IMG Chapter 178 Not Taking Responsibility

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“Isn’t that Luo Lingxing? Why is he in God Ye’s arms,” a female artist asked the person beside her in confusion.

“I don’t know, but their actions look very gentle.”

“Isn’t Luo Lingxing Major General Han’s fiance? Why is he so close to God Ye now? Is he two-timing?” another person guessed.

“Probably not. He’s probably just drunk.”

“He only had a few glasses and he’s already drunk. How can he be such a light-weight?” Some people didn’t believe it. In the entertainment industry, attending banquets and drinking was unavoidable. Being a light-weight was impossible.

“I’m so jealous of him. God Ye never lets people get close, but he’s always had a good relationship with Luo Lingxing in the crew. Moreover, Major General Han is also Luo Lingxing’s finance. Knowing one of our two country’s male gods is already lucky enough, but he actually knows both of them. How enviable.”

Everyone looked over at the two. They wanted to go up to him but also didn’t want to disturb them, so they could only whisper and discuss with the people around them.

On the other side, Luo Lingxing, who snuggled into Ye Luohan’s chest, shook his head hard to try and sober himself. He stood and straightened his body, not missing a single word those people said.

“Thank you, I’m fine.” Luo Lingxing tried his best to speak clearly.

Ye Luohan furrowed his brow and said, “Why did you drink this much?”

Thankfully he came in time or else…Thinking of the scene just now, his heart was full of annoyance. Although those people hid their intentions well, they couldn’t escape his eyes.

Those people who dared to covet his man were simply looking for death!

“I’m fine. They came over to toast me, so I couldn’t reject them and drank a few glasses. I didn’t think I would be such a light-weight to get drunk after only a few cups,” Luo Lingxing said slowly. This was indeed outside of his expectations.

Ye Luohan felt a bit regretful. He knew that he should have come along with Luo Lingxing from the start. Although he would be surrounded by these annoying flies, at least he could have watched over Luoluo and prevented him from being forced to drink, much less get drunk.

“Since you’re drunk, let’s go back first,” Ye Luohan supported Luo Lingxing and said. He gave Xiao Ming a look, and the other party immediately understood.

“I’ll let Director Sun know. You guys head out first,” Xiao Ming said before walking over to Director Sun’s side.

In fact, Sun Xueyou noticed when Ye Luohan arrived. This person had a bright aura surrounding him all the time, after all. It was difficult for someone not to notice. He was also aware that Luo Lingxing was being forced to drink, so after finding out that Luo Lingxing was drunk, he blamed himself a bit. He never knew Luo Lingxing was so bad at drinking or else he wouldn’t have let the others force him.

So after Xiao Ming explained their intentions, he happily waved his hand and told them to go back first. The other celebrities were very unwilling but didn’t dare stop them either.

“I…I’m not returning to the hotel. You can just have Xiao He help me. You guys go back first,” Luo Lingxing said hurriedly when they exited the restaurant. He needed to head to the space station.

“If you’re not returning to the hotel, where are you going?” Ye Luohan didn’t let go of his hand and asked.

“Young master Ye, we already bought tickets for tonight’s spaceship. We’ll head to the space station later. Young master Ye, you can leave Young master Luo to me,” He Yi stood to the side and helped Luo Lingxing reply. Seeing Luo Lingxing’s condition, it seemed even replying was hard.

“You guys are also planning to return to the Emperor Star tonight?” Xiao Ming, who had just exited, heard Xiao Ming’s words and couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

“Are you guys leaving tonight as well?” He Yi heard Xiao Ming’s “also” and guessed.

“That’s right. What a coincidence. Why don’t we go back together then,” Xiao Ming said with a smile. He secretly thought in his heart that if he hadn’t known that Ye Luohan hadn’t contacted Luo Lingxing about going back, he would have thought that the two of them had discussed it beforehand. They really deserved to be fiances. They were of one mind.

“That’s great,” He Yi said happily. He was originally worried that he wouldn’t be able to properly take care of the drunk Luo Lingxing by himself, but now that there were two more people, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Although Luo Lingxing was still a bit dizzy, he could still hear their conversation.

He didn’t expect Ye Luohan to also choose to fly back to the Emperor Star tonight. It was obvious that the other party also didn’t expect someone to think the same as him, and this person was his fiance, Luo Lingxing.

In fact, Ye Luohan chose to leave tonight because he hoped to return to the Emperor Star a step earlier than Luo Lingxing. That way, when Luo Lingxing returned, he could go to the space station to pick him up. But who would have thought that the two of them would choose a spaceship that left at the same time. This made Ye Luohan both happy and a bit depressed.

If they returned at the same time, then how could he (YLH) pick him (LLX) up? He had to carefully think about this question.

However, there was obviously something more important right now, and that was to take care of the drunk Luo Lingxing. In fact, he was actually a bit lucky, since a drunk Luo Lingxing was rare. If he wasn’t there and the other person was slighted by someone else, he really didn’t know what to do. Sure enough, it was the safest to keep the other person tightly by his side. As for the rest, they could talk about it when the time came. There would always be a way.

The four called for a car to take them to the space station. They soon checked in and boarded the spaceship.

He Yi and Xiao Ming purchased first-class tickets, and they could have a room to themselves.

“Mr. Ye, I’ll carry Young master Luo. We’ve really troubled you. You should return to your room and rest.” He Yi saw how Ye Luohan intimately held Luo Lingxing so closely and hurriedly spoke up.

He was their family’s young madam. How could he let another man get so close to him? There was no other option when they were at the banquet, but now that they left, it couldn’t go on like this. If the eldest young master found out, he would definitely be chopped into pieces.

