IMG Chapter 173 Major General Appears

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As soon as Luo Lingxing appeared at the location of the press conference, the reporters went crazy. All kinds of camera lenses were pointed at Luo Lingxing, and countless flashes were lighting up then going out. When it was shining, the reporters even extended their microphones to Luo Lingxing. The questions were blasted out like a machine gun.

They couldn’t blame the reporters for being excited. This was the first time Luo Lingxing appeared since the incident, after all. The first time! Now that he appeared in front of everyone, they couldn’t let him go.

“May I ask what you think about the recent reports?”

“May I ask if the rumor of you being a kept man is true?”

“May I ask what you think about all the Luo-fans who have turned into haters?”

“May I ask if you really are Su Lingxing, the eldest young master of the Su family?”

“May I ask if you really were chased out of the Su family?”

“The reports say that you’re a kept man. Can you tell us who your sugar daddy is?”

“Are you really the one who caused the misfortune on Chang’e No. 10?”

“Can you please tell us exactly what happened on Chang’e No. 10?”

“May I ask if you really got plastic surgery in order to debut once again?”

The questions were thrown one after another. They were all basically related to the things that were reported on before. The reporters also desperately squeezed forward just so that Luo Lingxing could hear their questions and in hopes of getting an answer.

However, Luo Lingxing very calmly sat in the chair without a single fluster of his expression. He also didn’t answer any of the reporters’ questions, as if the reporters didn’t exist.

Who knew if they were infected by Luo Lingxing’s calmness, or it was because they didn’t get any answers, or because they had already asked the questions they wanted to ask. The reporters’ questions gradually slowed down, and the chaotic scene slowly came under control.

With the experience from last time, Chen Hongliang also followed Luo Lingxing and didn’t speak. Seeing the scene gradually become quiet, he felt even more admiration for Luo Lingxing.

If this were someone else, they definitely would have been pressured by the reporters already and panicked. If the damage wasn’t too much, they must have gotten their face slapped. If it were more serious, they might lay a hand on the reporters. Reporters loved seeing scenes like that the most, and they would become even happier. If that happened, the scene would become even harder to control. It was a vicious cycle.

When the reporters were mostly quiet, Chen Hongliang finally spoke, “Everyone, please ask questions one at a time. There’s no need to rush. Since we’re holding this press conference, we naturally won’t avoid anyone’s questions. We will give everyone a satisfactory answer.”

The reporters originally thought that the press conference was in their control, but they slowly realized that they were being led right under their noses. They even thought that this wasn’t a bad thing. They really were unlucky.

“May I ask if you really are Su Lingxing, the eldest young master of the Su family? Why did you change your name? Was it to have a new debut?” the first reporter asked.

“My previous name was indeed Su Lingxing, but I’m not the eldest young master of the Su family. When I left the Su family, my relationship with the Su family had been severed,” Luo Lingxing gently replied. There wasn’t a trace of sadness or shame in his tone.

“Then why did you change your name to Luo Lingxing?”

“Luo is my Mother’s surname. Since I left the Su family, I naturally didn’t want any connection with them. So I changed to my mother’s surname.” The reporters didn’t expect such an answer. They momentarily were filled with sympathy for Luo Lingxing. Being born in a wealthy family, there will always be many experiences that the general mass would never be able to understand. However, sympathy could always be shared. For the sake of a report, they still needed to continue with the questions.

“There are rumors that you underwent plastic surgery and changed your surname in order to have a new debut. Is this true? Is this the reason why you disappeared for a year?”

“My face is my real face. My body is a representation of my parents and it was gifted by my mother, so I naturally wouldn’t change it. As for the matter of having a new debut, I did indeed want to have a new start in the entertainment industry by using my new identity as Luo Lingxing, but I never tried to erase my past. Those who are really familiar with me will naturally know about my past as well and will be able to recognize me. I don’t think I’ve deceived anyone,” Luo Lingxing calmly replied. As long as it wasn’t a really pointed question, he would answer it.

