IMG Chapter 177 Wrap-up Banquet

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The filming for ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ was full of twists and turns, but they finally welcomed the final filming day. The entire crew, it didn’t matter whether it was the actors or the staff members, they all had a bright smile on their faces.

After the last scene was shot, the entire crew felt relieved and started to cheer.

“Everyone has gone through a lot of troubles recently because of my matters. I have also troubled everyone with helping with my matters. Today, I’ll treat everyone to a meal as compensation,” Luo Lingxing said to everyone with a smile.

Sun Xueyou walked over and patted Luo Lingxing as he smiled. He said, “Today’s the wrap-up banquet. How can we let you treat us? However, I definitely won’t let you forget about this meal. Guys, isn’t that right?”

“That’s right. Director Sun’s usual cheerful self ends when he has to treat,” an artist who likes to joke around shouted.

“That’s right. Director Sun, treat us…”

“Treat us, Director Sun.”  “Director Sun, treat us.” 

Everyone shouted together. Sun Xueyou waved his hand and said, “Okay, I’ll leave the location up to you guys. We’ll hold the wrap-up banquet tonight. Everyone worked hard during this period of time.”

“Yay!” the staff cheered.

Since that was the case, Luo Lingxing could only say, “Alright, when everyone is free, let me know. I’ll owe this meal for now.”

Probably since filming wrapped up, everyone was in a good mood. Even the artists who were usually a bit hostile were walking back to the hotel with a smile as they chatted. They were going to prepare for tonight’s banquet.

“Young master Luo, I’ve already bought a spaceship ticket for tonight,” He Yi whispered to Luo Lingxing. “Brother Chen said he’ll pick us up when the time comes.”

“Tell Brother Chen he doesn’t need to pick us up. It’ll be late by the time we get to the Emperor Star. Have him rest early,” Luo Lingxing instructed.

Chen Hongliang had left the Film World to return to the Emperor Star a few days ago. After filming, the Golden Fox Film Awards would start shortly, so he needed to return first to make the final preparations. He also needed to find Guan Anhua.

In fact, everyone else in the crew bought spaceship tickets for tomorrow, but Luo Lingxing wanted to return to the Emperor Star as soon as possible. Although he didn’t know where this urgency came from, something in his heart told him to leave tonight, so he followed his heart and had He Yi buy a ticket for tonight.

“Okay, I’ll send Brother Chen a message,” He Yi replied.

They returned to the hotel and packed up all their luggages to put in their space button. This way, they can directly head to the space station right after the wrap-up banquet.

The wrap-up banquet was only a small banquet. The celebrities had always paid attention to their appearance. It was the same for everyone there. The men wore crisp suits, and the women wore beautiful evening dresses.

Sun Xueyou chose a relatively larger restaurant that was self-serve. This way, everyone’s different tastes could be met, as well as giving everyone a place to chat. After all,  many artists here might cooperate again in the future, so it wouldn’t hurt to make connections early. It might even help their future as artists.

When Luo Lingxing and He Yi arrived at the restaurant, they found a corner to quietly eat. It was a shame that as a frequent visitor on the hot search during this time, as someone with countless gossip surrounding them, as well as the Major General’s fiance, even if Luo Lingxing wanted to be low-key, it was impossible. Everyone’s eyes were like they had a radar installed. They could find him at any corner and would walk up to him with a wine glass.

“Luoluo, congrats on the wrap-up,” Zhao Feier held up the glass to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing was helpless and could only take a glass of red wine from the waiter, signaled for them to leave, then took a drink. Since someone came to toast him, he had to give them face. He didn’t like to drink this kind of red wine. He thought it didn’t taste as mellow as the baijiu from his previous life. He wondered what kind of tastes the people here had for them to like this wine so much. He also couldn’t drink those beers. If there was time, he needed to brew his own wine to satisfy his cravings.

“Sister Zhao, congrats to you as well,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

“Luoluo, you’re really amazing. When the reports were at its fiercest, I was really worried about you. I never thought you would avert disaster in the end. Luoluo, you really are a lucky star,” Zhao Feier said with a smile.

“How can that be? I’m just a little lucky, that’s all,” Luo Lingxing said modestly.

“Don’t be modest. This isn’t something you can overcome with just luck. Our Luoluo is just that amazing,” Zhao Feier continued to praise.

“Of course. Luoluo might be young, but he’s very powerful. His acting is also amazing. He’s really someone to envy. Us older folks will be suppressed by our juniors.” Another female artist slowly walked over and praised.

“Sister Li, you’re praising me too much. There’s still a lot I need to learn from you, Sister Li,” Luo Lingxing slightly nodded and greeted her.

“Hehe, Luoluo, you’re such a smooth talker.” Sister Li smiled at Luo Lingxing’s sentence.

“Luoluo, you’ve really hidden a lot. You’re actually engaged to our country’s youngest Major General and didn’t let us know. You’re really too secretive.” Another male celebrity came over and joined in the conversation. He hoped to have a good relationship with Luo Lingxing, or at least try and get more familiar with him.

