IMG Chapter 180 Su Family’s Retribution

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On this day, Su Weizhi went to work as usual, but when he arrived at the office, he found that everyone had a strange look in his eyes. The air in the office was also strange. In fact, this strangeness has happened for more than a day or two already, but today was especially so, giving Su Weizhi a bad premonition.

As expected, not long later, this premonition came true. The country’s Ministry of Supervision sent someone over to Su Weizhi’s office. The supervisor wore a well-ironed inspector uniform and didn’t speak and directly went up and grabbed Su Weizhi, dragging him out.

“What are you guys doing? Let me go! Let me go!” Su Weizhi struggled nonstop. But how could the overweight and middle-aged him be the young supervisor’s opponent?

“Someone has accused you of embezzlement and bribery, private use of public funds, and bending the law for personal gain. You need to come to the bureau for an investigation,” the investigator said, expressionlessly.

“That’s nonsense. I can sue you for slander! Let me go! Do you guys know who I am?” Su Weizhi was a bit panicked. The thing he was worried about most recently had happened.

Although he had been slightly suppressed by the officer before, they were unable to affect him. But if today’s matters were really confirmed, then his career would be ruined, destroyed even greater than Xi Hai. It was serious enough for him to go to prison.

“We will verify everything. Please cooperate,” the investigator said, unmoved.

“I want to see my lawyer. I’m not leaving until my lawyer comes.” Su Weizhi was reluctant to leave the office. Even if he was laughed at, he didn’t care because if he left now, he might never come back.

One of the investigators glanced at his colleague, then a group of people came over. They didn’t speak and directly carried Su Weizhi out of the office.

Corrupt officials who accepted bribes were like moths of the government. They existed in every era, and the punishment for these officials were becoming stricter. In the interstellar era, there wasn’t a death penalty, but they would be exiled.

Those who had committed great crimes or serious mistakes, whether civilians or officials, were exiled to the most remote and destitute plant to do hard labor to pay for their mistakes. Once exiled there, they basically couldn’t escape that planet for the rest of their lives.

Because he knew this, Su Weizhi was very frightened. From the moment he arrived at the prosecutor’s office, he fell into a panic.

“Let me go. My position is higher than yours. You don’t have the qualifications to arrest me.” Su Weizhi had been shouting incessantly since he was arrested, but no one paid attention to him.

The investigators were quickly investigating Su Weizhi’s case of embezzlement, accepting bribery, and bending the law for personal grain. Since someone had provided evidence, it didn’t take long to confirm this.

“Who reported me to you? I want to see them. I want to see my lawyer!” Su Weizhi was so angry that his face and neck were red. His already deformed face was even uglier at this moment.

“Tut-tut…so ugly. How did my aunt fall in love with you back then?” A youthful, low, and pleasant sounding voice came from the side.

This was the first time someone had replied to Su Weizhi even after he’d shouted for so long. He immediately looked over to where the sound came from, and after seeing the person early, his expression changed.

“Luo Bingshuo, what’s the meaning of this? Were you the one who reported me?” Su Weizhi couldn’t help but yell.

The person who came was Luo Bingshuo. Luo Bingshuo also worked in the government, but a majority of his job was based in Flowing Cloud Star. His position wasn’t as high as Su Weizhi’s, so it stood to reason that Su Weizhi shouldn’t have recognized Luo Bingshuo.

However, the Luo family was too family. The eldest young master of the Luo family was a major general of the military world. The second young master of the Luo family was a rising star in the political world. The third young master of the Luo family was the king of the business world. Although the fourth young master of the Luo family hadn’t graduated yet, he was an unparalleled genius in regards to mecha. With four exceptional descendants, it was difficult for the Luo family to not be famous. Not to mention, the Luo family was a large family that had a history of thousands of years. It could even be said that the emperor of Flowing Cloud Star and the top families from the Emperor Star had to be polite to them.

“It’s true that I was the one who reported you. So what?” Luo Bingshuo raised his eyebrow slightly and generously admitted it.

“You…Why are you doing this? I don’t remember provoking you? We have always minded our own business. What has come over you?” After Su Weizhi found out who reported him, the anger in his heart rose. He wanted to burn the other person alive. Although he was afraid of the Luo family, at this point, it was already impossible for him to be let go.

Strictly speaking, Luo Bingshuo really had nothing to do with Su Weizhi’s business, but who told his little aunt to marry this bastard with a beast’s heart and ended up being killed by him in the end? The Su family and the Lu family were mortal enemies.

“Who says you haven’t provoked me? Do you know who I am?” It was rare for Luo Bingshuo to make a joke.

“Aren’t you the second young master of the Luo family? Even if your Luo family is powerful, that’s only within Flowing Cloud Star. Don’t forget, this is the Emperor Star. This isn’t your Luo family’s territory,” Su Weizhi warned.

“Of course I know this is the Emperor Star, but our Luo family wants to deal with your small, little Su family. I don’t think the other prominent families will care about this,” Luo Bingshuo said coldly.

Su Weizhi really panicked, because as he said, if he just wanted to deal with the Su family, then the Luo family was more than enough. The other families would not have a falling out with the Luo family for the sake of the Su family, the weaker of the two powers. Their Su family would definitely be abandoned.

“Second young master Luo, our Su family has always  been active in the Emperor Star and has not hindered the Luo family in any way. As long as you release me, I guarantee to find a way to bring you to the Emperor Star. Your career will change for the better,” Su Weizhi immediately changed his strategy and planned on using bribes.

It was a shame that this didn’t work on Luo Bingshuo at all.

“There’s no need. I don’t want to go to the Emperor Star,” Luo Bingshuo simply refused.

