IMG Chapter 176 Revenge Is a Must

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“Honey, this must be because someone is against you, so they’re targeting our son on purpose. Someone must not want you to become the director of the State Affairs Bureau, so they’re using our son to attack you. We definitely can’t let this person off,” Mother Xi suddenly said. She only had this son. She couldn’t let her husband become completely disappointed with him or else she wouldn’t have anyone to rely on.

Mother Xi thought for a second then continued, “Honey, I got it. Su Lingping must be behind this. He’s the only one who has these pictures. He must want to get revenge on our son, so he released the pictures online.”

The more Mother Xi spoke, the more certain she was that it was the Su family who did this. After all, Su Lingping was the only one with this material, and they were furious the last time they came.

“It doesn’t seem likely. Su Lingping wouldn’t have the courage to do it.” Xi Hai was uncertain, but he did have his suspicions.

“Su Lingping might not have the courage, but there’s Su Weizhi. He must not be satisfied with the conditions you gave him, so he wanted to pull himself up. That’s why he threw you aside to be used as a stepping stone.” The more Mother Xi spoke, the more she was certain. She also secretly gave her son a look.

Xi Liangqing understood and quickly added, “Dad, he must be the one behind it. That day, he told me he’d get back at me. He must be the one who uploaded it online. He clearly knows that this is the critical period for your promotion, so he used this chance to upload the videos.”

Xi Hai tightly furrowed his brows. He had a headache as soon as he thought about the Su family. He thought he’d found a helper, but he didn’t expect to have only found a headache. If the Su family really were behind this, he definitely wouldn’t let them off. Even if he was unable to get the promotion, dealing with the Su family wasn’t a big matter.

These days, there was another person who wasn’t living well, and that was Liu Guanghua. He was also one of the participants in those nude pics, after all. Who told him to hook up with Xi Liangqing?

If Liu Guanghua knew this would happen to Xi Liangqing one day, he probably would never have tried to hook up with him. He probably regretted it so much right now.

Because Su Lingping had obtained evidence of Liu Guanghua and Xi Liangqing’s personal matters, the Su family used that to get revenge from the Liu Group. Because the Liu Group received such a fierce attack, their stock prices drastically dropped and many stockholders sold their shares, putting the Liu Group in a dangerous situation.

Now that nude pics were released, the Liu group suffered an even greater damage. Liu Guanghua’s reputation was ruined along with Xi Liangqing.

Previously, there were still some fans who supported Liu Guanghua, but now, they all yelled at and ridiculed him. There wasn’t a single person beside him anymore from when he’d debuted. It scared Liu Guanghua so much that he didn’t dare go online anymore.

Without the Liu Group’s protection, and now that his reputation was ruined, added to the fact that he was always arrogantly showing off his status in the past, all his relationships were gone as well. He’d also offended countless people. These people were all throwing stones at a fallen person, waiting to watch a good show.

He had to take all this suffering on his own. His agency had already started to quietly block him. It was expected that before long, this person would already be forgotten in the ever changing entertainment industry.

It took a lot of effort for Liu Guanghua to change his status. In the past, he’d had some success in the entertainment industry and had mixed in smoothly. However, when did things start to not become smooth?

It seemed that it all started after he had an argument with Luo Lingxing. At first, Luo Lingxing stole the role he was interested in. Afterward, every time he got angry with Luo Lingxing, he would encounter something unlucky. If he had a chance to reincarnate, he would go back in time and stay far away from Luo Lingxing. If he did, wouldn’t he still be the grand young master of the Liu Group and proceeding well in the entertainment industry?

It was a shame that there weren’t such good things in this world. He could only silently swallow his bitter fate.

These few days, besides filming, Luo Lingxing would use the Spirit Mirror to watch Xi Liangqing, Liu Guanghua, and Su Lingping’s miserable “drama”. He’d already seen Xi Liangqing and Liu Guanghua’s ending, now all that was left was Su Lingping and the Su family.

As long as he settled matters with the Su family, then it could be said that he’d fulfilled Su Lingxing’s wish. Afterward, he could live in this world as Luo Lingxing with ease.

He’d previously promised his uncles that he would let them get revenge from the Su family, so his only opponent was Su Lingping. When Su Lingxing was kicked out of the Su family, his fiance was stolen by Su Lingping, he was beaten to death by Su Lingping, he was cast aside by his agency, and all the other matters. And now he was following someone else’s path using someone else’s body to make Su Lingping unable to stay in the entertainment industry. His fiance was also stolen by someone else, and his engagement was called off. All that was left was the punishment for being beaten up. He was busy at the Film World previously, so it wasn’t convenient for him to settle matters personally, it had been delayed until now. However, even if he didn’t handle the Su family himself, Xi family’s “resentment” was already on their heads. Even if the Luo family didn’t do anything, the Su family might be ruined by the Xi family before he returned to the Emperor Star. If that happened, his uncles would definitely be unhappy and leave a trace of regret in their hearts.

