerby 3: I am Luo-fan turned passerby. I came on here just to say I’m sorry to the little prince.

Luo-fan 666: Alright, let’s all pause for a minute. As long as the Luo-fan unite together, the others won’t be able to break us. Expanding all this time and energy, we might as well use it to support our little prince. We must become his solid support.

Luo-fan 888: Don’t pay attention to those haters in the future. We must be reasonable fans. Within the fan world, we are the image and face for the little prince.We have to show other fans how amazing the little prince is.

After this press conference, many things had changed. Reporters guessed that the previous negative reports regarding Luo Lingxing must have been deliberately planted to smear his name. Those artists who were waiting to watch a good show put away their gloating expressions. There was also an increase in Luo-fans.

In the past, there were many underaged superfans. As soon as something happened that involved Luo Lingxing, they loved to fight with the other idol’s fans. As they said, one superfan is equal to ten haters. In fact, countless celebrity haters were drawn in by the superfans. Celebrities didn’t like this fact but were also helpless. They couldn’t do anything about it. Those superfans only acted like this because they liked them so much. Moreover, since those superfans were young, they were more sensitive. And finally, the fans turned haters weren’t missed at all. For matters like that, everyone pretended that it never happened.

The Luo-fans underwent a large purging after this situation. Most of the young superfans had turned into passersby or haters. Those who remained were basically more rational and mature fans. This meant that Luo Lingxing’s fans had decreased. Although the number of Luo Lingxing’s fans had decreased, the quality had improved a lot. Countless celebrities were envious.

Of course, after the press conference, the number of fans who’d unfollowed him had been made up, but he’d even gained more fans than before. Even ‘Supreme Duel Heroes’ became popular.

“Haha, those people who wanted to frame you are probably so angry they’re that their lungs might explode no?” Chen Hongliang gloated.

Those people wanted Luo Lingxing’s fame to fall, but in the end, not only did it not fall, it also increased a lot. He should be thanking them for making him go viral so many times for free. However, who was the person behind all of this?

“They probably don’t have any time to get angry about this matter,” Luo Lingxing carefully said. They were probably busy with their own affairs. How could they have time to worry about what happened in the entertainment industry?

Chen Hongliang knew that Luo Lingxing was aware of who the perpetrator behind all of this was. He also knew that he would properly take care of them. That was why he didn’t ask more.

“There’s still a month before the Golden Fox Film Awards starts. The filming on this side should be about finished by then as well. Before that happens, I’ll help you take care of Guan Anhua,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing. As soon as he thought about not being by Luo Lingxing’s side in the future, he was a fit melancholy.

“Mn, then I’ll have to trouble you, Brother Chen,” Luo Lingxing smiled and said. He was very thankful to Chen Hongliang, since Chen Hongliang had always helped him seemingly without any complaint since before he was used to the entertainment industry.

“It’s no trouble, and no problem.”

Similarly, Chen Hongliang was also thankful to Luo Lingxing. If it weren’t for Luo Lingxing, he wouldn’t be where he was today. He had to do his best to help Luo Lingxing take care of the studio and make the studio shine.

In this period of time, since he was busy with the press conference, Luo Lingxing rarely had time to look up matters regarding Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing. Now that the announcement had been made, there was some free time, so he planned on seeing what the others were up to. If the flames between the two of them had cooled, he didn’t mind adding more oil.

Su Lingping and Xi Liangqing could have been said to have broken it off because of the previous matter. However, the Su and Xi families didn’t seem to plan on breaking off contact just because of this. Therefore, the two families had been busy trying to pursue their child to make up with the other. Their marriage would greatly help improve their political standing, after all.

It didn’t matter if it was Su Lingping or Xi Liangqing, they both currently relied on their families. So even if they hated the other person, they needed to be with each other for the sake of their family.

Luo Lingxing watched the scene inside the Spirit Mirror, and the corner of his lips raised up. Even though the two hated each other, they had to get close to each other because of their family. He might as well help them then.

Luo Lingxing sent Miao Honghong a message to let her know to release the message from last time online.

And so, before Luo Lingxing’s news of being a “kept man” was out for long, new “nude” photos were released. Although the main character wasn’t a celebrity in the entertainment industry, it didn’t affect everyone’s need for more gossip, especially when the gossip involved a high ranking person.

