IMG Chapter 174 Plot Reversal

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And so, the reporters began to ask questions regarding Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing’s relationship, planning on getting to the bottom of it. And then, they were silently fed a mouthful of dog food.

Hey, hey. hey. What happened to the cold and icy image? How can you act so affectionately at every turn and throw so much dog food at us? Major General Han, your image is about to collapse. It’s going to completely collapse.

The reporters felt that there were ten thousand horses clicking their hooves and running in the mud. The sound of “clacking” followed them, making their brain fill with explosion.

They felt that the surprises they experienced today were more than ten years’s worth. Their flexible brains couldn’t catch up!

This really was a shocking reversal. Everyone originally thought that Luo Lingxing was a kept man, but as a result, he appeared with a super powerful fiance. The luxury cars and villas were most definitely gifted by the fiance. This was a completely different thing than being a kept man. It was completely unexpected.

The female reporters sighed at Luo Lingxing’s good luck, for example gaining such an amazing boyfriend. They also wanted this luck.

It seemed that the reporters were reluctant. They put aside this matter and continued to ask, “When you first debuted, you participated in a drama directed by Yang Chuanzhi. Afterward, you participated in Director Qian Xuewen’s movie, and now you’re a male protagonist in a film. May I ask if any of this had to do with Major General Han?” What they really meant was: Did Major General Han help you enter through the back door for everything.

This reporter’s questions didn’t get an eye roll from Luo Lingxing but attracted angry gazes from the female reporters.

Han Junzhan was just an honest Major General. Would he do something like opening the back door for someone? You are just looking for fault.

The reporter who asked the question was glared at so fiercely they started to sweat. They felt like they were on pins and needles and wanted to cry.

Hey, hey, hey. Do you all still remember that you’re reporters? Wasn’t the point of the press conference to ask exposlive questions? I won’t bring you people who switch sides so easily again.

“Hahaha, for this question, I think I can answer it,” a clear voice came from backstage. The reporters’ eyes once again focused on the entrance.

Qian Xuewen had a gentle smile as he walked out from backstage. He ignored the reporters’ confused expression and said, “I’ll answer this question. I met Luoluo while teaching an acting class at Imperial University. At that time, he acted a scene from ‘Records of the Demon Cultivator’ and it left a deep impression on me. His interpretation of Ye Xuanming was completely different from Ye Luohan’s, but it was just as brilliant. So when Yang Chuanzhi asked me for recommendations for actors, I thought of this guy. However, all I did was recommend him. The final decision and the audition results were all made by Yang Chuanzhi himself. It had nothing to do with me.” Qian Xuewen exaggerated his nervousness of making their relationship clear and made the reporters laugh.

“Luoluo is a very spirited actor. I believe that people who have watched TV shows and movies will be able to see how good his acting skills are. Although he’s young, he’s a very calm person. His current success is all due to his own efforts. I hope that those who are jealous of his success can take into account all the hard work he put into it. There is nothing free in this world. Only those who are down to earth and take it step by step will be able to go far in the entertainment industry,” Qian Xuewen solemnly said. He took this chance to also give a free lesson to those restless artists.

Qian Xuewen’s status within the entertainment industry was very high. Even the reporters were very respectful of him. Nobody expected that Luo Lingxing’s small press conference would not only have a Major General but even Director Qian Xuewen came to help. They didn’t dare underestimate Luo Lingxing now, since he was the Major General’s fiance, after all. He was also able to have Qian Xuewen personally come to clarify for him. This was enough for others to view him favorably.

“Luo Lingxing, can you please clarify the matter regarding Chang’e No. 10. Countless people have claimed that you were too impulsive during the incident, which led to many people to die.”

The news that had caused a major stir for Luo Lingxing recently had been clarified. It was a major plot twist. Now, there was only one matter left. The reporters were looking forward to seeing what kind of answer Luo Lingxing would give.

After the reporter asked the question, everyone unconsciously looked toward the backstage area again. It was like they had formed a habit. It seemed that every time there was negative news, someone would appear to help Luo Lingxing clarify. This made them reflexively wait for someone to come help instead of looking at Luo Lingxing for answers.

Sure enough, not long later, another unfamiliar voice came from backstage. “I’ll explain this matter.”

The reporters weren’t as surprised this time. They couldn’t help but treat the backstage area as a magical door. Regardless of what Luo Lingxing did, a noble person would come from the backstage entrance to help him clarify the negative reports.

Besides the few questions Luo Lingxing answered in the beginning, the remaining questions were answered by others. Moreover, the people who answered the questions were major people that made it hard for the reporters to suspect them. If an ordinary person came out to clarify, the reporters definitely wouldn’t have let them off so easily, but the people who came out were a Major General and a director. Even if they were very courageous, they still didn’t dare to suspect them so lightly. They had to give them some respect. Thinking about it, they felt both humiliated and excited.

This time, a man and a woman came out from backstage with a rarely seen powerful area. The woman was petite and delicate, and the person who spoke was also this woman.

“May I ask who you are? Why do you think you’re qualified to answer this question for Luo Lingxing? the reporter asked Qin Zhenying and Liu Yuqing.

“Because I am a survivor from those space pirates, and Luo Lingxing is also my beneficiary,” Liu Yuqing replied without backing down. She then pointed at the man beside her and said, “This is my husband, Qin Zhenying.”