“It’s no trouble,” Ye Luohan said calmly. He held onto Luo Lingxing’s hand with no intention of letting go.

He Yi stood there and watched. His hand stretched out with obvious intentions, but the other party pretended not to see, making the corners of his eyes and mouth twitch.

How could this person act like this? That was their young madam. He already had a fiance. The other party clearly knew this, yet he still acted so intimately. Doesn’t he know how to avoid suspicion?

“Mr. Ye, I’ll help young master Luo into his room to rest. Once we land, our young master will definitely thank you once he’s aware of the situation.” He Yi deliberately emphasized the two words “young master” to secretly hint at Ye Luohan.

However, Ye Luohan still didn’t move. He directly hugged Luo Lingxing and walked into the room he booked. He Yi didn’t even have a chance to stop him, especially since Xiao Ming quickly grabbed He Yi from behind.

“I have something I need to ask you. Let’s go to another room and have a chat.” Xiao Ming pulled He Yi as he laughed inside his heart.

This scene was too funny. Ye Luohan was clearly Han Junzhan, the young master this blockhead spoke about. The person was clearly right in front of him, but he couldn’t recognize him. He even regarded Ye Luohan as a scoundrel who wanted to take advantage of Luo Lingxing. It really was too pitiful.

“But…” He Yi originally thought that Ye Luohan treated their young madam too well, but now that the two of them were alone in a room together, what if something happened? How would he explain it to his young master?

“There’s no buts. Luohan will take care of Luoluo. Let’s discuss other matters first.” Xiao Ming half pulled He Yi into another room.

Ye Luohan half carried Luo Lingxing into the room. The effects of the alcohol slowly appeared. Luo Lingxing, who still had a bit of consciousness earlier, was very drunk and was out of it now. His mind was chaotic, and countless moments of his previous life and current life flashed through his mind, making his head feel like it was about to explode.

“Ugh…it hurts…” Luo Lingxing’s little hand couldn’t help but touch his forehead. His brows furrowed, and he had a pained expression on his face.

Seeing this, Ye Luohan’s heart drummed. He followed him and furrowed his brows as well, also feeling a bit of pain. His big hand stroked the other party’s forehead without pause, helping him gently rub it to relieve the pain. He secretly made up his mind to not let him drink the future.

“Does it feel better?” Ye Luohan asked softly.

“Hmm…feels good…” Luo Lingxing muttered. His brows gradually loosened, and the painful expression gradually disappeared. It showed that it was very effective.

Ye Luohan didn’t stop and continued to rub the other party.

Luo Lingxing felt the big hand stroking his forehead constantly. He felt very comfortable and slowly opened his eyes. He vaguely saw a figure directly above him. The harder he tried to get a clearer view, the foggier the figure became. He pouted in dissatisfaction. His little hand shot up and pulled the other person down so that their faces were close together. This way, he could get a better look.

If he was sober, Luo Lingxing would naturally not behave so childishly and coquettishly. But when he was drunk, his nature that he locked away slowly came out.

Ye Luohan didn’t think Luo Lingxing would suddenly act this way. He was pulled down without the slightest bit of defense. His lips pressed hard against the other party’s lips, and his eyes suddenly widened.

Luoluo…wanted to kiss him?

This…counted as the first time Luo Lingxing took the initiative to kiss him. He was the one to take initiative the first two times.

Ye Luohan felt his heart beating faster and faster. The sound got louder and louder, as if it was about to beat out of his chest.

Luo Lingxing felt something soft against his lips. He was a bit confused and stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick it. Finding the taste to not be bad, he continued to lick. In order to prevent the head from moving, his little hand held on tight.

This time, it felt like a thunderbolt had struck his heart.A bang sounded in his head and he suddenly blanked. He could only let Luo Lingxing do “whatever he wanted” on his lips.

It seemed that he wasn’t satisfied with just feeling the shape of his lips or perhaps it was because he found the space in between his lips. In any case, Luo Lingxing stretched out the tip of his tongue and kept trying to squeeze into the other party’s mouth.

“Open up!” Luo Lingxing ordered with dissatisfaction.

Ye Luohan, whose head was blank, took the initiative to obediently open his lips and greeted the other party’s small tongue. He let him wreak havoc inside his mouth. A burst of heat exuded from his body as if it would burn him.

Finally, the final threads inside Ye Luohan’s brain snapped. He turned from being passive to being the active participant as he hooked the little tongue, sucking, teasing, and invading the other party’s mouth to enjoy the sweet taste.

“Mmhmm…” Luo Lingxing was aroused by the other party’s strong attack. He seemed dissatisfied with being deprived of being the active one, so he pressed against the other party’s lips even harder. The tug-of-war between the two of them began. Luo Lingxing gradually fell behind and could only powerlessly bear the other party’s aggression as they exchanged fluids.

Ye Luohan felt his body getting hotter by the second. The fire was fanned and a certain part of his body slowly awakened. His lips weren’t satisfied with just the other party’s lisp as he moved to his chin, cheeks, earlobes, and neck.

However, very slowly, the person beneath him no longer responded to him with soft moans, but it had turned into long breathing sounds instead. Even the small hand that had wrapped around his neck slowly slid down. Ye Luohan, who was immersed in the mood, gradually noticed that something was wrong.

He glanced up and found that Luo Lingxing had already closed his eyes and was asleep.

Ye Luohan: …

Looking at Luo Lingxing, who had fallen asleep, and feeling a certain part of his body that was completely awake, Ye Luohan could only cover Luo Lingxing with a quilt with an expressionless face. He then walked into the bathroom to deal with the fire that was provoked by an irresponsible person.

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