IMG Chapter 179 Return to Emperor Star

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“Do you need me to send you home?” Ye Luohan said to Luo Lingxing once they exited the spaceship.

“Thank you, but no need. Someone is coming to pick me up,” Luo Lingxing refused with a smile. After they got off the spaceship, Han Junzhan sent him a message saying that he would come pick him up.

Although he didn’t know how Han Junzhan was aware of the time he’d return, he was still looking forward to seeing him.

“That’s good. Pay attention to safety. We’ll head out first.” Ye Luohan wasn’t polite and hurriedly left with Xiao Ming.

That was because he was in a rush to find a place to return to his identity as Han Junzhan and pick up his wife. He naturally wouldn’t stay there any longer.

“Young master said he will be here very soon.” Seeing Luo Lingxing standing by the exit, looking around, He Yi spoke up first.

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing nodded, but his gaze never left the direction of the Han residence.

As expected, not even a few minutes later, the two saw a familiar car speeding toward them.

“Young master Luo, the young master has arrived,” He Yi said excitedly.

“Mn,” Luo Lingxing replied. For some reason, his heart felt a bit uncontrollable. It was similar to the last time he saw Han Junzhan. This feeling was unfamiliar, but it wasn’t unlikeable.

“Luoluo, welcome back.” Han Junzhan stepped down from the hover car and tightly hugged Luo Lingxing. His breath sprayed against the other party’s ears, causing the person in his arms to tremble.

Luo Lingxing felt the limp and numb feeling rising in his body. He was a bit familiar with it. His face flushed even brighter, feeling even more hot.

“It’s so late. I could have returned on my own,” Luo Lingxing said bashfully.

“It’s already this late. I’ll be worried if you went home on your own,” Han Junzhan said with a smile. His already handsome face looked even more outstanding because of this smile, making others unable to look away from him.

“We should quickly head home. I’m a bit tired,” Luo Lingxing was a bit dazed. In order to avoid losing control over himself even more, he hurriedly turned his head and spoke. He took the lead in getting into the car, leaving Han Junzhan alone outside the car.

If he wasn’t mistaken, Luoluo was shy? This discovery made Han Junzhan very proud. Sure enough, those novels weren’t complete lies.

In the past, he rarely accepted roles in romantic dramas. However, now that he was deeply in love, he found that he was too inexperienced in this area. This wasn’t good for the progress of his and Luoluo’s relationship progression. Therefore, he’d asked Xiao Ming to help him find some books that could increase his expertise in love. The other party recommended a few novels. Although he felt it was very sappy as he read them, he had to say that it was pretty practical.

It looked like he had to ask Xiao Ming to find more novels to read next time.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ming, who was waiting for a taxi in the cold wind, sneezed violently. He secretly complained about that artist of his who valued love over friendships. He (HJZ) ran to pick up his wife and threw him (XM) on the side of the road. This was too much. He had to give him a few melodramatic novels to read in the future and make him taste the male protagonist’s crisis. Then we’ll see if he dared treat him like this again. Hmph! Since the spaceship arrived at Emperor Star late, Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan washed up and slept as soon as they arrived home.

After completing another job, Chen Hongliang gave him a few days of vacation, so Luo Lingxing didn’t have to worry about getting up early the next day. He slept until he naturally woke up.

When he woke up and looked at the familiar ceiling and decorations in the room, it took a while before Luo Lingxing shook off the confusion and realized that he’d returned to the Han residence in the middle of the night last night.

Sure enough, the bed at home was the most comfortable. He wondered how his uncles dealt with the Su family. It had already been so long. He wondered if the Su family collapsed yet. If it had, it would be a lot less interesting. He would call his uncle later to ask about the situation.

“Aunt Lin, morning,” Luo Lingxing greeted when he walked downstairs and saw Aunt Lin.

“Young madam, morning.” Aunt Lin was even happier after seeing Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing, who was still walking downstairs, almost slipped and fell down the stairs when he heard the title “young madam”.

“Young madam, be careful. Slow down.” Aunt Lin was so frightened that her heart was about to stop when she saw this.

“Aunt Lin, what did you just call me?” Luo Lingxing asked with uncertainty.

“Young madam,” Aunt Lin replied naturally.

Although she rarely watched TV, her young madam was a celebrity. She didn’t miss a single report that was related to the young madam. Naturally, she also knew about the press conference that publicly announced Luo Lingxing and Han Junzhan’s engagement. She was very happy that Luo Lingxing finally accepted their young master and became their young madam. She was very, very happy. That day, she made a huge table of dishes and enjoyed it with all the servants in the Han family. This was to celebrate the coming together of the two young masters.

“Ahem…Aunt Lin, you should continue calling me Xiao Luo in the future,” Luo Lingxing said. He really wanted to politely reject the title of “young madam”.

“How can I do that? That’s too impolite.” Aunt Lin shook her head. She called him Xiao Luo in the past because the two of them hadn’t gotten together yet and was worried that Luo Lingxing would be embarrassed and start avoiding their young master. However, they were official now. She naturally couldn’t call him Xiao Luo anymore.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

At this moment, Han Junzhan came down from upstairs and said, “Aunt Lin, just what Luoluo says.”