Thinking of this, Luo Lingxing immediately gave Luo Jinggen a call.

“Xiao Xing, has anyone given you trouble recently? If anyone finds trouble for you and you’re too busy to take care of it, you can directly give your uncle a call. I’ll help you get reveege. You definitely can’t hold it in like before,” Luo Jinggen worriedly said as soon as the call connected. Itw as obvious that he’d watched Luo Lingxing’s press conference.

When negative news first came out about Luo Lingxing, he wanted to make a move immediately, but Luo Lingxing was a step faster and requested they not intervene. Otherwise, how could they let those people jump around until now.

“I got it. I can handle this myself. If I can’t handle it, then I’ll definitely trouble you uncles,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. At the same time, he felt anxious in his heart. Someone had been robbing him of dealing with the scumbags. His heart felt tired.

“There’s no need to be polite with your uncles. You’re a member of our Luo family,” Luo Jinggen happily smiled. He was very happy and proud of how Luo Lingxing handled matters this time. As expected of a son from the Luo family. They should always be courageous and get revenge.

In fact, he was afraid that Luo Lingxing was too soft or kind at first. In a family like theirs, if someone was too soft or too kind, it wasn’t a good thing.

The children of the Luo family can bully others, but how can they themselves be bullied? Moveover, as a descendent of the Luo family, they needed to have the ability to protect themselves. They must also have the overbearing idea of “if others leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone, but if they provoke them, then they must destroy their entire family.”

The Luo family protected each other, even their faults. They could tease their own family members, but everyone else better not even think about it, especially toward Luo Lingxing since he was the Luo family’s youngest child. They couldn’t spoil and love him enough, but some others who blind enough to bully him. Are they bullying them because there weren’t many people in the Luo family?

“Uncle, I need to stay in the Film World to shoot a drama and probably won’t be back for another month. I’ll leave the Su family to you, but don’t completely annihilate Su Lingping. Let him return to the Emperor Star to be taken care of,” Luo Lingxing said to Luo Jinggen.

In the cultivation world, the strong ate the weak. If someone wasn’t pleasing to the eye, they just killed them. Therefore, Luo Lingxing had never learned this phrase. Fortunately in Luo Jinggen’s eyes, the crime the Su family committed was deserving of death. Therefore, he also didn’t pay attention to this phrase.

“No problem. I can finally take care of that Su family. Don’t worry and focus on filming. We’ll wait for your return,” Luo Jinggen said with a smile. A hint of impatience flashed through his eyes.

He believed that if he told this news to his two younger brothers, they would be very happy. Ever since they found out their little sister died at the hands of the Su family, they wanted to make a move against the Su family. However, his nephew said that he wanted to take care of it himself, so they left the Su family alone until now. Did the Su family really think they were untouchable in the Emperor Star?

Hehe, it was time to make the Su family pay for the decisions they’d made before.

Luo Lingxing knew that his uncle would probably take care of it, so he didn’t worry. Up next, he completely focused on filming.

Although he experienced a lot recently, and both Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan had taken a lot of days off, because they had a tacit understanding in their acting, their filming went very smoothing. There were very little NGs, saving them a lot of time. Not only did they not delay the filming,they were even able to catch up. At this speed, they could finish early.

Time passed very quickly. The filming for ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ was coming to an end. The ‘Interstellar New Singer’ that Xia Yuan participated in was also slowly reaching its finish as well. Xia Yuan used his exceptional and clear voice to pass five rounds and entered the sixth round in the top five. He also gained a ton of fans.

“Xiao Luoluo, are you coming to watch my final performance?” Xia Yuan’s exquisite little face appeared on his terminal wearing a sweet smile.

“When is it?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“If I can smoothly pass this round, the finals will be next week.” Although that was what Xia Yuan said, he didn’t show a hint of nervousness. It was evident that he was very confident in this competition.

“Let me see. If we can finish filming next week, I’ll attend,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Okay, okay. I’ll have Xiao Kai save you a ticket. I’ll definitely get you the best seat. Hehe…I must get the championship, then I can sign with your studio.” Xia Yuan was obviously happy to finally be able to say it out loud. He had longed for the entertainment industry for a long time already.

“Even if you don’t get the championship, you’ll definitely sign with me,” Luo Lingxing also laughed and said. Every time he chatted with Xia Yuan, his mood would get better. It was probably because he always smiled.

“Of course, I’m counting on you. Even if you don’t want to sign me, there’s no room for regrets, haha…” Xia Yuan laughed loudly.

In the next second, a deep and magnetic voice came from the other side, “Who are you counting on?”

Luo Lingxing saw Xia Yuan act stunned for a moment. Then with a flattering smile on his face, he softly said, “You. I’m counting on you.”

After…there was no after. The call was directly hung up.

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