Su Weizhi suddenly choked up. It took a long time for his breath to return. “What do you want? How in the world did I provoke you?”

“You didn’t provoke me, but you have wronged my little aunt,” Luo Bingshuo said gloomily. He felt intense anger as soon as he thought of his little aunt, whom he’d never see again. He couldn’t wait to break the scum in front of him to pieces.

“Your little aunt? Who is she? If I have really unintentionally wronged her, I will apologize to her in person and beg for forgiveness.” Su Weizhi was very puzzled. He never heard of an eldest miss in the Luo family. However, it didn’t matter right now if there was or not. What mattered was getting out first.

Who knew that as soon as Luo Bingshuo heard this, he actually laughed. He turned to Su Weizhi and said, “Do you really want to apologize to her?”

“Yes. In order to show my sincerity, I will definitely ask for her forgiveness in person.” When Su Weizhi heard the laugh, he hurriedly said.

“Ah! Since you want to talk to her in person so much, then I’ll send you there. My little aunt should be impatiently waiting for you down there, no?” Luo Bingshuo smiled wickedly, so much so that Su Weizhi fell down with a fright.

“W-what do you mean down there?” Su Weizhi felt a bit numb, and his entire body trembled.

“I’m talking about the Netherworld, of course. Didn’t you say you wanted to apologize to her in person?” Luo Bingshuo slowly approached Su Weizhi. Step by step, as if stepping on Su Weizhi’s heart. This terrified Su Weizhi and made him retreat even more.

“Don’t come over. Don’t come over! Who the hell is your little aunt? I don’t know her!” Su Weizhi was so frightened as he kept retreating, but the room was only so big. There was nowhere for him to retreat anymore.

“You must still remember Luo Xueqing, no?” Luo Bingshuo said through gritted teeth. If he didn’t kill Su Weizhi off would be too easy on him, he would have died a long time ago.

Luo Xueqing? Luo Xueqing? Luo Xueqing! Su Weizhi kept muttering this name. Because it had been too long, he had almost forgotten it. However, the high pressure situation stimulated his memory. As soon as Su Weizhi recalled whose name it was, he glanced up at Luo Bingshuo with wide eyes filled with disbelief.

“Impossible. That’s impossible. She can’t be your little aunt.” Su Weizhi kept shaking his head, unable to believe this fact.

Back then, he’d only married Luo Xueqing because of her beauty, but he lost interest not long after marrying and hooked up with Wei Xinyi, who had a good family background.

Luo Xueqing had been an orphan when he married her, so he didn’t pay any more attention to Luo Xueqing. Even when she gave birth to his eldest son, he didn’t pay attention to them, all the way until the other party died. His impression of this person slowly died in his heart. Today, some came to tell him that Luo Xueqing, who he’d thought was an orphan was actually the eldest miss of the Luo family. Hehe…What could be more ironic than this?

If…If Luo Xueqing had told him back then, he would have never turned a blind eye to her, nor would he have taken a mistress. He definitely wouldn’t have watched as she died.

Su Weizhi was a bit resentful of Luo Xueqing’s concealment. If she hadn’t hid it, he would have had the Luo family’s help. His career would have been on the rise. He wouldn’t have needed to work hard for so many years, not would he have needed to rely on the Xi family. If he hadn’t concealed this, a day like today wouldn’t have come.

“It seems you’ve remembered. Then tell me, how on earth should I settle this matter with you?” The corners of Luo Bingshuo’s mouth pulled up in a wicked smile. If a woman saw this, she definitely would have let out a shrill scream. But Su Weizhi only felt his scalp becoming even more numb when he saw it.

“I didn’t know she was your little aunt. If I’d known, I definitely would have treated her well. Really. Besides, I didn’t cause her death. It was Wei Xinyi who did it, so what does it have to do with me? Spare me. I’m begging you to spare me. I’ll give you anything you want,” Su Weizhi hurriedly begged. He pushed all the blame onto Wei Xinyi.

At this moment, he couldn’t care about it too much. He just wanted the other party to spare him. He could worry about the rest later.

The current situation was different from before. After learning that Luo Bingshuo was Luo Xueqing’s nephew, he realized how big of a matter this was. It was unlikely to end well. Only a corpse could quell the Luo family’s anger.

“Hehe, do you really think I’d believe you had no part in it?Let’s put my little aunt’s matter aside for now and speak of Xiao Xing’s matter. That’s more than enough for you to die a million times over,” Luo Bingshuo said coldly.

“Xiao Xing? Luo Lingxing?” Su Weizhi realized that the Xiao Xing he spoke of was Luo Lingxing.

No wonder he was able to survive after being so seriously injured and lived so well at that. It turned out that he was picked up by the Luo family. No wonder Luo Lingxing changed his surname and returned to the Emperor Star so arrogantly. It turned out it was the Luo family who supported him.

“That’s right. There’s also Xiao Xing. Please consider my identity as Xiao Xing’s father and let me go this one time. I…I will definitely take good care of Xiao Xing in the future,” Su Weizhi said, seemingly grabbing onto a life-saving straw.

However, it would have been better if he hadn’t said this. Hearing this sentence infuriated Luo Bingshuo even more, especially when he thought of Luo Lingxing’s dying appearance when he was first taken to the Luo family on Flowing Cloud Star. He wouldn’t wait to cut Su Weizhi into a thousand pieces. Who knew the other party would cheekily use such a condition.

“Don’t worry. This isn’t your final destination!” Luo Bingshuo couldn’t bother to speak with Su Weizhi anymore. With a cold expression, he turned around and left the prison cell.

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