“As for disappearing for a year, there really is no good reason. When I left the Su family, I was beaten up, so I recuperated for a year.” Luo Lingxing spoke very casually, but the reporters and the fans who were listening knew that this matter was anything but casual. If he needed to recuperate for a year, then it was obviously gravely injured he was.

Immediately, the online fans started to organize together. Because Luo Lingxing was driven out of the Su family, causing him to change his surname and get beaten, they launched a crusade against the Su family.

“Some people think that since you have acting experience in the past, then you can be counted as a newcomer in the entertainment industry. You can’t be counted to be eligible to the Golden Fox Awards Best Newcomer award. What do you think about this?”

Luo Lingxing didn’t answer this question, Chen Hongliang answered on his behalf, “I don’t have the same opinion. The definition of the newcomers in the entertainment industry is those who entered the industry within the last year as an adult. Xiao Luo wasn’t eighteen years old yet when he left the entertainment industry, and it hasn’t been a year since he returned. Therefore, he’s still within the scope of a newcomer.”

“Since that’s the case, can you explain to us how you were able to buy a luxury car and live in a luxury villa when you first came to the Emperor Star? Is what they’re saying online true? Are you a kept man?” the next reporter asked. This question was more intense.

Everyone knew that this question was one of the most important questions for this press conference. It naturally couldn’t be avoided, so all the reporters pricked their ears and waited for Luo Lingxing’s explanation.

Luo Lingxing looked around at the expressions of the reporters. Many of them look extremely excited and ready to pounce. It seemed that as soon as Luo Lingxing answered, they wanted to draft an outline to write a report when they went back.

“I guess I could be considered a kept man,” Luo Lingxing suddenly said.

The atmosphere suddenly went below freezing for a moment. It seemed that not a single reporter thought that Luo Lingxing would be so happy to reply to the answer. Even if other celebrities were being kept, they definitely would use various reasons to explain and cover up the fact. Who would be like Luo Lingxing and “confirm” this fact? He was so honest that nobody knew how to react.

However, there was never a shortage of responses from the reporters.

“May I ask who your sugar daddy is?”

“It’s said that you bought two cars that were recently launched by Ze Cheng Group that are worth over 100 million. Does your backer not care about you spending so much money?”

“You bluntly said that you’re a kept man. Aren’t you afraid of losing even more fans?”

Very soon, it seemed that a switch was flipped with the reporters. The once orderly press conference was once again chaotic like a vegetable market. Moreover, the reporters were looking at Luo Lingxing with glowing green eyes. If it was nighttime, it would definitely scare the children. Seeing this scene, Chen Hongliang didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He secretly lit a candle for these reporters. They were so excited right now, but it was guessed that they would be just as miserable when cold water was poured on them. He never expected Luo Lingxing to tease them like this. Was this the prelude to announcing their engagement?

“Since you guys have so many questions, why don’t you ask the person himself?” Luo Lingxing widened his eyes and innocently said. He glazed toward the direction of the backstage entrance.

If Luo Lingxing’s confirmation of being a kept man was like dropping a grenade on the reporters, the sentence he just threw out was like dropping a missile on them, blowing the reporters until they were stunned.

Han Junzhan walked out from backstage at this moment. The reporters followed Luo Lingxing’s gaze and couldn’t help but focus on the entrance of the backstage direction. When they saw the person coming out, the entire place exploded with shouts and bursts of gasps as well as…screams

“Ahhh, isn’t that Major General Han Junzhan? It is, isn’t it? Am I seeing things?” A female reporter shrieked. Her eyes turned into two, large red hearts. Her gaze intently focused on Han Junzhan.

“It really is Major General Han Junzhan. He’s so handsome. He’s even more handsome up close. How can someone be so handsome?” another female reporter said, stardazed. She had an intoxicated expression. It seemed that she had forgotten her own identity a long time ago, and she looked like she couldn’t wait to run forward.

“What is Major General Han doing here? We’re so lucky to be able to see Major General Han with our own eyes. I don’t want to sleep tonight. I definitely won’t be able to sleep,” yet another female reporter screamed while disregarding her appearance.

“Major General Han, over here, over here. I’m your biggest fan.”