Very quickly, everyone was attracted by this new piece of gossip. Nobody was talking about the matter of a kept man anymore.

The tide online changed very quickly.

Things had been going too smoothly for Luo Lingxing recently, but it was a shame that things were miserable for some people.

Last time, Su Lingping anonymously received nude photos of Xi Liangqing and had threatened to break things off with Xi Liangqing because of this. They’d even gotten into a huge fight. When he’d returned home, he complained to his parents and showed his parents the photos as well. The Su parents were furious and ran to the Xi family for an explanation. Who knew what kind of explanation the Xi family gave them for this matter to settle down.

However, once these photos were released online and to the entire world, things became different.

“Hehe, now that it’s all made public, I definitely won’t marry a scumbag like him. You guys take care of it!”

Su Lingping coldly said to the Su parents.

Su Weizhi and Wei Xinyi were both annoyed and furious with Xi Liangqing. Previously, only the two families knew about this matter and they could settle it in private. Who would have known that this matter would blow up online. If they still had Su Lingping marry Xi Liangqing, then wouldn’t the Su family become a laughingstock?

“Honey, the situation has already become like this. We can’t let Ping’Er marry him. Although they promised to help promote you after Xi Hai succeeded, now this scandal has popped up. They didn’t have many opportunities anyway. If we continue to become family with them, we would get implicated and get laughed at,” Wei Xinyi tried to persuade Su Weizhi.

“I know. I’ll think about it,” Su Weizhi said with worry, then went to the upstairs library. He hated the person who released the news. If it wasn’t for this scandal, he could have been promoted. Looking at it now, all his plans were ruined. Who was so despicable!

Besides the Su family, the only other despicable people were the Xi family.

When Xi Hai learned that his son’s nude photos were uploaded online, he wanted to beat him to death.

“Bastard, kneel down!” Xi Hai ruthlessly glared at Xi Liangqing and couldn’t help but give him a slap.

“Father?” Xi Liangqing didn’t dare believe it as he stared at his father with wide eyes.

His Father had doted on him since he was young. He had never treated him like this before. Even when the Su family came to get an explanation for Su Lingping, he’d never seen him this furious before.

“Kneel down!” Xi Hai angrily grabbed his can and the back of Xi Liangqing’s knee, making him fall onto his knees. His knees and legs started to hurt.

“Honey, what are you doing? He’s your son. Are you going to beat him to death?” Seeing the situation, Xi Liangqing’s mother hurried up and hugged her son. Her delicate face filled with tears.

“Beat him to death? Beating him to death would be a light punishment. How have I taught you? You can play outside, but you have to take care of your affairs. Yet what did you end up doing? 

“You were actually photographed, recorded, and let others get a hold of blackmail against you. Because of a bastard like you, do you know how many people have laughed and ridiculed me in the office? Even the director position that was basially in my hand is now at risk, all because of you. And you have the shame to cry that it hurts?” Xi Hai was so angry that he gasped for breath. When he looked at Xi Liangqing, his eyes were filled with disgust. He couldn’t help but raise the cane and hit him a couple more times.

If it wasn’t for his son failing to live up to expectation, then he would have been director of the State Affairs Bureau a long time ago. He wouldn’t be laughed at by these people.

“It hurts. It really hurts. Mom, save me…” Xi Liangqing dodged Xi Hai’s cane as he hid behind his mom. There was a fierce light in his eyes.

“Honey, isn’t the matter already over? Haven’t we reconciled with the Su family?” Mother Xi suspiciously asked.

“Go take a look online!” Xi Hai huffed as he threw the cane, but the anger in his heart wasn’t alleviated.

Mother Xi opened her terminal with suspicion. she didn’t even have to search. The nude photos had flooded every corner of the internet. Although Xi Hai had already found someone to deal with this matter, he didn’t know where they were coming from and wasn’t able to completely eliminate them. This was the reason he was so angry.

“My god! Why is it online?” Mother Xi was unable to breathe. No wonder her husband was so angry. “Honey, this…what are we going to do?”

“What else can we do? Our future has been ruined by your good son. It’s all because you spoiled him too much. And now something like this has happened.” Xi Hai seemed to have aged ten years in a moment. He’d been waiting for that position for over ten years now. This year was his best opportunity and his last chance at getting the promotion. In the end, who knew that such a thing would happen. The position of the Xi family would probably stay at this level.


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