They might not be familiar with Liu Yuqing, but they were very familiar with the name Qin Zhenying. After all, Qin Zhenying was the Section Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and often represented their country on trips to other countries or in welcoming guests from other countries. Although he wasn’t as popular as Han Junzhan, he appeared on TV more often than Han Junzhan, who was a Major General from the military district.

The reporters have already been hit so many times that they were expressionless now. They all had a long face that screamed they were confused. First it was Major General Han, then it was Director Qian, and now the Section Head from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeared. Today’s lineup, hehe…it was a one-in-a-lifetime appearance.

This was obviously an exciting press conference, so why were their expressions so calm and their moods so peaceful? It really didn’t make sense!

“If it weren’t for Luo Lingxing, I might have died during the space pirates hijack. I had been gravely injured, and it was Luo Lingxing who saved me…The space pirates were frenzied and wanted to annihilate everyone on the spaceship. If Luo Lingxing hadn’t risked his life to fight back against the space pirates, then there might not be any survivors this time!” Liu Xueqing told the reporters the situation at that time. At the same time, she also told everyone watching online as well.

As they listened, everyone’s expressions were the same as the reporters. They didn’t expect the truth to be like this.

“He’s just a youth that still isn’t twenty yet. How was he able to fight against such ruthless and cruel space pirates?” Some reporters didn’t believe her and questioned.

“Luoluo’s martial arts skills is very good. He personally performed all the moves in ‘Supreme Duel Heros’. Everyone knows that he doesn’t have a system and is unable to input the movements beforehand, so he could only do it himself. And from what I heard from Sun Xueyou, he learned all those moves after reviewing it for a minute. If nobody believes me, then you can wait for the TV drama to release and watch it yourself,” Qian Xuewen said.

“If this really was the case, then why didn’t Luo Lingxing come out to clarify as soon as the reports came out, but let the reporters spread out instead?”

“Xiao Luo was filming ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ when the incident happened. He asked for leave from the crew not too long ago to sign a contract with God Ye. The filming was greatly delayed because of this, so he was trying to catch up as soon as possible. If he came out to clarify, it would have resulted in a press conference, and that would have delayed the crew once again and delayed the filming progress. And if he merely sent out a Weibo post, it would have been disrespectful to the fans who have supported him. Besides, this couldn’t be explained with a few words on Weibo, so we didn’t respond until now. It was only after we finished filming the scene that we came forward to answer everything together,” Chen Hongliang said.

The reporters were silent. They didn’t expect this to be the reason why Luo Lingxing didn’t come forward. It was because he needed to catch up to the filming progress of the crew, and that was why those reporters were left to spread like wildfire. He was so dedicated to his work.

Everyone glanced at Luo Lingxing, who was sitting down.He was just a child who had just turned into an adult, but he had done something that countless celebrities were unable to do.

IF something like this happened to other celebrities, they definitely wouldn’t have the heart to continue filming but would try to find ways to clear their name for fear of having their reputation and popularity ruined. However, Luo Lingxing’s first thought was the crew’s progress and that he couldn’t hold the crew back. His second thought was that he couldn’t rashly handle this situation for the sake of the fans who supported him. His third thought was himself. This was quite a noble quality.

If the reporters were impressed by Luo Lingxing before because of Major General Han and Section Head Qin, then they all looked at him differently now because of his own personal qualities.

Not only did  the reporters think this, but most of the people watching the press conference at this moment also had the same thought. The Luo-fans, especially, were very proud of their idol.

Luo-fan 1: While I was watching the press conference, I was smiling for the first part of it. So why is it that at the end, my mom is asking me why I’m crying? That’s right. Luoluo cleared his name from those reporters. I should be very happy, so these must be tears of joy.

Luo-fan 2: I had many idols I was a fan of before, but I know that I wouldn’t have anymore idols in the future. Luoluo is the only one in my heart. Luoluo will be the only idol for me in the future. I won’t be able to like anyone else anymore.

Luo-fan 12: I am proud to be a Luo-fan. Luoluo really didn’t disappoint us. Our support really was worth it. Luoluo, I love you. I will always support you. 

Passerby: I watched it with my daughter. My daughter really likes this celebrity. In the past, I always thought that chasing idols would delay a child’s studies, so I never approved of her chasing idols. But after watching this press conference, my opinion of this celebrity has changed. If all celebrities were as dedicated as Luo Lingxing and spread positive energy like him, it would be worth learning from. I will be very willing to have my daughter chase celebrities, because she said that she would become a person like Luo Lingxing, who will do things seriously. Therefore, she has decided to study well. From today on, I’ve decided to turn from Luo Lingxing’s passerby to a Luo-fan.

Luo-fan 13: Previous poster, you now have the same idol as your daughter. That’s amazing. Our little prince is so great to have gained a mother-daughter pair of fans. Haha?

Luo-fan 20: The fans who have turned into passersby or haters, open your eyes and take a look. Our little prince would never disappoint us. If you like him, then you should always support him. In the end, you guys shout that you like him when he doesn’t have anything happening, but as soon as something happens, you switch sides. You aren’t worthy of being Luo-fans. I hope the Luo-fan family can unite in the future and firmly support our little prince!

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