“Major General Han, I want to birth your child!”

“Major General Han…”

As soon as Han Junzhan appeared, the entire place exploded in noise. If it weren’t for the previous event, everyone would think that they were here for a celebrity meet and greet. The current scene wouldn’t lose to any other celebrity meet and greet.

The male reporters had black lines over their faces, especially when they saw those female reporters act so stardazed without any regard of their appearance. They were speechless.

Hey, hey, hey. Don’t you all remember that you’re reporters?

Hey, hey, hey. Don’t you remember where you are and what you’re here to do?

Hey, hey hey. Don’t you remember that you’re a woman? Your appearance! What about your appearance?

Hey, hey, hey. Isn’t he just a Major General? Is he worth all this commotion?

However, Major General Han really was handsome and athletic. He was the youngest Major General in history. He was the hero who protected their country. Seeing him today, he really was extraordinary.

The male reporters also saluted Major General Han.

Han Junzhan was not only the prince charming riding the white horse to the women, he was also the idol of all men. He was their life’s goal.

Someone who could conquer both the men and women fans like Han Junzhan, there weren’t many of them within the entire Empire.

Han Junzhan faced everyone’s enthusiastic gazes and cheers and calmly walked to Luo Lingxing to sit beside him. His eyes were glued on Luo Lingxing the entire time.

The reporters’ gazes moved with Han Junzhan until their vision was filled with both Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan. Only then did it seem as if a bucket of cold water was poured on them. Only then did they remember the question they’d just asked Luo Lingxing, as well as the other party’s answer. And then…

…Han Junzhan appeared.

The female reporters looked at each other with surprise. It seemed that they didn’t want to believe what they were seeing.

“M-may I ask why Major General Han is here?” a male reporter, under the pressure of the collective, mustered up the courage to ask.

“Didn’t you guys want to see me?” Han Junzhan answered calmly.

The sound of gulping of salvia could be heard. Nobody wanted to believe it, but the truth was right in front of them. They couldn’t not believe it.

“Could the backer Luo Lingxing mentioned be <Major General Han?” another reporter carefully asked.

“It’s true that he eats, drinks, and lives with me. If raising my fiance is considered keeping a man, then I guess he’s a kept man. I’m very honored,” Han Junzhan said in a spoiled tone.

The reporters felt that there must be something wrong with their ears today, otherwise why would they hear explosions?

Han Junzhan’s words were like an atomic bomb landing on them. Compared to it, Luo Lingxing’s earlier attacks were too gentle.

The reporters wanted to cry. They were all about to be ruined by his pair of devious husbands.

What did they hear? They heard that the so-called “sugar daddy” was the empire’s youngest Major General in history. Moreover, the Major General was Luo Lingxing’s f-f-fiance!

“You…You and Luo Lingxing are fiances?” a young reporter asked while trembling.

“It’s true. Although the engagement ceremony was low-key, we will definitely invite you guys to the wedding in the future.” The curve on the corner of Han Junzhan’s mouth became bigger.

He said it. He finally said it! Today, his relationship with Luoluo wasn’t only known by a few people anymore! After this, almost everyone in the country would know that he and Luoluo were fiances. Luoluo wouldn’t have a chance to regret it anymore in the future.

Han Junzhan felt light, like he was about to float into the sky. He showed everyone a rare smile.

The reporters:…

Hehe, who spread the rumor that Luo Lingxing was a kept man? Stand up now. They promised to beat that person to death. He obviously had a legal engagement with this person, so where did the rumor of having a sugar daddy come from? They were simply trying to dig a pit for the reporters!

Not only did they not uncover any inside information regarding the person doing the keeping as well as the person being kept, they were also fed a face full of dog food. They were too unlucky.

Although the rumor of being a kept man was broken down, lessening the explosive power of the news, Luo Lingxing himself came blaring with another bomb, and that was that he had a fiance. Moreover, his fiance was a Major General of the country. This news was more than enough to make headlines.

And so, the reporters asked questions regarding Han Junzhan and Luo Lingxing’s relationship. like they were trying to get to the bottom of it.

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