“Alright then. Young master, Xiao Luo, breakfast is ready,” Aunt Lin said.

After breakfast, just as Han Junzhan wanted to ask Luo Lingxing to go out on a date, Luo Lingxing had already returned to the room. Han Junzhan left for the military district in a depressed mood to deal with some business. On the way, he took a look to see if the group of recruits were training well. If they weren’t working hard, he didn’t mind helping them a bit and acting as a sparring partner.

The pitiful recruits weren’t aware that at this moment, their superior, who had fallen crazily in love, was now thinking of them. What awaited them was probably a brutal one-sided beating.

As for Luo Lingxing, after he returned to the room, he summoned the Spirit Mirror and planned on checking what Su Lingping was doing now. He wanted to see if he’d been “played” to death. He’d told his uncles that they needed to leave Su Lingping for him to handle. Therefore, the other party shouldn’t be in a too miserable state right now.

However, the scene that appeared on the Spirit Mirror startled Luo Lingxing. However, he’d only sprinkled his special powder on Su Lingping’s body. It wasn’t the wrong person. Otherwise, he would have thought that the person displayed in the Spirit Mirror wasn’t Su Lingping.

It had only been a little while since they’d last seen each other, but the other party…had already become almost unrecognizable.

Seeing Su Lingping’s face swollen like a pig’s head at this moment, there wasn’t a single piece of skin that wasn’t affected. He lay in bed weakly, constantly howling. Su Lingping’s mother sat beside him, watching her son cry with pause.

“Husband, you have to get revenge for Ping’Er. Ping’Er was beaten like this. We can’t let those people off. My poor Ping’Er.” At this time, Wei Xinyi was unlike her usual self and didn’t look like a respectable woman. Her face had become hallowed, and she looked a lot more haggard. It could be seen that she’d been living a miserable life.

Su Weizhi looked like he’d aged ten years. All the wrinkles on his face had come out. He’d lost his previous grandeur and style and now looked like a dying old man.

“Sigh…what can I even do? We don’t know who beat him up, and the Su family has suffered setbacks one after another recently. Which god did we offend for our Su family to suffer such catastrophes,” Su Weizhi lamented.

Recently, the Su family suffered one setback after another. They even encountered obstacles toward officialdom. If he didn’t now know that someone was targeting the Su family, then he would have lived this life in vain. Even if he knew that someone was targeting him, he couldn’t find that person.

At the start, he guessed it was the Xi family. Since Xi Liangqing had done such a thing, his reputation was ruined. Xi Hai’s career was also almost ruined by his son. The engagement was naturally dissolved. There was no need to speak about the matter of helping him get a promotion. In the government as well, the other party was giving him trouble everywhere.

However, thinking about it later on, it seemed it wasn’t him. Although they held a high position within the government, the Su family wasn’t inferior to the Xi family. It didn’t matter how he investigated, he couldn’t find the culprit behind all of this. He could only be taken advantage of.

Luo Lingxing wasn’t interested in Su Lingping’s howling, Wei Xinyi’s crying, and Su Weizhi’s complaining, so he stashed away the Spirit Mirror and called Luo Jinggen.

“Big Uncle,” Luo Lingxing greeted when he saw the figure appear on the screen.

“Xiao Xing, how have you been recently? Has anyone bullied you?” After encountering this matter, Luo Jinggen had always been worried that someone had bullied his nephew. Although he knew his nephew was capable, he still couldn’t help but worry.

“Don’t worry, nobody will bully me,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile. He was helpless about the fact that his Big Uncle would ask this question every time he called, but he also felt heartwarming.

“That’s good. You don’t have to be polite to those with bad intentions.”

“Mn, I know. Uncle, I wanted to ask you about how you dealt with the Su family?” Luo Lingxing exchanged pleasantries with Luo Jinggen for a while before finally getting to the point.

“Hmph.” Luo Jinggen was angry as soon as the Su family was mentioned. He snorted and replied coldly, “Su Weizhi is really a coward. All I did was have your second brother suppress him in the political circles a bit, and he’s already scared. I really don’t know how my little sister fell in love with him.”

Luo Jinggen didn’t have a good understanding of Su Weizhi before, and this matter made him very angry. At the same time, he questioned his little sister’s tastes. It had to be very bad for her to fall in love with a man like Su Weizhi.

“Big Uncle, it’s hard to find men as exceptional as the ones in our family, so it’s understandable for my mom to fall in love with him back then,” Luo Lingxing comforted Luo Jinggen. However, his taste was much better than Mother Luo’s. At least the person he liked was no worse than the men of the Luo family. Not to mention, this was a person chosen by the Luo family. He naturally wouldn’t be bad.

“That’s true. Fortunately, you broke off the relationship with the Su family early. Despite growing up in such a family, you didn’t turn crooked. As expected of my nephew,” Luo Jinggen said proudly, praising himself as well.

Luo Lingxing didn’t comment.

“Big Uncle, I don’t think Su Weizhi knows that it was our Luo family that’s going against him. It seems too easy to let them disappear like this. It’s best to make them understand what kind of people they provoked so that they can completely disappear,” Luo Lingxing thought for a second before saying.

“Mn, you’re right. I’ll have your second brother meet with you in a couple days, and we can completely destroy the Su family then.”

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