There weren’t many people who had the same thoughts as him. Although Luo Lingxing’s popularity within the crew was good, he was still a newcomer in the entertainment industry and a junior. If it was the past, there wouldn’t be this many people surrounding him. To put it bluntly, this was all because of his relationship with Han Junzhan. After gaining the title of Han Junzhan’s fiance, Luo Lingxing’s worth wasn’t the same anymore.

With a powerful background and excellent acting skills, even if he was a newcomer, he would definitely become popular in the future. It was only a matter of time, so everyone wanted to make a connection with him first. It wouldn’t hurt them.

“Exactly. You even hid it from us. You should be punished with alcohol. You must drink three cups,” Yang Wenle added. The others immediately agreed. Luo Lingxing could only helplessly smile and begged for mercy. “Brothers and sisters, please spare me. I’m not very good at drinking. If I drink too much, I’ll get drunk.”

Although that was what he said, in fact, he was already rolling his eyes in his heart. What did his engagement have to do with them? They usually didn’t have anything to do with each other. He knew that these people were just finding an excuse to make him drink.

“Since you look so pitiful, then just drink one glass,” Zhao Feier said with a smile.

“Then I’ll toast you all.” Luo Lingxing was helpless and could only drain the glass in his hand.

“How refreshing. Very good. Youngsters these days are amazing. Us seniors will have to take a step back.”

“Brother Zhou, you’re too modest. Who doesn’t know that you’re an evergreen in the entertainment industry. We all rely on you in the future.”

“That’s right. Who knows when we’ll reach Brother Zhou’s position. I’ll be satisfied if I ever get there.” A few smaller artists took the opportunity to flatter him.

“Haha…you all are pretty good too.” Brother Zhou was obviously very happy from the praise. His smile became even wider.

In just a short period of time, the people around Luo Lingxing had changed a few times. Several cups of alcohol also went into his stomach in a row. His head was a little dizzy. He knew that he’d get dizzy if he kept drinking like this.

If it was his previous body, he wouldn’t get drunk even if he drank too much. He didn’t expect his body in this world to be so light-weighted. He’d only drank a few cups and he was already dizzy. He couldn’t use his spiritual energy to expel the alcohol out of his body either. He felt very uncomfortable.

“Luoluo, you drank his glass, so you can’t not give me face.” Yet another celebrity came up to toast him.

“Brother Sun, I drank a few glasses and am a bit dizzy now. If I drink anymore, I’ll have to be carried out. How about I drink a sip for you?” Luo Lingxing said softly.

Luo Lingxing was originally very good and delicate looking. It was just that his skin was a bit dull before, so it wasn’t obvious. After cultivating, his skin got better and his facial features became more prominent as well. His appearance was very different from before. This was also the reason why everyone thought he had plastic surgery.

At this moment, his eyes were due to his drunkenness and discomfort, combined with his delicate little face. To be stared at by this expression, any man would feel moved.

Brother Sun was no exception. He secretly swallowed his saliva. As he looked at the stunning Luo Lingxing, his mouth suddenly felt dry. He impulsively wanted to pull the person in front of him into his arms. Holding him would probably feel very comfortable.

However, at the next moment, Luo Lingxing fell into the arms of another person. Even the wine glass in his hand was taken away by that person.

“How about I drink this glass for him?” A low and magnetic voice sounded above his head. Luo Lingxing, who originally wanted to struggle, heard the familiar voice and his body gradually relaxed.

Sun Mingzhou was originally annoyed that the other party had snatched away Luo Lingxing, but after hearing the voice, he immediately shifted his gaze from Luo Lingxing’s body to the other person’s body. When he saw the other person was Ye Luohan, his heart trembled. He said with a smile, “Hehe, since Luo Lingxing isn’t feeling well, then don’t force him. I’ll drink it on his behalf.”

Sun Mingzhou lifted his head and drained the glass before leaving in a hurry, as if he was running away. He couldn’t help but mutter in his heart: How could Ye Luohan be here? I thought he never attended banquets?

When the other little artists saw Ye Luohan appear, they were all surprised. Some of them had poor control and even screamed out.

Because everyone thought the same as Sun Mingzhou. Ye Luohan had never participated in a banquet before. Everyone also thought Ye Luohan wouldn’t attend the banquet this time as well. But suddenly, Ye Luohan came, causing everyone to be dazzled.

In the next moment, they were all very excited. Who didn’t want to have a good relationship with Ye Luohan, after all? If they could get along with Ye Luohan, then it was more useful than knowing one hundred people at the banquet. Moreover, a banquet was the best place to make connections. In the past, Ye Luohan never attended banquets, so they never had a way to make friends with him. But today, he made an exception and came to participate. Everyone naturally didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.

However, when everyone saw that he was holding someone in his arms, their movement of moving closer paused. They only now noticed that the other person was holding someone, and that person was very familiar.

“Isn’t that Luo Lingxing? Why is he in God Ye’s arms,” a female artist asked the person beside her in confusion.

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